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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the name of the newest Lottery product?

2. What is PowerBall?
PowerBall like Lotto is a game of chance. While Lotto is a single matrix game, PowerBall is a double matrix game. Simply, a double matrix game in lottery terms is a game which has two grids, both of which form an integral part of the game. There are two draws, two ball sets and two machines used. Both ball sets used are vital in obtaining the result of the game.

3. The PowerBall game consists of how many numbers?
The PowerBall game has two grids. In the first or main grid the player is required to select 5 of 45 numbers. In the second or secondary grid the player is required to select 1 of 20 numbers. This is NOT a bonus ball. This is the PowerBall and it is a vital component of the game. Each board costs R3.50.

4. Why did we choose this game?
As part of our licence commitment to operate the National Lottery, we are required to introduce new games throughout the licence period.

5. Where else in the world are Double Matrix games played?
USA, Greece, Australia, New Zealand,UK to name a few

6. What is the maximum spending on a single coupon?
The minimum amount that can be played on a coupon is a single entry of R3,50. Players may however opt to play a multidraw on a coupon which allows 6 entries to be played to a maximum of 10 consecutive weeks for a total of R210.00.

7. Is it possible to cancel a PowerBall ticket, is there a time limit?
Yes, a ticket can be cancelled after 3 minutes from time of purchased but within 2 hrs of purchase at the store from which it was bought.

8. If an error occurs on the coupon, does one have to complete a new coupon, if only 3 game boards have been completed?
No, fill in the cancel box in the middle of the coupon between the play areas and re-enter your numbers on of the empty boards.

9. What is a Quick Pick?
The central system randomly selects numbers for each entry played for the player from a Random Number Generator.

10. How many Quick Pick options does one have and what are the values?
R3.50; R14.00; R35.00; R70.00

11. What is your understanding of the Multidraw?
The multidraw option allows players to purchase their tickets in advance on the draw. Maximum of 10 draw (5 weeks).

12. Can you pay for the PowerBall ticket with a debit or credit card?
Yes – It has been approved by the NLB

13. What is a rollover?
.Rollovers occur when a jackpot is not won. In the event that the jackpot of a specific draw is not won, it is rolled over to the next draw and added to the jackpot amount of that specific draw. A jackpot will rollover for as many times as possible until it is won.

14. How can PowerBall be played?
Quick Pick, Verbal Selection, Coupon entry, Multi draws, Mail subscription

15. How many PowerBall draws will there be each week?
There will be two live PowerBall draws every week – on Tuesdays and Fridays. The draw will be broadcasted live at 21h30 on SABC2 from the Red Pepper Studios. The results of each draw will be issued to the national media 45 minutes after the draw and will also be made available at Retail Outlets the next morning after each draw. Draw results are also available through the National Lottery internet site ( approximately 30 minutes after the draw.

16. What sort of Draw machine is it?
A specialized draw machine is used which ensures that the balls are properly mixed and randomly selected. These machines and the numbered balls are tested regularly by Wits University and independent auditors.

17. What sort of balls are used?
The balls are precision made of solid rubber to a very high specification in terms of weight and size.

18. How often are the balls tested?
The balls are tested every five draws to ensure that they are all the same weight and that each ball has an equal chance of being selected.

19. Will the draw be on radio and TV at same time?
No. The draw will be live on SABC 2 at 21h30 and other SABC channels will show the winning numbers before 22h00 on draw nights and forty five minutes thereafter the prize divisions will be broadcast. Radio presenters will also have the winning numbers by 22h00 on draw nights and will inform the public of the winning numbers accordingly.

20. How does the draw machine work?
Draw Machine 1
There are 45 balls; each ball has an individual number. They are all released into a big chamber, which has a mixing paddle that swirl the balls around for 12 seconds until the first ball is selected and then the remaining balls are selected at 9 second intervals. This chamber is transparent so you can see what’s happening. The machine will then select the five balls individually and allow them to drop down a small chute. The first 5 numbers selected are the winning numbers.

Draw Machine 2
There are 20 balls; each ball has an individual number. They are all released into a big chamber, which has a mixing paddle that swirl the balls around for 12 seconds until the first ball is selected and then the remaining balls are selected at 9 second intervals. This chamber is transparent so you can see what’s happening. The machine will then select the ball individually and allow it to drop down a small chute. The first number selected is the winning number.

21. What happens if the machine doesn’t work on the TV show? Will the numbers be picked manually?
We have standby machines and a disaster recovery site in the event of machine failure. The same stringent set of security standards apply to both sites.

22. What security measures are in place for the draw equipment?
All draw equipment, including the ball sets are kept securely locked up with different locks. Gidani has a set of keys for one of the locks and an independent security company has the key for the other lock. The equipment can only be accessed with both parties present. Once the equipment is removed from its vault, the machine is kept under both physical and electronic surveillance throughout the draw process.

23. Is the draw fair?
All draws will be conducted according to procedures approved by the National Lotteries Board and in the presence of an independent auditor to ensure that the draw is completely fair.

24. How can I check if I won?
The PowerBall Winning Numbers are drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays and the draw is broadcast live on SABC 2 at 21:30. The results of each draw will be issued to the national media roughly 45 minutes after the draw and will also be made available at Retail Outlets as soon as practicable after each draw. Draw results are also available through the National Lottery Internet site You can also phone the Gidani Player Helpline on 0800 777 777

25. How quickly can I collect my winnings?
Prizes up to R2000 can be claimed on the day after the draw at any retail outlet at the discretion of the retailer. Any prize over R2000 but below R50, 000 would require you to visit an Authorised Prize Payment Centre. All participating Post Offices can pay these prizes.
Prizes over R50 000 can only be paid in person to the Claimant or a duly authorised representative at a National Lottery Office after completion of a Claim Form and Identity check.

26. What are the Odds of winning a prize?
The overall odds of winning the jackpot prize in PowerBall are 1 in 24 million
The odds of winning a particular prize category are:

Prize Divisions   

5/45 + 1/20

5 +1  24,435,180.00
5 + 0     1,286,062.11
4 + 1     122,175.90
4 + 0  6,430.31
3 + 1  3,132.72
3 + 0  164.88
2 + 1    247.32
1 + 1      53.47

27. Is there a listing of Authorized Prize Payment Centres?
Yes, this will be available at all retail outlets in their retailer manual, or call the 0800 777 777 and they will locate the nearest APPC to you.

28. Can I go to any National office to Claim?
Yes, National Lottery Offices will pay prizes only by Cheque or EFT.

29. How much will a retailer pay out?
Any Retail outlet may pay out up to R2000.

30. How long do I have to claim my prize?
The prize claim period is 365 days from the date of the draw.

31. Can I have my Prize paid into my bank/Building society account?
Only if you are a mail Subscription service customer or go to a National Lottery Office for an EFT Payment.

32. What happens if I lose my ticket?
The bearer of an unsigned winning ticket or the person whose name is written on the back of the ticket is assumed to be, or represent, the legitimate winner. Gidani may withhold payment at any time in circumstances where the particulars of the claimant are in doubt.

33. What form of identification would I need if I wanted to claim the prize?
Gidani is entitled to carry out checks to establish that the identity of the claimant of a prize over R2000. A South African Identity Book or a Passport is required.

34. What do I do if I think I’ve WON the Jackpot?
Telephone the Gidani Helpline on 0800 777 777 – The number is on the back of the Entry Coupon and also on the back of the Lotto Ticket.

35. Can I still win if my Ticket is damaged?
Gidani can declare a ticket invalid, and if so is not obliged to pay and prize, if the ticket is mutilated, altered, unreadable, and incomplete or tampered with in any manner.

36. Can I make a postal claim if I am a Winner?
Yes, a prize of R50 000 or less may be claimed, entirely at the Claimant’s risk, by posting the winning ticket together with a completed Claim Form to the National Lottery Office at the address shown on the claimant form. See further details in Game Rules.

37. How long does the Postal claim take?
Postal claims will be processed on the day we receive them, but we accept no responsibility for any losses or delays in the Postal system.

38. How do I claim multidraw ticket?
Depending on the prize value, claim in the usual way at a Lottery Outlet, authorized Prize Payment Centre or Lottery Regional Office. If there are still valid draws left on the ticket, the ticket will be returned to you for the remainder of the draws.

39. What if you have a photocopy of your ticket but because your wallets been stolen, you lose the original?
You cannot claim a prize with a photocopy... However you should lodge your claim at a National Lottery Office and under certain circumstances it may be considered.

40. What happens if the terminal does not give the Retailer authorisation?
He must return the invalidated ticket to the claimant and advise him to go to another Retailer, APPC, or National Lottery Office. All Retailers will carry details of these locations.

41. Do you have to put your name on the ticket to claim prizes?
The ticket is deemed to be owned by whoever holds it. If there is a name on it, APPC’S AND National Lottery Offices will check to see that bearer is the same person who signed the ticket. If not, further investigation will be carried out before the prize is paid. Players should always sign the ticket immediately after purchase as a security measure.

42. If I find a ticket and it wins, can I make a CLAIM? Is this in any way illegal?
If the ticket is signed on the back, it belongs to the person that signed it and to claim the PRIZE is an offence. If it is unsigned, the bearer is considered to be the owner and can claim a prize legally.

43. What happens if someone dies and they have the winning ticket?
The winning will be paid into the deceased estate.
The appointed executor of the estate must present the ticket to a National Lottery Office and complete a Claim Form. The executor of the estate must also supply the necessary documentation appointing them to this position before a payment is made.

44. Before or after the DRAW, what happens if I lost my Ticket? Ticket is stolen?
If your name and I.D. number is on the back of the ticket, then it cannot be played by another. If there is no information on the back, then the ticket is anybody’s ticket. UNTIL such a time as a name, ID number or address is placed on the reverse side of ticket, the bearer of the ticket, which has been issued in accordance with provisions of the rules, shall be the owner thereof for the purposes of these rules.

Before each draw Gidani estimates and advertises a jackpot based on EXPECTED ticket sales. A guaranteed jackpot is a planned and assured minimum amount offered to players. This means that the prize will never be below the guaranteed amount. A roll-over amount is a jackpot prize that would have been won had the drawn numbers been matched and is ALWAYS CARRIED OVER TO THE NEXT JACKPOT Every week the Jackpot is estimated at an amount, according to expected sales. A guaranteed Jackpot prize is not affected by sales, unless a higher Jackpot amount is expected because of roll overs. In cases where the estimated Jackpot amount exceeds a guaranteed Jackpot amount, the guaranteed amount will fall away to a higher estimated amount.

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