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What is LOTTO

LOTTO is a game of chance where the player should select six (6) numbers from a field of 49 numbers. If these six (6) numbers match the six drawn numbers of the LOTTO draw, the player wins the first category prize.

What is Lotto Plus

LOTTO Plus is an extension of the LOTTO On-Line Game in which selections made for a LOTTO Draw are wagered for an additional corresponding LOTTO Plus Draw. In other words, it gives a second chance to win in the LOTTO Game at an additional cost. LOTTO Plus can only be played when playing LOTTO and the Game Boards entered for LOTTO Plus must be the same as the LOTTO Boards played.

How to play LOTTO

  1. Each LOTTO Game Board costs R3.50 inclusive of VAT.
  2. Except in the case of an entry by subscription, a Valid Winning Ticket shall be the only valid basis for claiming a prize.
  3. On any one LOTTO Entry Coupon a Player may play a minimum of one Game Board.
  4. A Player must manually mark in black or blue pen or pencil six (6) numbers from the numbers 1 to 49 inclusive on each of one or more Game Boards.
  5. Where the Player uses the Multi-Draw facility he/she will mark his/her Selection (s) on the appropriate Boards on the LOTTO Entry Coupon and mark the appropriate box on the LOTTO Entry Coupon to determine the number of LOTTO Draws for which his/her Selection (s) are to be entered.
  6. For the purposes of selecting the “Number of Draws” for the Multi- Draw, a Player must mark the “Number of Draws” boxes on the LOTTO Entry Coupon. The period covered by the selected Multi - Draw shall commence on the first Saturday or Wednesday subsequent to the date on which aPlayer made his/her selection. This period shall
    end when the number of Draws selected and indicated on a Ticket are conducted.
  7. The cost of a Multi-Draw Ticket will be the total cost of the Game Boards selected multiplied by the number of Draws the Player has chosen to enter.
  8. The completed LOTTO Entry Coupon with the appropriate amount due shall then be submitted to the Retailer who will process the completed LOTTO Entry Coupon through the Terminal. A Ticket recording each selection marked on the coupon will be issued to the Player.
  9. The Retailer shall process LOTTO Entry Coupons through the Terminal, and Tickets will be issued only through the Terminal.
  10. If the Terminal rejects the LOTTO Entry Coupon, the entry is not valid.

Quick Pick Option

  1. A Ticket that contains numbers randomly generated by the Terminal may also be purchased. This is called a QuickPick Ticket. The Player must request such a Ticket from the Retailer. QuickPick Tickets are available for R7, R14, R28, R70 to provide the Player with 2, 4, 8 or 20 board/game selections respectively.
  2. QuickPick Tickets are also available for Multiple Draws. The Player must request the number of Draws ranging from 2 to 10 only. Cancellation of a Game Board If players want to cancel one of the game boards of the coupon they have filled, they only have to mark the CANCEL box of the relevant playing field.

How to play LOTTO Plus

  1. LOTTO Plus offers Players an option to enter their LOTTO Game Board selections for a corresponding LOTTO Plus Draw at an additional cost.
  2. LOTTO Plus can only be played when playing LOTTO and the Game Boards entered for LOTTO Plusmust be the same as the LOTTO Boards played.
  3. Each LOTTO Plus entry costs R1.50 (one Rand fifty), inclusive of VAT.
  4. Players may play the LOTTO Plus Game by marking the LOTTO Plus box at the top of a LOTTO Entry Coupon. Provided that on the Entry Coupon the Player also enters at least one selection (one board) into the corresponding LOTTO Draw.
  5. LOTTO Plus is available using both the Entry Coupon and QuickPick methods of number selection.
  6. If a Player wants to play LOTTO Plus through the Quick Pick method of selection, he/she must indicate the inclusion of the LOTTO Plus option when buying a QuickPick Ticket from a Retailer.
  7. LOTTO Plus selections can also be entered for Multiple Draws, provided that the same Game Board selections are entered for corresponding LOTTO Multi- Draws.
  8. The cost of entering Board Selections for the LOTTO Plus Draws will be the total cost of the Game Boards selected, multiplied by the number of Draws the Player has chosen to enter. This cost is additional to the cost of LOTTO entries.
  9. If the Terminal rejects the LOTTO Entry Coupon, the LOTTO Plus entry is not valid.

LOTTO & LOTTO Plus Draws

Players can play LOTTO & LOTTO Plus every day. A
public draw, that determines the winning numbers for both games, is conducted twice per week every Wednesday and Saturday.

In both LOTTO & LOTTO Plus draws seven (7) numbers are drawn at random from a Drawing Machine containing forty nine (49) balls numbered 1 to 49.

The first six (6) numbers drawn are the Main Numbers and the seventh number drawn is the Bonus Number.

The Draw is broadcasted live on TV. The LOTTO and LOTTO Plus Game sales are closed approximately 30minutes before the Draw on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Ticket sales and prize payments will not commence after the Draw until the next morning.

LOTTO & LOTTO Plus Prizes

Winning Categories

To win, all the player needs to do is to match his/ her selected numbers with the drawn numbers.


Following is a table presenting the winning categories of LOTTO:

Winning Categories & Numbers

  • 1st Category 6 Correct Numbers
  • 2nd Category 5 Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball
  • 3rd Category 5 Correct Numbers
  • 4th Category 4 Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball
  • 5th Category 4 Correct Numbers
  • 6th Category 3 Correct Numbers + Bonus Ball
  • 7th Category 3 Correct Numbers


The winning categories of LOTTO Plus are 7, same as LOTTO (see table above).

Distribution of Prizes


The winning amount distributed to the players is 45% of the total sales. Following is a table presenting the allocation of the winning amount between the seven winning categories:

Winning Categories & %Distribution of winnings

  • 1st Category 18.25%
  • 2nd Category 4.00%
  • 3rd Category 9.00%
  • 4th Category 5.00%
  • 5th Category 16.75%
  • 6th Category 11.00%
  • 7th Category 36.00%



  1. If in any Draw, there are no Selections qualifying for a prize in the Match Six category the prize monies for this category will be added to the Match Six prize fund for the next Draw. A jackpot will rollover for as many times as possible until it is won


  1. A non-winning LOTTO Plus Jackpot shall not be rolled over to the next Draw.
  2. If in any Draw, there is no winner in any of the prize categories, the prize pool for the particular category will be evenly distributed among all other Winning Divisions, except Division Seven.
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Wat is LOTTO?

LOTTO is ‘n kansspel waar die speler ses (6) nommers uit ‘n veld van 49 nommers moet kies. Indien hierdie ses (6) nommers ooreenstem met die nommers wat in die LOTTO-trekking getrek word, wen die speler die prys in die eerste kategorie.

Wat is Lotto Plus?

LOTTO Plus is ‘n uitbreiding van die LOTTO-aanlynspel waarin keuses wat vir ‘n LOTTO-trekking gemaak is, in ‘n addisionele ooreenstemmende LOTTO Plustrekking
verwed word. Met ander woorde, dit gee‘n tweede kans om in die LOTTO-spel te wen, teen ‘n bykomende koste. LOTTO Plus kan ook gespeel word wanneer LOTTO gespeel word, en die spelborde wat vir LOTTO Plus ingeskryf word, moet dieselfde wees as die spelborde wat in die LOTTO gespeel is.

Hoe om LOTTO te speel

  1. Elke LOTTO-spelbord kos R3,50, insluitende BTW.
  2. Behalwe in die geval van ‘n inskrywing deur intekening, sal ‘n geldige wenkaartjie die enigste geldige grondslag vir die opeis van ‘n prys wees.
  3. ‘n Speler mag op enige enkele LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon ‘n minimum van een pelbord speel.
  4. ‘n Speler moet met die hand in swart of blou pen of potlood ses (6) nommers uit die nommers 1 tot en met 49 op elk van een of meer spelborde merk.
  5. 5. Indien die speler die multitrekkingfasiliteit gebruik, sal hy/sy sy/haar keuse(s) op die betrokke rye op die LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon merk en die betrokke blokkie op die LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon merk om die getal LOTTO-trekkings aan te dui waarvoor sy/haar keuse(s) ingeskryf moet word.
  6. Vir die doeleindes van die kies van die “Getal trekkings” vir die multitrekking moet ‘n speler die “Getal trekkings”-blokkies op die LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon merk. Die tydperk wat deurdie gekose multitrekking gedek word, begin op die eerste Saterdag of Woensdag wat volg op die datum waarop ‘n speler sy/haar keuse gemaak
    het. Hierdie tydperk eindig wanneer die getal trekkings wat gekies en op ‘n kaartjie aangedui is, gemaak is.
  7. Die koste van ‘n multitrekkingkaartjie sal die totale koste van die spelborde wees wat gekies is, vermenigvuldig met die getal trekkings wat die speler gekies het om voor in te skryf.
  8. Die voltooide LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon met die betrokke verskuldigde bedrag moet dan aan die kleinhandelaar voorgelê word, wat die voltooide LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon deur die terminaal sal verwerk. ‘n Kaartjie met ‘n rekord van elke keuse wat op die koepon gemerk is, sal aan die speler uitgereik word.
  9. Die kleinhandelaar sal ‘n LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon deur die terminaal verwerk, en kaartjies sal slegs deur die terminaal uitgereik word.
  10. Indien die terminaal die LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon verwerp, is die inskrywing nie geldig nie.

Quick Pick

  1. ‘n Kaartjie wat nommers bevat wat ewekansig deur die terminaal gegenereer word, kan ook gekoop word. Dit word ‘n QuickPick-kaartjie genoem. Die speler moet die kleinhandelaar versoek om so ‘n kaartjie uit te reik. QuickPickkaartjies is beskikbaar vir R7, R14, R28 of R70 om aan die speler 2, 4, 8 of 20 ry-/spelkeuses onderskeidelik te voorsien.
  2. QuickPick-kaartjies is ook vir veelvuldige trekkings beskikbaar. Die speler moet die verlangde getal trekkings vra, wat slegs tussen 2 en 10 mag wees.

Kansellasie van ‘n spelbord

Indien spelers een van die spelborde op die koepon wat hulle ingevul het, wil kanselleer, hoef hulle slegs die KANSELLEER-blokkie van die betrokke speelveld
te merk.

Hoe om LOTTO Plus te speel

  1. LOTTO Plus bied aan spelers ‘n opsie om hul LOTTO-spelbordkeuses vir ‘n oreenstemmende LOTTO Plus-trekking in te skryf, teen ‘n bykomende koste.
  2. LOTTO Plus kan slegs gespeel word wanneer LOTTO gespeel word, en die spelborde wat vir LOTTO Plus ingeskryf word, moet dieselfde wees as die LOTTO-spelborde wat gespeel word.
  3. Elke LOTTO Plus-inskrywing kos R1,50, insluitende BTW.
  4. Spelers kan die LOTTO Plus-spel speel deur die LOTTO Plus-blokkie boaan die LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon te merk, op voorwaarde dat die speler op die inskrywingskoepon minstens een keuse (een ry) in die ooreenstemmende LOTTOtrekking inskryf.
  5. LOTTO Plus is beskikbaar wanneer die inskrywingskoepon- en QuickPick-metode van nommerkeuse gebruik word.
  6. Indien ‘n speler LOTTO Plus deur die QuickPickmetode van keuse wil speel, moet hy/sy die insluiting van die LOTTO Plus-opsie aandui wanneer‘n QuickPick-kaartjie by ‘n kleinhandelaar gekoop word.
  7. LOTTO Plus-keuses kan ook vir veelvuldige trekkings ingeskryf word, mits dieselfde spelbordkeuses vir ooreenstemmende LOTTO-multitrekkings ingeskryf word.
  8. Die koste vir die inskrywing van spelbordkeuses vir die LOTTO Plus-trekkings sal die totale koste van die gekose spelborde wees, vermenigvuldig met die getal trekkings wat die speler kies om voor in te skryf. Hierdie koste is bykomend by die koste van LOTTO-inskrywings
  9. Indien die terminaal die LOTTO-inskrywingskoepon verwerp, is die LOTTO Plus-inskrywing nie geldig nie.

LOTTO EN LOTTO Plus-trekkings

Spelers kan enige dag van die week LOTTO EN LOTTO Plus speel. ‘n Openbare trekking waardeur die wennommers vir albei die spelle bepaal word, word twee maal per week elke Woensdag en Saterdag gedoen.

In beide LOTTO- en LOTTO Plus-trekkings word sewe (7) nommers ewekansig getrek uit ‘n trekkingsmasjien wat nege-en-veertig (49) balle genommer van 1 tot 49 bevat.

Die eerste ses (6) nommers wat getrek word, is die hoofnommers en die sewende nommer wat getrek word, is die bonusnommer.

Die trekking word lewendig op TV uitgesaai. Die LOTTOen LOTTO Plus-spelverkope sluit ongeveer 30 minute voor die trekking op Woensdag- en Saterdagaand. Kaartjieverkope en prysbetalings sal nie ‘n aanvang neem tot die volgende oggend na die trekking nie.



Om te wen, hoef die speler slegs die nommers wat sy/hy gekies het, met die getrekte nommers te laat ooreenstem.


Die volgende is ‘n tabel wat die wenkategorieë van LOTTO verteenwoordig.

Wenkategorieë & Nommers

  • 1e Kategorie 6 Korrekte nommers
  • 2e Kategorie 5 Korrekte nommers + Bonusbal
  • 3e Kategorie 5 Korrekte nommers
  • 4e Kategorie 4 Korrekte nommers + Bonusbal
  • 5e Kategorie 4 Korrekte nommers
  • 6e Kategorie 3 Korrekte nommers + Bonusbal
  • 7e Kategorie 3 Korrekte nommers


Die wenkategorieë van LOTTO Plus is 7, dieselfde as vir LOTTO (sien tabel hierbo).

Uitkering van pryse


Die wenbedrag wat aan spelers uitgekeer word, is 45% van die totale verkope. Die volgende tabel verteenwoordig die toedeling van die wenbedrag tussen die sewe wenkategorieë.

Wenkategorieë % Verdeling van wengeld

  • 1e Kategorie 18.25%
  • 2e Kategorie 4.00%
  • 3e Kategorie 9.00%
  • 4e Kategorie 5.00%
  • 5e Kategorie 16.75%
  • 6e Kategorie 11.00%
  • 7e Kategorie 36.00%



  • Indien daar in enige trekking geen keuses is wat vir ‘n prys in die kategorie van ses ooreenstemmende nommers kwalifiseer nie, sal die prysgeld vir hierdie kategorie by die prysfonds vir ses ooreenstemmende nommers vir die volgende trekking gevoeg word.
  • By die vyfde opeenvolgende trekking waarin daar geen keuse van ses ooreenstemmende nommers is wat wen nie, sal die hele pryspoel vir die kategorie van ses ooreenstemmende nommers by die prysfonds vir vyf ooreenstemmende nommers plus bonusnommer daardie vyfde trekking gevoeg word.


  • ‘n LOTTO Plus-boerpot wat nie gewen word nie, word nie na die volgende trekking oorgerol nie.
  • Indien daar in enige trekking geen wenner in enige van die pryskategorieë is nie, sal die
    pryspoel vir die spesifieke kategorie gelykop onder alle ander wenafdelings verdeel word, behalwe afdeling 7.
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LOTTO ke Eng

LOTTO ke papadi ya lehlohonolo eo sebapadi se tshwanetseng ho kgetha dinomorong tse tsheletseng (6) dinomoro tse 49. Haeba dinomoro tse tsheletseng (6) di tshwana le dinomoro tse tsheletseng tse hulwang tsa LOTTO, sebapadi se tla hapa moputso wa sehlopha sa pele.

Lotto Plus ke eng

LOTTO Plus ke katoloso ya Papadi ya LOTTO On-Line mme dikgetho tse bapetsweng bakeng sa Kgulo ya LOTTO di bapalwa hape Kgulong ya LOTTO Plus. Ka mantswe a mang, sena se o neha monyetla wa bobedi wa ho hapa moputso Papading ya LOTTO empa tlameha ho lefa tjhelete e eketsehileng. LOTTO Plus e ka bapalwa feela haeba o bapala LOTTO mme Papadi ya Diboto e bapetsweng ya LOTTO Plus e lokela ho tshwana le e bapetsweng Papading ya Diboto ya LOTTO.

Kamoo ho bapalwang LOTTO

  1. Papadi ya Boto ya LOTTO ka nngwe e bitsa R3.50 ho kenyelletswa VAT.
  2. Ntle le haeba ho kengwe ka peheletso, Tikete e Sebetsang e Hapileng Moputso ke yona feela e sebetsang ho lata moputso o hapilweng.
  3. Khuponong efe kapa efe e le nngwe ya ho Bapala LOTTO, Sebapadi se ka bapala Papadi ya Boto e le nngwe.
  4. Sebapadi se tshwanetse ho tshwaya ka bosona ka pene e ntsho kapa e tala dinomoro tse tsheletseng (6) ho tloha ho 1 ho ya ho 49 ho kenyelletswa
    Papadi ya Boto e le nngwe kapa tse eketsehileng.
  5. Moo Sebapadi se sebedisang Dikgulong tse Mangata se tla tshwaya Karolo kapa Dikarolo tse loketseng Dibotong tsa Khupono tsa ho Bapala LOTTO le ho tshwaya lebokoso le loketseng Khuponong ya ho Bapala LOTTO ho bontshalenane la Dikgulo tsa LOTTO tsa Karolo kapa Dikarolo tse bapalwang.
  6. Ho kgetha “Lenane la Dikgulo” bakeng sa Dikgulo tse Ngata, Sebapadi se tshwanetse ho tshwaya mabokoso “Number of Draws” Khuponong ya
    ho Bapala LOTTO. Nako ya Dikgulo tse Mangata e tla qala ka Moqebelo kapa Laboraro la pele ka mora letsatsi leo Sebapadi se entseng kgetho ya
    sona. Nako ena e tla fela ha lenane la Dikgulo tse kgethilweng le le bontshitsweng Tiketeng le di etswa.
  7. Tjhelete e leshwang ya Tikete ya Dikgulo tse Mangata e tla ba kakaretso ya tjhelete e leshwang ya Papadi ya Diboto e kgethilweng mme e tla atiswa
    ka lenane la Dikgulo tseo Sebapadi se kgethileng ho di bapala.
  8. Khupono e tlatsitsweng ya ho Bapala LOTTO le tjhelete e lekaneng di tla romelwa Lebenkeleng mme lona le tla kenya Khupono e tlatsitsweng ya
    ho Bapala LOTTO motjhining. Tikete e ngotsweng karolo ka nngwe e tshwailweng khuponong e tla fuwa Sebapadi.
  9. Lebenkele le tla kenya Dikhupono tsa ho Bapala LOTTO Motjhining, mme Ditikete di tla ntshwa feela ke Motjhini.
  10. Haeba Motjhini o hana Khupono ya ho Bapala LOTTO, papadi ka khupono eo ha e sebetse.

Quick Pick

  1. Tikete e nang le dinomoro tse kgethilweng ka mokgwa o se nang tlhophiso di ka rekwa Motjhining. Sena se bitswa Tikete ya QuickPick. Sebapadi se tshwanetse ho kopa Tikete e jwalo Lebenkeleng. Ditikete tsa QuickPick di fumaneha ka R7, R14, R28 kapa R70 mme di neha Sebapadi dikgetho tse 2, 4, 8 kapa 20 tsa papadi ya diboto.
  2. Ditikete tsa QuickPick di a fumaneha Dikgulong tse Mangata. Sebapadi se tshwanetse ho kopa lenane la di-Draw ho tloha ho tse 2 ho ya ho tse 10 feela.

Ho Hlakola Papadi ya Boto

Haeba dibapadi di batla ho hlakola e nngwe ya dipapadi tsa diboto eo ba e tlatsitseng khuponong, ba ka tshwaya lebokoso la CANCEL (hlakotswe) karolong e loketseng e bapalwang.

Kamoo ho bapalwang LOTTO Plus

  1. LOTTO Plus e neha Dibapadi kgetho ya ho kenya dikgetho tsa tsona tsa Papadi ya Boto ya LOTTO bakeng sa LOTTO Plus Draw e tshwanang empa dibapadi di tshwanetse ho lefa tjhelete e eketsehileng.
  2. LOTTO Plus e ka bapalwa feela haeba o bapala LOTTO mme Papadi ya Diboto (Game Boards) e kentsweng bakeng sa LOTTO Plus e tshwanetse ho tshwana le e bapetsweng bakeng sa di-LOTTO Board.
  3. LOTTO Plus ka nngwe e bapalwang e tla bitsa R1.50 (Ranta e le nngwe), ho kenyelletswa VAT.
  4. Dibapadi di ka bapala Papadi ya LOTTO Plus ka ho tshwaya lebokoso la LOTTO Plus karolong e ka hodimo ya Khupono ya ho Bapala LOTTO. Haeba Khuponong ya ho Bapala Sebapadi se kentse kgetho e le nngwe bonyane (boto e le nngwe) ho
    LOTTO Draw e tsamaisanang le yona.
  5. LOTTO Plus e ya fumaneha ka ho sebedisa mekgwa e mebedi ya Khupono ya ho Bapala le kgetho ya dinomoro ya QuickPick.
  6. Haeba Sebapadi se batla ho bapala LOTTO Plus ka mokgwa kgetho ya dinomoro wa Quick Pick, se tshwanetse ho bontsha ho kenyelletswa ha kgetho ya LOTTO Plus ha ba reka Tikete ya Quick-Pick Lebenkeleng.
  7. Dikgetho tsa LOTTO Plus di ka bapalwa Dikgulo tse Mangata (multi-draw), haeba dikgetho tse tshwanang tsa Papadi ya Boto di bapetswe Dikgulo tse Mangata tsa LOTTO.
  8. Tjhelete e leshwang ho bapala Dikgetho tsa Diboto tsa Dikgulo tsa LOTTO Plus e tla ba
    kakaretso ya Dipapadi tse kgethilweng tsa Diboto, mme lenane leo le tla atiswa ka lenane laDikgulo tseo Sebapadi se kgethehileng. Tjhelete ena e leshwang ke e ekeletswang tjheleteng e leshwang bakeng sa di-LOTTO tse bapalwang.
  9. Haeba Motjhini o hana Khupono ya ho Bapala LOTTO, khupono ya LOTTO Plus e bapalwang ha e sebetse.


Dibapadi di ka bapala LOTTO le LOTTO Plus letsatsi le leng le le leng. Kgulo ya batho bohle, e bontshang dinomoro tse hapileng moputso dipapading ka bobedi, e etswa habedi ka beke, Laboraro le leng le le leng le Moqebelo o mong le o mong.

Bobedi dikgulong tsa LOTTO le LOTTO Plus dinomoro tse supileng (7) di hulwa ka mokgwa o se nang tlhophiso e itseng ka Motjhini o Hulang o nang le dibolo tse mashome a mane a metso e robong (49) tse nang le dinomoro 1 ho ya ho 49.

Dinomoro tse tsheletseng (6) tse hutsweng ke tsona Dinomoro tsa Sehloho mme nomoro ya bosupa e hulwang ke Nomoro ya Bonase.

Kgulo e phatlalatswa ho TV nakong eo e etswang ka yona. Thekiso ya Dipapadi tsa LOTTO le LOTTO Plus e kwalwa hoo e ka bang metsotso e 30 pele ho Kgulo mantsiboyeng a Laboraro le Moqebelo. Thekiso ya ditikete le ditefo tsa meputso e hapilweng di ke ke tsa qala ka mora Kgulo ho fihlela hoseng ha letsatsi le latelang.

Meputso ya LOTTO LE LOTTO Plus

Dihlopha tsa Meputso e Hapuwang

Ho hapa moputso, dibapadi kaofela di tshwanetse ho kgetha dinomoro tse tshwanang le dinomorong tse ntshwang ke motjhini.


Lenane le latelang le bontsha dihlopha tsa meputso e hapuwang ya LOTTO:

Dihlopha tsa Meputso e Hapuwang Dinomoro

  • Sehlopha sa pele Dinomoro tse 6 tse nepahetseng
  • Sehlopha sa bobedi Dinomoro tse 5 tse nepahetseng
    + Bolo ya Bonase
  • Sehlopha sa boraro Dinomoro tse 5 tse nepahetseng
  • Sehlopha sa bone Dinomoro tse 4 tse nepahetseng
    + Bolo ya Bonase
  • Sehlopha sa bohlano Dinomoro tse 4 tse nepahetseng
  • Sehlopha sa botshelela Dinomoro tse 3 tse nepahetseng
    + Bolo ya Bonase
  • Sehlopha sa bosupa Dinomoro tse 3 tse nepahetseng


Dihlopha tsa meputso ya LOTTO Plus e hapuwang di 7, ho tshwana le LOTTO (bona lenane le ka hodimo).

Kabo ya Meputso


Tjhelete e hapjwang le e abelwang dibapadi ke karolo ya 45% ya dithekiso tsohle. Lenane le latelang le bontsha dihlopha ho ajwa ha meputso e hapilweng pakeng
tsa dihlopha tse supileng tse hapang meputso:

Dihlopha tsa Meputso e Hapuwang & % ya Kabo ya meputso e hapuwang

  • Sehlopha sa pele 18.25%
  • Sehlopha sa bobedi 4.00%
  • Sehlopha sa boraro 9.00%
  • Sehlopha sa bone 5.00%
  • Sehlopha sa bohlano 16.75%
  • Sehlopha sa botshelela 11.00%
  • Sehlopha sa bosupa 36.00%



  1. Haeba Kgulong efe kapa efe, e se na Dikgetho tsetshwanelehang bakeng sa moputso sehlopheng sa Match Six ditjhelete tsa sehlopha sena di tla ekelletswa moputsong o hapuwang wa Match Six bakeng sa Kgulo e latelang.
  2. Lekgetlong la bohlano le latellanang la Kgulo leo ho se nang motho ya hapileng moputso wa Winning Match Six Selection, moputso kaofela o lokelang ho hapuwa sehlopheng sa Match Six o tla ekelletswa ho Match Five ho kenyelletswa le moputso wa Nomoro ya Bonase ya Kgulo ya bohlano.


  1. LOTTO Plus Jackpot eo moputso wa yona o sa kang wa hapjwa e ke ke ya fetisetswa Kgulong e latelang.
  2. Haeba Kgulong efe kapa efe, ho se na motho ya hapileng moputso dihlopheng dife kapa dife, tjhelete yohle e neng e lokela ho hapuwa sehlopheng seo e tla ajwa ka mokgwa o lekanang hara Dihlopha tsohle tse ding tse hapang moputso, mokgelo e tla ba Sehlopheng sa bosupa.
Zulu Top


Iyini iLOTTO

LOTTO ingumdlalo ophunyelelwa ngenhlanhla lapho umdlali kumele akhethe khona izinombolo eziyi sithupha (6) eqoqweni lezinombolo ezingama-49. Uma lezi zinombolo eziyisithupha (6) zihambisana nezinombolo eziyisithupha ezidonsiwe zeLOTTO draw, umdlali uwina umklomelo webanga lokuqala.

Iyini iLotto Plus

ILOTTO Plus iyiselulo seLOTTO On-Line Game lapho lokho okuye kwakhethelwa iLOTTO Draw kuye kubhejelwe iLotto Plus Draw eyengeziwe nehambelana nayo. Ngamanye amagama, ikunikeza ithuba lesibili lokuwina kuLotto Game ngokuthi kube khona okunye okukhokhayo. ILotto Plus ingadlalwa kuphela lapho kudlalwa iLotto futhi amaGame Board afakelwe iLotto Plus kufanele afane namaLotto Board adlaliwe.

Idlalwa kanjani iLOTTO

  1. ILOTTO Game Board ngayinye ibiza R3.50 kufakwe ne-VAT.
  2. Ngaphandle kwalapho kwenziwe umngenelo ngokuthi kubhaliswe ndawo thile, iThikithi eliYilo eliWinayo lizoba ukuphela kwesisekelo sokucela umklomelo.
  3. Kunoma yiliphi iKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLotto elilodwa uMdlali angadlala okungenani iGame Board eyodwa.
  4. UMdlali kufanele abeke uphawu ngesandla esebenzisa ipeni elimnyama noma eliluhlaza okwesibhakabhaka noma ipensela ezinombolweni eziyisithupha (6) ukusuka kuzinombolo 1 kuye ku-49 kufaka konke kuGame Board ngalinye kwelilodwa noma ngaphezulu.
  5. Lapho uMdlali esebenzisa khona ithuba le-Multi Draw uzokuba nethuba lokubeka uphawu kulokho akuKhethayo kumaBhodi afanele kuKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLotto ukuthola inani lamaLOTTO Draw okumele kufakwe kuwo lokhoakuKhethayo.
  6. Ukubonelela izinhloso zokukhetha i“Nani lamaDraw” eMulti Draw, uMdlali kufanele abeke uphawu emabhokisini abhalwe “Number of Draws” kuKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLOTTO. Isikhathi esibonelelwa yiMulti Draw ekhethiwe sizoqala ngoMgqibelo wokuqala noma ngoLwesithathu
    olulandela usuku uMdlali enze ngalo lokho akukhethayo kwakhe. Lesi sikhathi sizophela lapho sekwenziwe inani lamaDraw akhethiwe nakhonjiswe eThikithini.
  7. Izindleko zeMulti-Draw Ticket kuzoba yizindleko sezizonke zamaGame Board akhethiwe aphindwaphindwe ngenani lamaDraw uMdlali akhethe
  8. IKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLOTTO eligcwalisiwe elinenani lemali ekufanele ikhokhwe lizobe selilethwa kuMdayisi ozodlulisa iKhuphoni lokuNgenela
    iLOTTO eligcwalisiwe kuTerminal. IThikithi eliqoshwe ukukhethwa ngakunye okubekwe ngophawu kukhuphoni lizonikezwa uMdlali.
  9. UMdayisi uzokwedlulisa amaKhuphoni okuNgenela iLOTTO kuTerminal, futhi amaThikithi azokhishwa kuphela ngokuthi kusetshenziswe
  10. Uma iTerminal ilenqaba iKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLOTTO, umngenelo lowo awusebenzi.

Quick Pick

  1. IThikithi eliqukethe izinombolo ezikhiqizwe ngokungalandeli hlelo olubekiwe lingathengwa nalo. Lokhu kubizwa ngokuthi yiThikithi leQuick
    Pick. UMdlali kufanele acele iThikithi elinjalo kuMdayisi. AmaThikithi eQuick Pick ayatholakala ngama-R7, R14, R28 noma R70 ukunikeza uMdlali
    ukukhethwa kwamabhodi/kwemidlalo oku-2, 4, 8 noma 20 ngokulandelana.
  2. AmaThikithi eQuickPick abuye atholakale ukuthi kwenziwe amaMultiple Draw ngawo. UMdlali kufanele acele inani lamaDraw asuka koku-2 kuye
    kokuyi-10 kuphela.

Ukwesulwa kweGame Board

Uma abadlali befuna ukwesula enye yamagame board ekhuphoni abaligcwalisile, kudingeka nje babeke uphawu ebhokisini elibhalwe CANCEL leqoqo elifanele okudlalwa kulo.

Idlalwa kanjani iLOTTO Plus

  1. ILOTTO Plus inikeza abaDlali ithuba lokukhetha ukuthi lokho kwabo abakukhethele iLOTTO Game Board kungenele iLOTTO Plus Draw ehambelana nayo ngokuthi kube nezindleko ezithile abazikhokhayo.
  2. ILOTTO Plus ikwazi ukuthi idlalwe kuphela lapho kudlalwa iLOTTO kanti namaGame Board afakelwe iLOTTO Plus kufanele afane namaBhodi
    eLOTTO adlaliwe.
  3. Umngenelo ngamunye weLOTTO Plus ubiza R1.50, kufakwe ne-VAT.
  4. AbaDlali bangadlala uMdlalo weLOTTO Plus ngokubeka uphawu ebhokisini leLOTTO Plus elingenhla kuKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLOTTO. Inqobo
    nje uma kuKhuphoni lokuNgenela uMdlali ebuya afake okungenani okukodwa okukhethiwe (ibhodi elilodwa) kuLotto Draw ehambisana nako.
  5. ILOTTO Plus iyatholakala ngokuthi kusetshenziswe izindlela zombili zokukhethwa kwezinombolo zeKhuphoni lokuNgenela kanye neQuick
  6. Uma uMdlali efuna ukudlala iLOTTO Plus ngokusebenzisa indlela yokukhetha yeQuick Pick, kufanele asho ukuthi kufakwe iLOTTO Plus
    ekhethwayo lapho ethenga iThikithi leQuickPick kuMthengisi.
  7. Okukhethelwa iLOTTO Plus kungabuye kufakelwe amaMultiple Draw, inqobo nje uma okukhethelwe amaGame Board okufanayo kungeniselwa
    amaLOTTO Multi – Draw ahambelana nawo.
  8. Izindleko zokungenisa okuKhethelwe iBhodi kumaLOTTO Plus Draw kuzoba yizindleko sezizonke zamaGame Board akhethiwe, iphindaphindwe
    ngenani lamaDraw uMdlali akhetheukuwangenela. Lezi zindleko zifakwa ngaphezu kwezindleko zemingenelo yeLOTTO.
  9. Uma iTerminal ilenqaba iKhuphoni lokuNgenela iLOTTO, umngenelo weLOTTO Plus awusebenzi.

AmaDraw eLOTTO & LOTTO Plus

AbaDlali bangadlala iLOTTO & LOTTO Plus nsuku zonke. Idraw eyenziwa phambi kukawonkewonke, ekuyiyo ethola izonombolo eziwinayo zemidlalo yomibili, yenziwa kabili ngeviki njalo ngoLwesithathu nangoMgqibelo.

Kuwo womabili amadraw eLOTTO & LOTTO Plus kudonswa izinombolo eziyisikhombisa (7)ngendlela engalandele mikhawulo ethile eMshinini wokuDonsa oqukethe amabhola angamashumi amane nesishiyagalolunye (49) afakwe izinombolo 1 ziye ku-49.

Izinombolo zokuqala eziyisithupha (6) ezidonsiwe ziyiziNombolo eziPhambili bese kuthi inombolo yesikhombisa edonsiwe ibe yiNombolo eyiBhonasi.

IDraw isakazwa bukhoma ku-TV. Ukuthengiswa kweLOTTO neLOTTO Plus Game kuvalwa cishe imizuzu engama-30 ngaphambi kweDraw ngokuhlwa kwangoLwesithathu nokwangoMgqibelo. Ukuthengiswa kwamathikithi nokukhokhwa kwemiklomelo akuzukuqala ngemuva kweDraw kuze kube ukusa okulandelayo.

Imiklomelo yeLOTTO & LOTTO Plus

Imikhakha Ewinayo

Ukuze awine, konke umdlali okudingeka akwenze ukuthi aqondanise izinombolo zakhe azikhethile nezinombolo ezidonsiwe.


Okulandelayo yithebula elimele imikhakha ewinayo yeLOTTO:

  • Imikhakha Ewinayo Izinombolo
  • Umkhakha woku-1 6 Izinombolo Eziyizo
  • Umkhakha wesi-2 5 Izinombolo Eziyizo +
    Ibhola Lebhonasi
  • Umkhakha wesi-3 5 Izinombolo Eziyizo
  • Umkhakha wesi-4 4 Izinombolo Eziyizo +
    Ibhola Lebhonasi
  • Umkhakha wesi-5 4 Izinombolo Eziyizo
  • Umkhakha wesi-6 3 Izinombolo Eziyizo +
    Ibhola Lebhonasi
  • Umkhakha wesi-7 3 Izinombolo Eziyizo


Imikhakha ewinayo yeLOTTO Plus iyisi-7, iyafana neyeLOTTO (bheka ithebula elingenhla).

Ukwabiwa Kwemiklomelo


Inani eliwinayo elabelwa abadlali lingama-45% esamba sokuthengisiwe sesisonke. Okulandelayo yithebula elimele ukwabiwa kwenani eliwinayo phakathi kwemikhakha ewinayo eyisikhombisa.

Imikhakha Ewinayo & % Ukwabiwa kokuwinwayo

  • Umkhakha woku-1 18.25%
  • Umkhakha wesi-2 4.00%
  • Umkhakha wesi-3 9.00%
  • Umkhakha wesi-4 5.00%
  • Umkhakha wesi-5 16.75%
  • Umkhakha wesi-6 11.00%
  • Umkhakha wesi-7 36.00%



  • Uma kwenzeka ukuthi noma kuyiphi iDraw, kungabikho okuKhethiwe okulungela ukuthola umklomelo emkhakheni wokuQondanisa kuyiSithupha, izimali zemiklomelo yalo mkhakha zizofakwa esikhwameni sokuQondanisa okuyisiThupha seDraw elandelayo.
  • KuDraw yesihlanu eza ngokulandelanaokungekho kuyo okuKhethiwe okuQondanisa okuyisiThupha, lapho-ke iqoqo selilonke lemiklomelo
    lomkhakha wokuQondanisa okuyisiThupha lizofakwa esikhwameni sokuQondanisa okuHlanu kanye neNombolo yeBhonasi saleyo
    Draw yesihlanu.


  • ILOTTO Plus Jackpot engawini ayizukwedluliselwa kuDraw elandelayo.
  • Uma kwenzeka kunoma iyiphi iDraw, kungabikho owinayo kunoma yimiphi imikhakha yemiklomelo, iqoqo lemiklomelo lomkhakha lowo othile
    lizokwabiwa ngokulingana phakathi kwawo wonke amaBanga aWinayo, ngaphandle kwe-Banga lesiKhombisa.

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