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POWERBALL - Game Rules

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  1. Introduction
    1. The Company is licensed under the Lotteries Act, 1997 (No 57 of 1997) as amended to conduct and promote the National Lottery and Constituent Games in South Africa.
    1. These Rules apply to the game of PowerBall, which forms part of the National Lottery.
  1. Definitions
    1. The following words and terms, when used within these Rules, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
      1. Act means the Lotteries Act (No. 57 of 1997) as amended.
      1. Alternate Channels means the sales channels offering National Lottery games other than the Company terminals installed at participating National Lottery retailers, including but not limited to mail subscription services, participating check-out terminals, automated teller machines, mobile telephones and the Internet.
      1. Board or Game Board means a grid of 45 numbers (1 to 45) combined with another grid of 20 numbers (1 to 20) identified by an associated letter, which together constitute a single Game Board on an approved entry mechanism, e.g. a PowerBall Entry Coupon.
      1. Cancelled Draw means any PowerBall Draw that does not take place on the scheduled day.
      1. Central System means the computer systems used by the Company to operate National Lottery games.
      1. Claim Form, including a third party claim form, means the printed form issued by the Company or an Approved Prize Payment Centre, which a Player must complete and submit to the Company or the Approved Prize Payment Centre, together with proof of a Valid Winning Entry, (e.g. a Ticket) in order to be eligible to claim prizes as specified in these Rules.
      1. Claimant means a person who submits a claim for a PowerBall prize within the applicable claim period as stipulated by these Rules.
      1. Company means Gidani (Proprietary) Limited, a private company duly incorporated in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa with physical address Cnr Allandale & Old Pretoria Rd, Midrand.
      1. Defective Entry means an Entry or a printed proof of such an Entry, which at the time of purchase is incomplete, damaged, defaced or illegible and when printed contains the words "void", "sample" or "not for sale" or similar wording.
      1. Draw means the process used to randomly select a set of Winning Numbers.
      1. Draw Machine means the device used by the Company and authorised by the National Lotteries Board for the random selection of Winning Numbers.
      1. Entry means all chances or entries in the PowerBall Game, which has been registered as an Entry on the Central System.
      1. Entry Coupons means the approved Entry Mechanism for use in a Company Terminal. An Entry Coupon is also referred to as a Play Slip.
      1. Entry Mechanism means a computer readable form or an electronic version thereof approved by the Company bearing the numbers from which a Player can make a selection and the instructions to make an entry into the Game. An Entry Mechanism may carry several Boards.
      1. High - Tier Prize means a prize of over R50 000.
      1. Checkout Terminal means a type of in-store terminal or cash register (not a Company Terminal) which is situated at the checkout desk of participating Retailers and which is designated as a National Lottery in-store checkout terminal by the Company.
      1. PowerBall means the approved National Lottery Game, which is a five out of 45 plus one out of 20 on-line lottery game.
      1. Low -Tier Prize means a prize between R1 and R5 000 inclusive.
      1. Mail Subscription means a procedure enabling a Player to subscribe to National Lottery Games for a multiple number of Draws.
      1. Main Numbers means the five numbers randomly selected at a Draw from the range 1 to 45 inclusive.
      1. Mid - Tier Prize means a prize between R5 001 and R50 000 inclusive.
      1. Minor means an individual younger than 18 years of age.
      1. Multi-draw means several successive Draws in which a Player participates by selecting and specifying the number of Draws between 2 and 10 on a PowerBall Entry Mechanism if offered on the entry mechanism.
      1. Player means a member of the public aged 18 years or over who purchases a PowerBall Entry.
      1. Players' 'HelpLine' means the National Lottery Call Centre for Players available toll free on 0800 777 777.
      1. QuickPick means the method of PowerBall number selection that allows the Company terminal or the Central System to select numbers on a random basis on behalf of the Player.
      1. Regional Office means a National Lottery Office designated as such by the Company.
      1. Retailer means any person, firm or company authorised by the Company to sell PowerBall Entries and/or pay prizes in respect of Valid Winning Entries.
      1. Retailers' 'HelpLine' means the National Lottery Call Centre for Retailers available on 0800 GIDANI.
      1. Retail Outlet means any authorised premises with an attended vending machine where National Lottery tickets are sold to Players.
      1. Selection means one set of five + one numbers chosen by a Player within one Board on a PowerBall Entry Mechanism and which is recorded as an Entry in accordance with these Rules.
      1. Serial Number means the unique number assigned by the Company's Central System to an Entry which, subject to these Rules, provides for the verification of the Entry as a valid winning Entry or otherwise.
      1. Subscriber means the person who completes a Mail Subscription Application Form, which is accepted by the Company.
      1. PowerBall Number means the number randomly selected at a Draw from the range 1 to 20 inclusive.
      1. Company Terminal means the device supplied by the Company to participating Retailers, which allows Entries to be processed, Tickets to be printed, cancelled, and winning Tickets to be validated.
      1. Ticket means the Ticket issued by a Company Terminal or a purchase receipt issued by any Alternate Channel, after the registration of an Entry by the Central System in accordance with these Rules and sold by an authorised Retailer in an authorised manner.
      1. Valid Winning Entry means a winning Entry, which meets all of the Company's validation requirements as set out or referred to in these Rules.
      1. Winning Numbers means the selection of numbers drawn, recorded and confirmed immediately following the Draw by the independent auditors.
    1. Where the context so requires in these Rules -
      1. reference to the neutral gender shall include the feminine or masculine gender and vice versa;
      1. reference to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; and
      1. reference to a person shall include natural persons and corporate persons, context permitting.
  1. Effect of these Rules
    1. These Rules, the explanations, the terms and conditions appearing on Tickets, entry mechanisms (Entry Coupons), How To Play leaflets (including electronic versions) and such other conditions as are established, constitute the contractual rights and obligations between the Company, purchasers of Entries and Claimants in respect of the PowerBall Game.
    1. Any person who purchases or submits an Entry for validation or who claims a prize in whatever capacity, agrees to be bound by the provisions of the Act, any regulation made thereunder, the Licence to operate the National Lottery, and by the provisions of these Rules as amended from time to time by the Company and approved by the National Lotteries Board.
    1. Each prizewinner is deemed to acknowledge that if and to the extent that the Company is legally obliged to provide a third party with details of any prize claimed by or on behalf of, or paid to the prizewinner, the Company shall be entitled to do so.
    1. The Company may at any time amend, modify, or otherwise change these Rules. Such amendments, modifications or changes shall be applicable with effect from their introduction and shall be applicable to prior PowerBall Games so far as they relate to claim and prize payment procedures. If such amendment results in the invalidity of any Entry or Ticket already issued, the Player may apply for a refund of the price paid in respect of that Entry but the Company or the National Lottery shall not be liable for any other loss or damage suffered by the Player.
    1. If there is an inconsistency between "How To Play" instructions of any approved Entry Mechanism, a Ticket, promotional materials or the terms and conditions applicable to any Alternate Channel and these Rules, these Rules prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.
    1. In the event that any provision of these Rules or the terms and conditions appearing on or associated with any approved Entry Mechanism (including Entry Coupons), Tickets, , How To Play leaflets (including electronic versions and relevant to Alternate Channels) and such other conditions as are established, are determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, such determination shall solely affect such remaining provision and shall not, in itself, render void or unenforceable the remaining provisions hereof.
    1. No member of the playing public or a Retailer shall enter into any special agreement for the sale of Entries or Tickets outside the methods of play determined and specified by the Company in association with the National Lotteries Board.
  1. Object of the Game and Entry purchases
    1. The objective of the game is for a Player to select, in a single play (one Board), five numbers and the PowerBall number that match the numbers and the PowerBall number drawn for the game in which the Player is participating.
    1. PowerBall Entries may be purchased -
      1. from a authorised Retailer using a PowerBall Entry Coupon hand-marked by or on behalf of the Player or utilising the QuickPick functionality and such a purchase will be confirmed by a Ticket issued by a Company Terminal,
      1. from an authorised Mail Subscription agent and such a subscription will be confirmed by a Mail Subscription certificate or similar document issued by the Company,
      1. from a participating check-out terminal (cash register), automated teller machine or other similar device following the playing instructions associated with that device and such a purchase will be confirmed by a printed or electronic receipt issued or displayed by such device, and
      1. using any mobile, internet or telephonic device following the playing instructions associated with such devices and such a purchase will be confirmed by a printable or electronic purchase receipt issued or displayed by such device.
    1. The above purchases shall be made in compliance with terms and conditions approved by the Company in association with the National Lotteries Board for each of the methods of entry. These terms and conditions are contained in "How to Play" leaflets obtainable from the relevant Retailers and available electronically on relevant websites.
    1. In some instances, Alternate Channels do not offer all the functionalities (e.g., cancellation of entries, Multi-draw, own number selection) supported by a Company Terminal. By purchasing a PowerBall Entry from an Alternate Channel, Players agree to be bound by the applicable terms and conditions and do so with full acceptance thereof.
    1. Players may also purchase a QuickPick Entry that contains numbers randomly generated by the Central System or a Multi-draw Entry in which the same selection of numbers is played in more than one draw (up to 10 draws).
    1. The period covered by the selected Multi-draw shall commence on the first Draw subsequent to the date on which a Player made the selection. This period shall end upon completion of the number of Draws indicated on the Multi-draw Ticket.
    1. Players must not use or seek to use facsimiles or copies of PowerBall Entry Coupons, or other materials that are inserted into the Company Terminal's Entry Coupon reader that are not approved by the Company.
  1. Right to purchase an Entry
    1. There shall be no general right for any person to purchase an Entry. In particular, but without limitation, no Entry may be purchased by or prize paid to -
      1. any person under the age of 18 whether acting on his own or on behalf of another person,
      1. the Company's Directors or Members of the National Lotteries Board, and
      1. such other persons or category of persons as the Company and the Minister may determine from time to time.
    1. If notwithstanding the above, a prize is paid to a person in one of the groups set out in the above Rule, such prize shall be repayable by that person to the Company upon demand.
    1. The Company or any Retailer, in its sole discretion, may refuse to sell Entries to any person or persons without giving reasons. This may include circumstances in which, in its view, that person or persons are playing in a manner, which the Company or the Retailer deems to be interfering with other Players reasonable access to that Game.
  1. Cost of play and sales hours
    1. Each PowerBall Game Board costs R3.50 inclusive of VAT.
    1. The cost of a Multi-draw Entry will be the total cost of the Entries selected multiplied by the number of Game Draws the Player has chosen.
    1. PowerBall Entry Mechanisms are provided solely for the convenience of Players and shall have no monetary or prize value, nor will they constitute evidence of a play or of the numbers selected.
    1. PowerBall Game Entries are available for sale between 06:00 and 23h00 on non-draw days except Sundays. On Sundays, tickets may be purchased between 06h00 and 18h00. Retailers' trading hours and the terms and conditions of alternate sales channels may limit these sales hours.
    1. On draw days, PowerBall Game sales are closed approximately 30 minutes before the Draw unless the terms and conditions of an Alternate Channel specify a time earlier. Sales will thereafter only commence the next morning.
  1. Cancellation of Entries
    1. Entries may only be voided or cancelled if -
      1. subject to Rule 7.2, it is a Ticket purchased from a Company Terminal, and
      1. the terms and conditions applicable to an Alternate Channels allow for the cancellation of an Entry purchased from that channel.
    1. Tickets purchased from a Company Terminal may be cancelled, if it is presented to the issuing Retail Outlet not earlier than three minutes after the time it was purchased and within 2 hours of the time when it was purchased or prior to the close of the Retail Outlet where the issuing terminal is situated or the close of sales for that day or the Draw, whichever is the earlier.
    1. The cancellation of Entries sold by Alternate Channels is dealt with in the terms and conditions of the Alternate Channels. Players must consider that cancellations may not be allowed through these channels and must therefore ensure that they follow the confirmation processes on these channels carefully.
    1. On cancellation of an Entry, the Player will be entitled to a refund from the Retailer equal to the retail price of the Entry.
    1. A Multi-draw Ticket shall only be capable of cancellation in accordance with the above and, in any event, prior to the first Draw in respect of which the Ticket has been issued.
  1. Responsibility for Entries
    1. It is the sole responsibility of the Player to check at the time of purchase, that the details of an Entry or issued Ticket correspond with those selected and specified. Without limiting the generality of this provision, details include inter alia the Selection(s), number of Board(s), Draw date(s), and number of Draw(s).
    1. The acceptance of the Entry or the taking of the Ticket shall constitute an accepted entry for the Draw(s) identified thereon and shall constitute an acknowledgment by the Player that the numbers displayed or printed thereon are the Player's selection (whether by manual or Quick Pick selection) and that all other particulars displayed or printed are correct. No Entry Mechanism (or completed Entry Coupon) shall then have validity or be of evidence for any purpose.
    1. Until the name, identity number and address section of the Ticket is completed, the bearer of a Ticket, which has been issued in accordance with the provisions of these Rules, shall be the owner thereof for the purposes of these Rules.
    1. After the completion of the name, identity number and address section of the Ticket, subject to the provisions of these Rules, the person whose name, identity number, or address appears on the Ticket shall be the sole owner of that Entry for the purposes of these Rules.
    1. The Player will be solely responsible for the safe custody and preservation of any Entry or Ticket including electronic versions thereof.
    1. Neither the Company nor any Retailer will be responsible for -
      1. loss, theft, mutilation or destruction of any Entry or Ticket, or
      1. for any errors or omissions in respect of any data recorded on any Entry or Ticket, or
      1. for any loss of whatever nature suffered or incurred by any person as a result of any such event or condition affecting any Entry or Ticket.
  1. On-line game draws
    1. The PowerBall Draw will take place on Tuesday and Friday nights or such other days as may be specified by the Company with the approval of the National Lotteries Board.
    1. The Company may, with the approval of the National Lotteries Board cancel any PowerBall Draw for whatever reason.
    1. Each Draw will be identified by a Draw number.
    1. In each Draw, five balls will be drawn by a draw machine containing forty-five balls numbered from 1 to 45 inclusive and one ball will be drawn by a separate draw machine containing twenty balls numbered 1 to 20 inclusive.
    1. A winning number in a Draw is deemed drawn when a numbered ball rests in the display section forming part of the draw machine.
    1. A Draw is deemed complete when five numbered balls (and not fewer than five) are drawn and one numbered ball is drawn, in accordance with this Rule. The first five (5) numbers drawn out of 45, are the Main Numbers. The first number drawn out of 20, is the PowerBall Number.
    1. Each Draw shall be conducted under the supervision of appointed Independent Auditors and shall be final for all purposes when the Official Result Sheet is signed by a Company Draw Official and countersigned by a supervising Independent Auditor.
    1. In the event of a malfunction in the conduct of a Draw:
      1. any numbered ball deemed drawn in accordance with Rules 9.4 and 9.5 prior to the occurrence of the malfunction is a valid and properly drawn number; and
      1. any numbered ball drawn after the occurrence of the malfunction will be deemed not to be drawn in accordance with Rule 9.4 and will not constitute a valid and properly drawn number; and
      1. the balance of the Draw will be conducted and the remaining number of balls required to be drawn will be drawn.
    1. The decision of the supervising Independent Auditors present at the Draw as to the existence and timing of the malfunction and the consequent validity or invalidity of any numbers drawn is final and binding.
    1. For the purposes of this Rule, "malfunction" means a failure of the draw machine or any part of it (or any occurrence which causes a failure of the drawing device or any part of it) to operate in the manner in which it is designed to operate and which in the opinion of the Independent Auditor, results in the Draw not being conducted properly.
    1. In the event that the Draw cannot take place on the advertised date or at the time fixed, it shall take place as soon as practicable thereafter.
    1. All Draws will, as far as practicable, be conducted and broadcasted live on television and will be recorded on media retained by the Company. Failure by the Company to broadcast or record the Draw, or retain the tape, or the partial or total failure of technical, electronic, or mechanical equipment used to record or broadcast the Draw, will not invalidate the Draw.
    1. The Company shall have no obligation to make any payment against an incorrectly announced number at a Draw. In such an event, the Independent Auditors shall confirm the correct number/s.
  1. Publication of draw results
    1. The Company will publicise the results of each Draw as soon as practicable after each Draw. Any failure on the part of the Company to publicise the results shall not give rise to any claim for compensation on the part of a Player.
    1. The results will include the date of the Draw, the winning numbers, the amount payable for each correct entry in each prize category and such other information as the Company may from time to time determine.
    1. The dissemination and publication of Winning Numbers by telephone, in the media and at the Retail Outlets is for information purposes only, and the Company will not pay a prize based upon information obtained from any other source other than the official Draw results recorded in the Company's Central System.
    1. The Company shall not be bound by:
      1. any error contained in a publication, whether typographical, printing or otherwise, on which a Player evaluates an Entry or bases a claim for a prize; or
      1. any publication or announcement of the number of winners or the amount of prizes, if such publication is made before the amount to be paid in prizes is finalised by the National Lotteries Board's verification processes.
    1. The occurrence of Rules 10.4.1 and 10.4.2 shall not give rise to a claim for compensation on the part of a Player.
  1. Winning Selections
    1. Subject to the provisions of the Rules, a Player, who, in respect of any Selection, has "MATCH ONE + ONE" or more numbers, which match the winning numbers, will be entitled to a prize in the highest category to which those numbers relate.
    1. Prize Division Eight means that the Player has correctly matched one of the selected five Main Numbers and the PowerBall number. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH ONE OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS ("MATCH ONE + ONE").
    1. Prize Division Seven means that the Player has correctly matched two of the selected five Main Numbers and the PowerBall number. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH TWO OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS ("MATCH TWO + ONE").
    1. Prize Division Six means that the Player has correctly matched three of the selected five Main Numbers. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH THREE OF FORTY-FIVE ("MATCH THREE").
    1. Prize Division Five means that the Player has correctly matched three of the selected five Main Numbers and the PowerBall number. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH THREE OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS ("MATCH THREE + ONE").
    1. Prize Division Four means that the Player has correctly matched four of the selected five Main Numbers. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH FOUR OF FORTY-FIVE ("MATCH FOUR").
    1. Prize Division Three means that the Player has correctly matched four of the selected five Main Numbers and the PowerBall number. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH FOUR OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS ("MATCH FOUR + ONE").
    1. Prize Division Two means that the Player has correctly matched all five of the selected five Main Numbers. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH FIVE OF FORTY-FIVE ("MATCH FIVE").
    1. Prize Division One means that the Player has correctly matched all five of the selected five Main Numbers and the PowerBall number. The appropriate prize category is called MATCH FIVE OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS ("MATCH FIVE + ONE")
  1. Prize allocations and no-winner situations
    1. Prize money allocated to each of the prize categories will be divided equally by the number of Winning Selections in that category.
    1. If in any Draw, there is no winner in any of the following prize categories, MATCH FIVE, MATCH FOUR + ONE, MATCH FOUR, MATCH THREE + ONE, MATCH THREE, MATCH TWO + ONE and MATCH ONE + ONE, the prize money for the particular category will be rolled-down to the next category.
    1. If in any Draw, there are no Selections qualifying for a prize in the MATCH FIVE + ONE category the prize monies for this category will be added to the MATCH FIVE + ONE prize fund for the next Draw.
    1. If there is no Winning MATCH FIVE + ONE Selection, then the entire prize pool for the MATCH FIVE + ONE category will roll until there is a winner.
    1. In the event of a Cancelled Draw or Draws for whatever reason, the prize money for MATCH FIVE + ONE category, rolled over from a Draw preceding the Cancelled Draw, will be added to the Match Five + one-prize fund for the next Draw.
  1. Prize Claims
    1. Prize claim period
      1. Prizes must be claimed no later than 23h00 on the 365th day after the Winning Draw date of the particular Game. Any such prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.
      1. If a prize is claimed by post, the Company must receive the Ticket with the name, identity number and address sections completed, at the following address within this period:

        Gidani House
        Private Bag X130
        Halfway House
    1. How to claim
      1. Players who believe they are entitled to claim a prize in a Draw must have their claim confirmed and validated (see Rule 14 below) by the Company's Central System as being a prize winning Entry by:
        1. lodging a claim at a National Lottery Office, or
        1. forwarding a claim for a prize of R50 000, entirely at the Claimant's risk, by posting the winning Ticket together with the Claimant's certified identity document and physical address to the address provided in Rule 13.1.2, or
        1. presenting the Ticket to any National Lottery Retail Outlet.
      1. The delivery of any prize winning Entry is the responsibility and at the expense of the Player.
      1. The Claimant shall be entitled to claim only the highest prize division qualified for by a winning selection and not for any lesser prize category or any otherwise unclaimed prize in the particular Draw or prize pool.
      1. The Company will recognise only the person by whom the Entry is surrendered as the absolute owner and except as ordered by a Court of competent jurisdiction, shall not be bound to take notice or to see to the execution of any trust whether express, implied or constructive to which any such Entry may be subject.
      1. Notwithstanding any other provision contained in these Rules, the Company may require any Player claiming a prize to complete a Sworn Affidavit prior to payment of such prize, to the effect that the Player is the owner of the Entry and is legally entitled to receive the prize emanating there from.
    1. Postal Claims (Also Rule
      1. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of ownership or delivery of an Entry or Ticket.
      1. The Player shall accept all risks, losses, delays, errors or omissions which may occur through the post and the Company shall be under no obligation to send any remittances by registered, recorded or security post.
      1. A Ticket submitted by post shall contain the name and address of the Claimant on the reverse side. If a Ticket that does not have a name, identity number and address, is posted to the National Lottery together with an accompanying covering letter by a person who claims a prize, payment will be made subject to the provisions of these Rules, to the person whose name appears on the letter in which a claim is made.
      1. If a Ticket is sent to the National Lottery that does not have a name, identity number or address appearing on the reverse side of the Ticket, and the Company cannot determine the identity of the owner of the submitted Ticket, the Company shall withhold payment of any prize winnings up to the expiry of the claim period relevant for the submitted Ticket or until the rightful owner of the Ticket can be established.
    1. Prize Claim Form
      1. Claimants must complete a Claim Form for all prizes higher than R5 000.
      1. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to require the completion of a Claim Form for any prize claim in a PowerBall game.
      1. A Claim Form must be completed in the name of only one owner of a valid winning Entry. However, the Company may exceptionally and at its sole discretion, waive this requirement in respect of a particular prize claim, such waiver to be in writing and subject to such terms and conditions, as the Company shall require.
      1. All Claim Forms shall be completed and signed by the Claimant or a legally authorised representative.
      1. The Company may refuse to process for payment any Claim Form, which is incomplete.
      1. If a Claimant is unable to complete a Claim Form due to legal, physical, or other disability, a legally authorised representative of the Claimant shall complete and sign a Claim Form on the Claimant's behalf.
      1. The Claim Form must state the name of the Claimant and/or the authorised representative and describe the status of the signatory, if not the Claimant. The Company reserves the right to request evidence of the legal capacity of the authorised representative to claim.
      1. If the person signing the Claim Form is a personal representative of the estate of a deceased Player, that person shall submit with the Claim Form such documentation as the Company shall in its discretion deem sufficient to properly establish such representative's entitlement to receive the relevant prize.
      1. A person who signs a Claim Form shall be deemed to have represented that he/she is lawfully entitled to claim the Prize, the information contained therein is accurate and complete, and shall indemnify the Company against any claims with respect to the Entry or delivery of the prize as a result of any misrepresentation.
      1. In the event of any inconsistency in the information submitted on the Claim Form and/or on the Entry or for any other reason at its complete discretion, the Company may investigate and withhold all winnings which may be due to the Claimant (or make a payment into court) until such time as the Claimant satisfies the Company that he/she is the proper person to whom the prize should be paid.
  1. Validation of a winning Entry
    1. Before a prize may be paid on any Entry, it must be validated according to the Company's validation procedures.
    1. The Company shall be entitled to declare an Entry invalid, and accordingly shall not be obliged to pay any prize, if the Entry -
      1. has been cancelled, whether in accordance with the Company's normal procedure for cancellation or otherwise;
      1. is counterfeit, has been forged in whole or in part or fails to pass the Company's security tests;
      1. is mutilated, altered, unreadable, incomplete or tampered with in any manner;
      1. is not received by the Company or the Retailer by the deadline stipulated in Rule 13.1;
      1. does not appear on the Company's list of Entries sold for entry to the particular Draw, kept on the Company's Central System, or the Entry data fails to match the computer record of that Entry in every respect; or
      1. has not been issued or sold in an authorised manner by the Company, an authorised National Lottery Retailer or an authorised Alternate Channel.
    1. The Company shall also be entitled to declare an Entry invalid if -
      1. the Serial Number of an apparent winning Entry does not appear on the Company's list of Serial Numbers of Winning Entries or a Valid Winning Entry with that Serial Number has been paid previously; or
      1. any number on the Ticket is not present in its entirety or is not fully legible.
    1. The Company reserves the right to withhold payment of any prize until it is entirely satisfied as to the validity of any Entry and that the Claimant is a bona fide winner, and reserves the right to call for proof of identity and capacity to claim.
    1. The Company reserves the right to photograph any Claimant for security purposes.
  1. Disputed claims
    1. Prior to a prize being paid and before the expiry of the relevant Entry in terms of Rule 13.1, a Player may lodge a written claim with the Company by submitting it to the Company's registered office if:
      1. the Company does not confirm a prize upon presentation of an Entry;
      1. the Player believes that their Entry has been incorrectly evaluated; or
      1. the Player is unable to produce the Entry for which the Player claims a prize is payable.
    1. If a claim for a prize is made to the Company in accordance with Rule 15.1, the Company will immediately try to resolve the claim. If the Company is not able to resolve the claim, it will promptly give the Claimant written notice advising of the Company's decision on the claim, and that the Player may, within 21 days after receiving the notice, ask the National Lotteries Board to review the decision.
    1. The Player's referral to the National Lotteries Board must be made within 21 days after receiving the Company notice.
    1. If a referral is so made, the National Lotteries Board may carry out any investigations the National Lotteries Board considers necessary to resolve the matters in dispute.
    1. The decision of the National Lotteries Board shall be final and binding on the Player and the Company.
  1. Prize Payment
    1. All PowerBall prizes will be paid in accordance with the Company's Prize Payout Procedures.
    1. Payment of the prize to the person shown on the Claim Form as the Claimant or his/her duly authorised representative shall fully and effectively discharge the Company, its officers, employees, representatives, contractors and any person, firm, company authorised by the Company to pay PowerBall prizes from any further liability for payment of that prize.
    1. All prizes will be paid in South African Rand (ZAR) in the amount advertised by the Company as the final dividend payable for that prize winning entry.
    1. The Company shall not be liable to pay interest on any winnings in respect of any period during which security or other relevant checks or enquiries are in process regarding any Entry presented for payment by a Claimant, or during any period in which a dispute relating to the validity of an Entry or a claim has not been resolved.
    1. The Company will pay such Claimant by cheque or Electronic Money Transfer in accordance with the Company's procedures provided that all the Ticket validation requirements referred to in these rules have been met.
    1. If a prize is paid on a Multi-draw Ticket, which is still valid for future Draws, this Ticket should be kept by the Player to claim all potential prizes won in any of the future Draws this Ticket participates in.
    1. Cash prizes of up to R50, are payable by all Retailers. Retailers have the discretion to pay up to R5 000 in cash.
    1. Prize claims between R5 001-R50 000 are only payable at an Authorised Prize Payment Centre (addresses are available from any Retailer or via Players''HelpLine') and such Claimants must complete a Prize Claim Form and provide proof of identity.

    1. Prizes over R50 000 can only be paid in person to the Claimant or a duly authorised representative at a National Lottery Office after completion of a Claim Form and an identity check.
    1. In the event that a single Entry contains multiple winning plays, each from separate Selections, the total prize amount shall be paid in accordance with the prize payment arrangement specified in Rule 16.1.
    1. Neither the Company nor any Retailer shall be responsible or liable to any person claiming an interest of whatever nature in a lost or stolen Entry as a result of the payment of a prize to the bearer of an unsigned Ticket or to the person purporting to be the person whose name, identity number or address is entered on the Ticket, whether or not advice of the loss or theft had been notified to the Company prior to payment of the prize. Without prejudice to the above, the Company shall use its best endeavours to carry out and ensure that any Retailers or other persons responsible for payments of prizes shall carry out such identity checks and other security measures as the Company shall in its discretion from time to time deem reasonable and appropriate in relation to payment of any particular prize amount.
    1. In the event that the Company, in its absolute discretion, believes that the bearer of a Ticket presented for payment or a person whose name, identity number or address has been entered on the reverse side of the ticket or who has completed a Claim Form is not the rightful owner thereof or lawfully entitled thereto, it shall be entitled to withhold payment of any prize winnings for a period of up to 365 days after the relevant draw, pending the outcome of all appropriate checks and enquiries.
    1. The Company shall not be liable to make payments of any prize on an Entry, which it knows or suspects has been resold or otherwise transferred by way of trade.
    1. The Company may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to determine the lawful payee in any particular case.
    1. Save as provided above, the right of any person to a prize shall not be assignable.
    1. Under no circumstances shall any prize be payable by way of goods or services in lieu of cash, cheque, or electronic transfer.
    1. The Company will make payment to the duly authorised representative of a person under legal or other disability. The Company may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to determine the lawful payee in any particular case; and save as provided above, the right of any person to a prize drawn shall not be assignable.
  1. Limitation of liability
    1. Save as specified in the written agreement between the Company and a Retailer or sales agent, the Company shall not be liable for any act or omission by a Retailer or agent, which is not covered in these Rules.
    1. If a Defective Ticket is purchased, it shall be void and the Company's only liability shall be reimbursement of the cost of purchase.
    1. If a Ticket is purchased, which is cancelled whether in accordance with the Company's normal procedures for cancellation or otherwise, the only liability of the Company (or the Retailer) as the case may be shall be the reimbursement of the cost of the Ticket.
    1. Neither the Company nor any Retailer shall in any circumstances be liable for any loss of whatever nature, including but without limitation, indirect or consequential loss, suffered or incurred by any Player, any bearer or owner of a Ticket, any Claimant or any other person arising from the withdrawal of any Game or from the participation or non-participation of any person in any Game, including the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in such Game. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, neither the Company nor any Retailer shall be liable to any person in the event of force majeure.
    1. Any liability of the Company to a Player arising from any statement about a Draw made by (or any negligence on the part of) an employee, servant, agent or contractor of the Company or any other person, shall be limited to the cost of the Player's Entry in that Draw.
    1. In the event of a Player suffering any loss or damage as a result of any unlawful act of an employee, servant, agent or contractor of the Company or any Retailer or other party or as a result of any fire, flood, tempest, storm, riot, civil commotion, lockout, strike or equipment failure, any liability of the Company to that Player shall be limited to the cost of the Player's Entry in that Draw.
    1. The Company shall have the right to suspend or withdraw and/or to suspend the play of any Game from any Company Terminal or Alternate Channel at its absolute discretion at any time on account of:
      1. the failure of, or damage to or destruction of the Central System or records, or any part thereof, or;
      1. delays losses, error or omissions in or made by the postal or other delivery service or by the banking system, or;
      1. any other action or event, which prevents or hinders the confirmation of a valid Entry, the issue of a valid Ticket, or for the refusal to sell an Entry to any person in accordance with these Rules.
  1. Refunds in certain circumstances
    1. In the event of a Cancelled Draw the Company shall:
      1. refund to a Player who has purchased either an Entry for the Cancelled Draw only or a Multi-draw Entry for the Cancelled Draw and other Draws, an amount equal to that part of the Entry's purchase price as was paid in respect of and is attributable to the Cancelled Draw;
      1. refund to the Subscribers who hold a valid Mail Subscription for Draws which include the Cancelled Draw that proportion of the amount previously paid by the Subscriber for that Subscription as was paid in respect of and is attributable to the Cancelled Draw; and
      1. pay to a Player who holds a Ticket for the Cancelled Draw the amount that would have been properly payable by the Player had the player purchased that Ticket from a Retailer.
    1. Any refund and payment under 18.1.1 and 18.1.2 above respectively must be claimed by the Player. The methods of claiming, payment, the validation of claims and subject to 18.3 below, the period within which such claims may be made being as determined by the Company in its absolute discretion from time to time but subject to the prior agreement of the National Lotteries Board. A Player will in any event be required to produce the Entry before any refund or payment will be made. The period referred to in 18.2 above shall be a period expiring not earlier than the 90 days after the date on which the Cancelled Draw was to have taken place.
    1. Any refund under 18.1.2 above shall be made by such means and within such period, as the Company shall in its absolute discretion determine from time to time but subject to the prior agreement of the National Lotteries Board.
    1. Neither the Company nor any Retailer shall in any circumstances be liable to pay interest in respect of funds or payments made under this Rule 18.
    1. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph shall not apply in respect of any Draw, which is delayed or postponed, or in respect of any Draw, which is defined as a cancelled draw.
  1. Decision of the Company binding
    1. The Company's decision as to whether or not a Entry is a winning Entry or in respect of any other matter or dispute arising from the payment or awarding or non-payment or non-awarding of prizes shall be final and binding upon all Players and any other person or persons having any interest in the matter or dispute. In the event of a dispute in respect of a winning Entry, a Claim form, or the payment or awarding of any prize, the Company may withhold payment of the prize and/or make an equivalent payment into court until the dispute has been resolved.
  1. Law
    1. These Rules shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa and the South African Courts shall have jurisdiction.
  1. Other languages
    1. PowerBall Game Rules can be obtained in other languages upon request from the National Lottery, Private Bag X130, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 or call Players' 'Help Line' on 0800 777 777 (Toll free) between 06h00 and 23h00 every day or download a copy from the Web site
  1. Participants' Code of Practice
    1. The Participants' Code of Practice can be obtained upon request from the National Lottery, Private Bag X130, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 or call Players' 'Help Line' on 0800 777 777 (Toll free) between 06h00 and 23h00 every day or download a copy from the Web site
Xhosa Top

1. Intshayelelo

1.1 InKampani igunyazisiwe phantsi komthetho oyi-Lotteries Act, 1997 (No 57 of 1997) njengoko ulungisiwe ukuze kuqhutywe kunyuswe iNational Lottery neqela leMidlalo eMzantsi Afrika.

1.2 Le mithetho isebenza kumdlalo oyiPowerBall, oyinxalenye yeNational Lottery.

2. INkcazelo

2.1 La magama namabinza alandelayo xa esetyenziswa kule mithetho, aya kuba nezi ntsingiselo zilandelayo, ngaphandle kokuba imeko-bume ibonisa ngolunye uhlobo

2.1.1 Umthetho uthetha iLotteries Act (No. 57 of 1997) njengoko ulungisiwe.

2.1.2 Tshintshisana ngeetshanele kuthetha iitshanele ezibonisa ngemidlalo yeNational Lottery ingezizo iitheminal zeNkampani ezifakwe kwiivenkile ezithatha inkxaxheba ekuthengiseni amatikiti eNational Lottery akuphelelanga apho kuquka inkonzo yokurhuma rhoqo, iitheminali, oomashini be-ATM, iiselula oonovenkile, kunye ne-Intanethi.

2.1.3 IBhodi okanye iBhodi yoMdlalo kuthethwa igridi yamanani ayi-45 (1 ukuya ku-45) kudityaniswa nenye igridi yamanani ayi-20 (1 ukuya ku-20) ngokuchongwe yileta yokuzimanya eyinxalenye yeBhodi yokudlala enye kwikuponi evunyiweyo umz. IKuponi yokungenela umdlalo wePowerBall.

2.1.4 IDraw eRhoxisiweyo kuthetha nayiphina iDraw yePowerBall ethi ingaqhubekeki ngemini ebimiselwe yona.

2.1.5 UQhagamshelwano oluyintloko kuthethwa iCentral System esetyenziswa yiNkampani ukuqhuba imidlalo ye-National Lottery.

2.1.6 iFomu yokubanga, kuquka nefomu yokubanga yomntu wesithathu, kuthethwa ngefomu eprintiweyo ekhutshwa yiNkampani okanye Iziko elingunyazisiweyo ukubhatala amabhaso akhatshwa bubungqina betikiti elisemthethweni (umz. iTikiti) ukuze ubani avumeleke ukuba abange ixabiso njengoko kucacisiwe kwimithetho.

2.1.7 Umbangi kuthethwa ngomntu ofaka ibango kwibhaso le-PowerBall esenza oko kwixesha elimiselweyo njengoko kucacisiwe kwimithetho.

2.1.8 INkampani kuthethwa u-Gidani (Proprietary) Limited, inkampani yabucala ebandakanyiweyo ngokusemthethweni weRepublik yoMzantsi Afrika onedilesi ese-Cnr Allandale & Old Pretoria Rd, Midrand.

2.1.9 ITikiti elineziphoso kuthethwa ngeTikiti okanye irisithi yobungqina eprintiweyo ethe ngexesha lokuthengwa kwetikiti yabe ingamakishwanga ngokupheleleyo, eyonakeleyo, enenkangeleko eyonakeleyo, okanye engabonakaliyo ethi xa ifakwa kwiTheminali kubekho umyalezo othi “lambatha” “isampuli” okanye “alithengiswa” okanye umyalezo oyelele kule.

2.1.10 iDraw kuthethwa ngenkqubo yokukhetha iseti yaManani aWinileyo.

2.1.11 UMatshini weDraw kuthetha ngomatshini osetyenziswa yiNkampani egunyazisiweyo yiBhodi ye-National Lotteries ukuba ikhethe amaNani aWinileyo.

2.1.12 Ukungenela/-i-Entri kuthetha amathuba okungenela umdlalo wePowerBall athi arejistarishwa kwiCentral System njengamathuba.

2.1.13 IPhetshana lokungenela iphepha elivunyiweyo lokungenela umdlalo elisetyenziswa yiNkampani kwiTheminal. IKuponi yokungenela ikwabizwa ngokuba liPhetshana lokudlala.

2.1.14 IPhetshana elisetyenziswayo ifomu efundekayo kwikhompyutha okanye efana nayo efumaneka kwikhompyutha evunyiweyo yiNkampani enamanani athi odlalayo akhethe kuwo, kubekho nemiqathango yokungenelela emdlalweni. IPhetshana lokungenelela liqulathe iBhodi eliziqela.

2.1.15 IBhaso eliphezulu ibhaso elingaphezulu kwe-R50 000.

2.1.16 iTheminal ekwindawo yokubhatala itheminal engasemnyango wevenkile okanye ikhesh rejista elungiselelwe iNational Lottery njengeTheminal yokubhatala (engeyeyiyo iTheminal yeNkampani).

2.1.17 IPowerBall uMdlalo ovunyiweyo we-National Lottery ongamanani amahlanu kwayi- 45 kunye nelinye kwayi- 20.

2.1.18 AmaBhaso aphantsi – ibhaso eliphakathi kwe-R1 ne-R5 000 ngokuqukayo.

2.1.19 Urhumo rhoqo inkqubo yokurhuma eyenza ukuba uMdlali ahlawulele izihlandlo ezininzi.

2.1.20 Amanani anguNdoqo amanani amahlanu akhethwa nakanjanina kwiDraw ukusuka kwinani u-1 ukuya ku-45 ngokuqukayo.

2.1.21 IBhaso eliPhakathi ibhaso eliphakathi kwe-R5 001 ne-R50 000 ngokuqukayo.

2.1.22 Umntwana umntu ongaphantsi kweminyaka eli-18 ubudala.

2.1.23 IMalti–draw iidraw eziliqela ezilandelelanayo apho uMdlali athi athathe inkxaxheba ngokuthi akhethe inani ledraw azidlalayo eziphakathi kwe-2 ne-10 kwiPhetshana le-PowerBall.

2.1.24 UMdlali Ilungu lasekuhlaleni elineminyaka eli-18 ubudala nangaphezulu elithenga iphetshana le-PowerBall.

2.1.25 ‘UmNxeba woNcedo ‘wabaDlali’ IKhol senta ye-National Lottery elungiselelwe abadlali enomnxeba ofele-fele onombolo ingu-0800 777 777.

2.1.26 iKhwikhPikh Indlela yokudlala i-PowerBall ethi itheminal yeNkampani okanye Central System ikhethele umdlali ngokwayo amanani nakanjani na.

2.1.27 I-Ofisi yoMmandla i-Ofisi ye-National Lottery emiselwe oko yiNkampani.

2.1.28 UmThengisi nawuphina umntu, ishishini okanye inkampani egungazisiweyo
yiNkampani ukuba ithengise amaPhetshana e-PowerBall okanye abhatale amabhaso ngokwamatikiti aqinisekisiweyo.

2.1.29 ‘Umnxeba woNcedo wabaThengisi’ iKhol Senta ye-National Lottery elungiselelwe abaThengisi efumaneka ku-GIDANI 0800.

2.1.30 iNdawo yokuThengisa nayiphina indawo egunyazisiweyo enomatshini wokuthengisa amatikiti- National Lottery kubadlali.

2.1.31 Ukhetho Iseti yamanani amahlanu + kunye nenani elinye elikhethwe nguMdlali kwiBhodi enye ye-PowerBall kwiphetshana elisetyenziswayo nelithi lirekhodishwe njengephetshana ngokwemithetho yomdlalo.

2.1.32 iSerial Number inombolo eyodwa eyabelwe iCentral System yeNkampani kwiphetshana ekuthi ngokwemithetho, kwenziwe isingqinisiso sokuwina kwamanani akulo.

2.1.33 Umrhumi umntu ozalisa iFomu yesiCelo sokuzibophelela ethi yamnkelwe yiNkampani .

2.1.34 INombolo yePowerBall inombolo ekhethwayo nakanjanina kwiDraw phakathi kwamanani u- 1 ukuya ku 20.

2.1.35 ITheminal yeNkampani umatshini onikezelwa yiNkampani kubathengisi abathatha inkxaxheba owenza ukuba kufakwe amaphetshana, amatikiti aprintwe, arhoxiswe, awinileyo angqinisiswe.

2.1.36 ITikiti iTikiti elikhutshwa yiTheminal yeNkampani okanye irisithi ekhutshwa nayeyiphi iTshanel, emva kokurejistarishwa kwephetshana kwiCentral System ngokungqamene nemithetho nokuthengiswa ngumthengisi ogunyazisiweyo.

2.1.37 Iphetshana eliwinileyo ngokusemthethweni iphetshana elinamanani awinilelyo elizalisekisa imfuno zomthetho weNkampani njengoko zibekiwe okanye ngokubhekisele kwimithetho.

2.1.38 Amanani awinileyo ukhetho lwamanani arekhodishiweyo naqinisekisiweyo kwangoko nguMphicothi oziMeleyo emva kweDraw.

2.2 Ngokwemeko elindelekileyo kule mithetho–

2.2.1 Ngokubhekiselele kwisini kuya kuquka ubukhomokazi noobudoda ngokuphendulelekileyo;

2.2.2 Ngokubhekiselele kwisinye kuya kuquka isininzi; ngokuphendulelekileyo

2.2.3 Ngokubhekiselele kumntu kuquka abantu ngokwendalo kunye nequmrhu labantu imeko ivuma.

3. Impembelelo yale miThetho

3.1 Le miThetho, inkcazelo, amagama nezigqibo ezibonakala kumaTikiti, amaphetshana asetyenziswayo (IiKupon zokungenelela), indlela yokudlala iincwadana (kuquka aphuma kwikhompyutha) nezinye iimeko njengoko zimiselwe, zenza isivumelwano samalungelo neemfanelo phakathi kweNkampani, abathengi bamaphetshana nabaBangi bomdlalo wePowerball

3.2 Nawuphina umntu othenga okanye ongenisa iphetshana ukuze liqinisekiswe okanye obanga ibhaso nokuba ukwesiphi isikhundla uyavuma ukuzibophelela ngokweemfuneko zomThetho, nawuphi ummiselo owenziwe ngaphantsi kweLayisensi yokuqhuba ushishino lweNational Lottery, nangokwemithetho elungiselelweyo yiNkampani yaza yaphunyezwa yiBhodi yeNational Lottery amaxesha ngamaxesha

3.3 Umntu ngamnye owine ibhaso uyavuma ukuba, ukuba iNkampani inyanzelekile ukuvuma ngokwasemthethweni ukunikezela kumntu ibhaso kwaye iNkampani inyanzelekile ngokwasemthethweni ukunikezela kumntu wesithathu ngeenkcukacha zebhaso elibangiweyo ngumntu okanye egameni lalowo uwinileyo. INkampani iya kunyanzeleka yenze oku.


3.5 INkampani inakho nangaliphi ixesha ukulungisa, iguqule okanye itshintshe le mithetho . Ezo zilungiso,iinguqulelo okanye utshintsho luya kuba nokusetyenziswa ukusuka ekwazisweni kwawo naphambi kwemidlalo yePowerBall njengoko zinxulumene nebango nenkqubo yokubhatala. Ukuba ezo zilungiso zidala ukungaqinisekiswa nakweliphi iphetshana okanye itikiti elikhutshiweyo, uMdlali unakho ukwenza isicelo sembuyekezo-mali yexabiso lephetshana kodwa iNkampani okanye iNational Lottery ayinakubanatyala layo nayiphi nto eyilahleko kuMdlali okanye eyonakeleyo.
3.6 Ukuba kukho ukuguquguka phakathi kwemiyalelo “yendlela yokudlala” yayo naliphina iphetshana elisetyenziswayo, iTikiti, imathiriyeli yokukwazisa okuthengiswayo, imimiselo nezigqibo ezisetyenziswayo nakweyiphi iTshanel nale mithetho, le mithetho iya kubakho ngokuyinxalenye yokuguquguquka.

3.7 Kwimeko apho le mithetho okanye imimiselo ibonakala okanye idibene nayiphina into esetyenziswayo (kuquka IKupon yokungenelela), amaTikiti, iincwadana ezingendlela yokudlala (kuquka iiKuponi zokudlala, okanye ezo zifumaneka kwikhompyutha ezifanele iAlternate Channel, nanjengoko ezinye iimeko zisungulwe zamiselwa yinkundla yezolawulo lobulungisa ukuba ingabi nakunyanzeliswa.

3.8 Akukho lungu lasekuhlaleni elidlalayo okanye umThengisi oyakuthi enze izigqibo zokuthengisa amaTikiti ngaphandle kweendlela zokudlala ezimiselweyo nezibalulweyo yiNkampani kunye neBhodi yeNational Lottery.

4. Injongo yoMdlalo kunye nokuthengwa kwephetshana

4.1 Injongo yomdlalo kukuba uMdlali akhethe kumdlalo omnye (kwiBhodi enye)amanani amahlanu kunye nenombolo ye-PowerBall eziza kuthi zifane nezo zikhethiweyo kumdlalo lowo uMdlali athatha inkxaxheba kuwo.

4.2 Amatikiti ePowerBall angathengwa

4.2.1 KumThengisi ogunyazisiweyo usebenzisa iphetshana eliyiKupon yePowerBall imakishwe ngumdlali ngokwakhe okanye amakishelwe okanye umdlali asebenzise iKhwikhpikh, elo itikiti liya kuqinisekiswa likhutshwe yiTheminal yeNkampani,

4.2.2 Kwi-Arhente egunyazisiweyo ngokurhuma kwaye loo mrhumo uya kuqinisekiswa ngesiqinisekiso okanye uxwebhu olukhutshwa yiNkampani,

4.2.3 Kwitheminal yokubhatala ngasemnyango yomthathi-nxaxheba (ikhesh rejista,) i-ATM okanye enye idivayis ulandele imiyalelo yokudlala efumaneka kwidivayisi leyo, xa uthenge ngolo hlobo uya kuprintelwa irisithi okanye uboniswe yidivayis leyo

4.2.4 Ngokusebenzisa iselula, i-intanethi okanye idivayis yefowuni ulandele imiyalelo yokudlala enxulumene nedivayis leyo kwaye uyakufumana irisithi eprintiweyo okanye uthenge kwitheminal nalapho uya kuthi ufumane irisithi kwidivayis leyo.

4.3 Ezi ndlela zokuthenga zingentla zenziwa ngokwemimiselo nemiqathango ephunyezwe yiNkampani ngokunxulumene neBhodi yeNational Lotteries kuhlobo ngalunye lokuthenga. Le mimiselo nemiqathango ikwincwadana ethi “Udlala njani” ezifumaneka kubaThengisi abafanelekileyo kunye neewebhusayithi ezifanelekileyo.

4.4 Kwezinye iimeko, i-Alternate Channel azinayo imisebenzi ethile (umz. Ukurhoxisa itikiti, ukudlala iMulti draw, ukuzikhethela ngokwakho amanani) exhaswa yiTheminal yeNkampani. Ngokuthenga itikiti lePowerBall kwi-Alternate Channel abadlali bayavuma ukuzibophelela nemimiselo nemiqathango bekwenza oko ngokwamkelekileyo

4.5 ABadlali banokuthenga iKwikhPikh enamanani aveliswa yiCentral System ITikiti elinamanani aveliswe nakanjanina yiCentral System okanye iMulti draw apho ukhetho lwamanani afanayo adlalwa ngaphezulu kwedraw enye (ukuya kwiidraw ezili- 10)

4.6 Ixesha elikhethiweyo leMulti-draw liqala kwiDraw yokuqala elandela umhla wokukhethwa kwamanani nguMdlali. Eli xesha liphela ekugqityweni kwenani leeDraw ezibonakalisiweyo kwiTikiti leMulti Draw.

4.7 AbaDlali mabangasebenzisi iikopi zePowerBall okanye izinto ezenziwe zafana nayo, amaphetshana okungenela okanye enye imathiriyeli efakwa kwiTheminal yeNkampani ingaphunyezwanga yiNkampani.

5. Ilungelo lokuthenga iTikiti
5.1 Akusayi kubakho ilungelo laye nawuphina umntu ukuba athenge iTikiti ngakumbi ngaphandle komda, akukho tikiti liya kuthengwa okanye kubhatalwe ibhaso kuye.

5.1.1 Nawuphina umntu ongaphantsi kweminyaka eli- 18 nokuba lelakhe okanye wenzela omnye umntu,

5.1.2 Umlawuli weNkampani okanye amaLungu eBhodi yeNational Lotteries, kunye

5.1.3 Nomnye umntu okanye uhlobo lwabantu njengokuba iNkampani kunye noMphathiswa enokugqiba amaxesha ngamaxesha.

5.2 Ukuba, Nangona ibhaso libhatalwa kumntu kumaqela angentla,ngokomthetho, eli bhaso liya kubhatalwa kumntu lowo okanye iNkampani xa kufuneka enze njalo.

5.3 INkampani okanye umThengisi ngengqiqo yakhe eyedwa unakho ukwala ukuthengisa amatikiti kuye nawuphina umntu okanye abantu ngaphandle kokunika isizathu. Oku kunokuquka iimeko apho ngokwembono yakhe, umntu okanye abantu badlala ngendlela iNkampani okanye umThengisi abona ikukungenelela kwindlela yabanye abadlali eMdlalweni.

6. Ixabiso lokudlala namaxesha okuthenga

6.1 IBhodi yokudlala ye-PowerBall nganye ixabisa i-R3.50 kuquka ne VAT.

6.2 Ixabiso leMulti-draw liya kuba lixabiso eliya kuphinda-phindwa ngenani ledraw ezikhethiweyo.

6.3 Izinto ezisetyenziswayo zokungenela iPowerBall zenzelwa kuphela ukunika uncedo kubaDlali kwaye akusayi kubakho bhaso okanye imali kwaye ayisayi kwenza ubungqina bokudlala okanye amanani akhethiweyo

6.4 Amatikiti omDlalo wePowerBall afumaneka ngentsimbi yesi-06:00 neye-23h00 ngemini ezingezizo ezedraw ngaphandle kwangeCawa. NgeeCawa amatikiti anokuthengwa phakathi kwentsimbi ye-06h00 neye-18h00. Amaxesha okuthengisa kwabathengisi nemiqathango nemimiselo yokuthengisa neealternate channels ingazicutha ezi yure zokuthengisa

7. UkuRhoxiswa kwamaTikiti

7.1 Amatikiti anokurhoxiswa okanye acinywe ukuba –

7.1.1 Ngokomthetho onguMthetho 7.2, Litikiti i elithengwe kwiTheminal yeNkampani kwaye

7.1.2 Imigaqo nemimiselo esebenza kwiAlternate Channels iyakuvumela ukurhoxiswa kwetikiti elithengwe kwichannel leyo.

7.2 AmaTikiti athengwe kwiTheminal yeNkampani angarhoxiswa ukuba linikezelwa kwiVenkile ebelithengwe kuyo emva kwemizuzu emithathu lithengiwe, zingaphelanga iyure ezi-2 lithengiwe okanye kwixesha elifutshane phambi kokuba ivenkile ivale okanye xa kuvaliwe ukuthengiswa kwamatikiti ngalo mini okanye idraw, naliphina ixesha kula akhankanyiweyo

7.3 Ukurhoxiswa kwamaTikiti athengiswe nge-Alternate Channels kusetyenzwa ngayo ngokwemiqathango nemimiselo ye-Alternate Channels. AbaDlali kufuneka baqonde ukuba ukurhoxiswa kwamatikiti kusenokungavunyelwa ngezi-Channels, mabaqiniseke ngoko ukuba balandela inkqubo yokuqinisekisa kwezi channels ngobulumko.

7.4 Xa kurhoxiswe itikiti, uMdlali unelungelo lembuyekezo yemali elingana nexabiso letikiti kumthengisi.

7.5 ITikiti le-Multi-draw linakho ukurhoxiswa kuphela ngokwemigaqo engentla, naninina phambi kweDraw yokuqala yeTikiti elo lithengiweyo.

8. UXanduva lokungenela

8.1 Luxanduva loMdlali ngamnye ukuqinisekisa ngexesha lokuthenga ukuba zonke iinkcukhaca zeTikiti ziyangqinelana nezo zikhethiweyo.Ngaphandle kokwenza umda womthetho jikelele, inkcukhaca ziquka Ukhetho, inani leeBhodi, umhla weDraw, inani leeDraw).

8.2 Ukwamkelwa kweTikiti kuthetha ukwamkeleka kweTikiti kwiDraw echongiweyo kwaye kuya kudala ukuvuma komDlali ukuba amanani aboniswayo okanye aprintiweyo ngakhethwe ngumdlali (nokuba ngokuzikhethela okanye ikhwikhPikh kanjalo iinkcukhaca ezibonakalayo okanye eziprintiweyo zifanelekile. Akukho nto isetyenziswayo (okanye IKupon yokungenela ezalisiweyo okanye eprintiweyo eyakuba nobungqina bayo nayiphina
8.3 Igama, inombolo yesazisi, nedilesi kufuneka ifakwe kwindawo efanelekileyo etikitini ngumnini Tikiti, othe wanikwa itikiti ngokwesicwangciso semithetho,.

8.4 Emva kokufakela igama nenombolo yesazisi nedilesi kwindawo efanelekileyo kwiTikiti lakho ngokomthetho umntu onegama nenombolo yesazisi kunye nedilesi, nguye ngokomthetho ongumnini weTikiti elo.

8.5 UMdlali nguye yedwa onoxanduva lokugcina nokulondoloza itikiti kuquka nelo liveliswa yikhompyutha.

8.6 INkampani okanye umThengisi abanalo uxanduva xa-

8.6.1 Lilahlekile, libiwe, likrazukile, okanye lonakalisiwe iTikiti okanye;

8.6.2 Nayiphina impazamo okanye okushiyelelekileyo kwidata erekhodishiweyo kwiTikiti okanye;

8.6.3 Ukulahlekelwa okanye nayiphina into engumonakalo owenziwe nangubanina ochaphazela iTikiti.

9. iiDraw ezenziwa Onlayin

9.1 IDraw ye-PowerBall iyakubakho ngolweSibini nangolwesiHlanu ebusuku okanye naluphina olunye usuku iNkampani enokuthi igqibe ngalo ngokungqamene nokuphunyezwa yiBhodi yeNational Lotteries.

9.2 INkampani inakho ukurhoxisa nayiphina iDraw nangasiphi isizathu ngemvume yiBhodi yeNational Lotteries.

9.3 IDraw nganye iya kuchongwa ngokwenombolo yeDraw leyo.

9.4 KwiDraw nganye ibhola ezintlanu ziyakukhethwa kumatshini weDraw oneebhola ezinamani aqala ku-1 ukuya ku-45 ize enye ibhola ikhethwe kumatshini ongomnye oneebhola ezinamanani aqala ku- 1 ukuya ku-20.

9.5 Inani eliwinileyo kwiDraw lelo ibhola enenombolo ithi ihlale kwindawo ebonakalayo kumatshini weDraw.
9.6 IDraw igqityiwe xa ibhola ezinombolishiweyo ezintlanu zithi zikhethwe ze enye enombolishiweyo nayo ikhethwe ngokwemimiselo nemithetho elawulayo eyile. Amanani okuqala amahlanu (5) akhethwe kulawo ayi-45, ngamanani angundoqo. Inani lokuqala ukukhethwa kulawo ayi-20 linani le PowerBall.

9.7 IDraw nganye iya kuqhubekeka phantsi kweliso lomPhicothi oziMeleyo kwaye iyakuba igqityiwe kuzo zonke injongo zayo xa iPhepha leziPhumo eziseSikweni zisayiniwe liGosa leNkampani elijongene neDraw ze liphinde lisayinwe ngowongameleyo umPhicothi oziMeleyo.

9.8 Kwisiganeko apho kukho ukungasebenzi kakuhle ekuqhutyweni kweDraw:

9.8.1 Nayiphina ibhola enombolishiweyo ekucingwa ukuba ikhethiwe ngokwemithetho u- 9.4 no- 9.5 phambi kokungasebenzi kakuhle isemthethweni kwaye ikhethwe ngendlela efanelekileyo

9.8.2 Nayiphina ibhola enombolishiweyo ekhethwe emva kokungasebenzi kakuhle iya kuthathwa njengengakhethwanga ngokubhekisele kumthetho u- 9.4 kwaye ayinakuthatyathwa njengenani elisemthethweni; kwaye

9.8.3 Intsalela yeDraw iya kuqhutywa ze inani lebhola ekufuneka likhethiwe likhethwe.

9.9 Isigqibo sowongameleyo umPhicothi oziMeleyo okhoyo kwiDraw sigqibelele kwaye siyabophelela ngokungqamene nexesha lokungasebenzi kakuhle nomphumela wokuba semthethweni okanye ukungabikho-semthethweni kwamanani akhethiweyo.

9.10 Ngokwenjongo yalo Mthetho, “ukungasebenzi kakuhle ” kuthetha ukungaphumeleli komatshini weDraw okanye nayiphina inxalenye yawo, (okanye nasiphina isehlo esibangela ukungaphumeleli kwedivayis yokukhetha okanye nayiphi inxalenye yayo) ukusebenza ngendlela elungiselelwe ngayo kunye noluvo lomPhicothi oziMeleyo ibangela ukungaqhutywa ngokufanelekileyo kweDraw.

9.11 Kwimeko apho iDraw ingakwazi ukuqhubeka ngexesha elazisiweyo okanye elimisiwey, okanye ixesha lesiqhelo iya kuqhubekeka ngokukhawuleza xa kukwazeka ukwenzeka emva koko.

9.12 Zonke iiDraw ziya kwenziwa zisasazwe kwiTelevizhini ngeli xesha zenzekayo ze zirekhodishwe kwimidiya zigcinwe yiNkampani. Ukungaphumeleli kweNkampani ukusasaza irekhodishe iDraw, okanye igcine iteyiph, okanye ukungaphumeleli kwenxalenye yezixhobo zobugcisa, nenzululwazi, okanye ukungaphumeleli ngokupheleleyo kwezixhobo ezisetyenziselwa ukurekhodisha okanye ukusasaza iDraw ziya kuyenza iDraw ingabikho-semthethweni.

9.13 INkampani ayisayi kuba nasigunyaziso sokubhatala inani elaziswe ngempazamo kwiDraw. Kulo meko, umPhicothi oziMeleyo uya kwazisa angqinisise inani /amanani afanelekileyo

10. UkuPapashwa kweziphumo zedraw

10.1 INkampani iya kuzipapasha iziphumo zeDraw ngokukhawuleza emva kweDraw nganye. Ukungaphumeleli kweNkampani ukupapasha iziphumo, loo nto ayinakubangela ukuba ibango lembuyekezo kuMdlali.

10.2 Iziphumo ziya kuquka umhla weDraw, amanani awinileyo, ixabiso lenani elifanelekileyo kumanqanaba amabhaso kunye naluphi ulwazi iNkampani enokulimisela

10.3 Ukusasaza nokupapasha amanani awinileyo ngefowuni, kwimidiya nakwiivenkile zabathengisi kukwazisa kuphela, kwaye iNkampani ayisayi kubhatala ixabiso ngenxa yolwazi olufunyenwe kwenye indawo engeyiyo iCentral System ekurekhodishwe kuyo iDraw esemthethweni yiNkampani

10.4 INkampani ayisayi kubotshelelwa:

10.4.1 Ngayo nayiphina impazamo ekhoyo kupapasho, nokuba yimpazamo yokuchwetheza, yokuprinta apho uMdlali athi athelekise itikiti lakhe okanye enze ibango ngenxa yoko avavanye.

10.4.2 Naluphina upapasho okanye isaziso namanani awinileyo, ukuba olo papasho lwenziwe phambi kokuba kugqitywe yiBhodi yeNational Lottery ukuqinisekisa ngexabiso lamabhaso.

10.5 Imithetho u- 10.4.1 no- 10.4.2 ayisayi kubangela ukuba uMdlali afune imbuyekezo.

11. Amanani akhethiweyo

11.1 Ngokweemfuno zoMthetho, uMdlali othe ngokuchanekileyo “WAFANISA INANI ELINYE + NELINYE” okanye amanani angaphezulu athi afane nalawo awinileyo uya kuba nelungelo lebhaso kwelona nqanaba liphezulu apho loo manani afanayo, khona
11.2 ICandelo lesiBhozo leBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanelekileyo inani elinye kulawo mahlanu angundoqo kunye nePowerBall. UKubizwa kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA INANI LIBE LINYE KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU KUNYE NELINYE KWANGAMASHUMI AMABINI (“FANISA ELINYE + KUNYE NELINYE”).

11.3 ICandelo lesiXhenxe leBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo amanani amabini kumanani amahlanu angundoqo kunye nePowerBall. Ukubizwe kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA AMANANI AMABINI KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU NENANI ELINYE KWANGAMASHUMI AMABINI (“FANISA AMABINI + KUNYE NELILNYE”).

11.4 ICandelo lesiThandathu leBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo amanani amathathu kumanani amahlanu angundoqo. Ukubizwe kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA AMATHATHU KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU (“FANISA AMATHATHU”).

11.5 ICandelo lesiHlanu leBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo amanani amathathu kumanani amahlanu angundoqo kunye nePowerBall. Ukubizwe kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA AMANANI AMATHATHU KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU KUNYE NELINYE KWANGAMASHUMI AMABINI (“FANISA AMATHATHU + NELINYE”).

11.6 ICandelo lesiNe lBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo amanani amane kumanani amahlanu angundoqo. Ukubizwe kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA AMANANI AMANE KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU (“FANISA AMANE”).

11.7 ICandelo lesiThathu lBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo amanani amane kumanani amahlanu angundoqo kunye nePowerBall. Ukubizwa kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA AMANANI AMANE KWANGAMASHUMI AMAHLANU KUNYE NELINYE KWANGAMASHUMI AMABINI(“FANISA AMANE + NELINYE ”).

11.8 ICandelo lesiBini iBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo omahlanu kumanani amahlanu angundoqo. Ukubizwa kwalo olu didi kuthiwa FANISA AMANANI AMAHLANU KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU (“FANISA AMAHLANU”).

11.9 ICandelo lokuQala iBhaso lithetha ukuba uMdlali ufanise ngokuchanekileyo omahlanu kumanani amahlanu angundoqo kunye nePowerBall. Ukubizwa kwalo olu didi kuthiwa. FANISA AMANANI AMAHLANU KWANGAMASHUMI AMANE ANESIHLANU KUNYE NELINYE KWANGAMASHUMI AMABINIMATCH (“FANISA AMAHLANU + NELINYE”)

12. Ulwabiwo lwamaBhaso neemeko zokungabikho uwinileyo

12.1 Imali yeBhaso iyakwabelwa ngokulinganayo inani labawinileyo kwelo candelo

o Ukuba kwiDraw akukho mntu uwinileyo kula macandelo alandelayo, FANISA AMAHLANU, FANISA AMANE + NELINYE, FANISA AMANE, FANISA AMATHATHU+ NELINYE, FANISA AMATHATHU, FANISA AMABINI + NELINYE kunye FANISA ELINYE + NELINYE, ibhaso eliyimali lecandelo liyakuqengqelekiselwa kwicandelo elilandelayo.

o Ukuba kwiDraw akukho khetho lulungele ukufumana ibhaso lecandelo FANISA AMANANI AMAHLANU KUNYE NELINYE ibhaso lemali leli candelo liya kudityaniswa kwibhaso lemali leli candelo kwiDraw elandelayo.

12.2 Ukuba akukho khetho lulungele ukufumana FANISA AMANANI AMAHLANU +NELINYE, ngoko ixabiso lonke lecandelo lika FANISA AMAHLANU NELINYE liya kuqengqeleka kude kubekho umntu oliphumelelayo .

12.3 Kwimeko apho kuthe kwarhoxiswa iDraw okanye iiDraw nokuba isizathu sithinina, imali yebhaso lecandelo FANISA AMAHLANU NELINYE iya kuqengqelekiswa, ze iDraw elandela erhoxisiweyo ibhaso layo lidityaniswe kwiDraw elandelayo.

13. Ubango lwamaBhaso

13.1 Ixesha lokubanga iBhaso

13.1.1 AmaBhaso mawabangwe phambi kwentsimbi ye- 23h00 kusuku lwe-365th emva kosuku lweDraw owine ngalo. Naliphi ibhaso elingabangwanga ngeli thuba aliyi kubhataleka.

13.1.2 UKuba ibango lebhaso lenziwa ngeposi, iNkampani mayifumane iTikiti ligcwalisiwe kwindawo yegama, inombolo yesazisi, nedilesi phakathi kweli thuba kule dilesi:

Gidani House
Private Bag X130
Halfway House

13.2 Lenziwa njani ibango

13.2.1 AbaDlali abakholelwa ukuba banebango kwibhaso leDraw, mabaqinisekise lwe ibango labo libe semthethweni (jonga uMthetho 14 ngezantsi) yiCentral System yeNkampani njengabantu abawini ibhaso ngokuthi: Bafake ibango kwiOfisi ye-National Lottery, okanye Ngokuthumela ngeposi iTikiti lebango lebhaso lama-R50 000, kunye nekopi esetifayiweyo yesazisi sombangi kwidilesi enikiweyo kuMthetho 13.1.2, ngobutyala bakhe okanye Ngokunikezela ngeTikiti nakweyiphi ivenkile yeNational Lottery.

13.2.2 Ukuhanjiswa kweTikiti eliwinileyo luxanduva loMdlali nendleko zakhe.
13.2.3 Umbangi unelungelo lokwenza ibango kwelona candelo liphezulu anelungelo lalo ngokokhetho, hayi ngokwecandelo okanye naliphina ibhaso leDraw engabangwanga
13.2.4 iNkampani iya kunakana kuphela umntu onikezele itikiti njengomntu webango ngaphandle kokuba kufumaneke umyalelo weNkundla yolawulo, kungenjalo iNkampani ayinakubopheleleka ukuba iqaphela ukwenziwa kwesithembiso nokuba siyacaciswa, ukurheshwa okanye ngokwakhayo ngokweTikiti elo.
13.2.5 Nangona kungekho mfanelo equlathwe yile Mithetho, iNkampani inganakho ukufuna ukuba uMdlali owenza ibango lebhaso phambi kokuba afumane ibhaso enze ingxelo efungelweyo yokuba ngenene iTikiti lelakhe kwaye unelungelo lebhaso.
13.3 Amabango ngePosi (ikwanguMthetho

13.3.1 Ubungqina bokuposa abunakwamkelwa njengobungqina bobunini Tikiti okanye ukuhambisa itikiti.

13.3.2 UMdlali kuya kunyanzeleke amkele bonke ubungozi, ilahleko, ukulibaziseka iziphoso, ukushiyelelwa ezinokuthi zenzeke eposini kwaye iNkampani ayinasibophelelo sokuba ithumele imali ngerejista, okanye iposi erekhodishiweyo.

13.3.3 ITikiti elithunyelwe ngeposi liya kuba negama nedilesi yombangi kwicala elingaphandle. Ukuba itikiti alinagama, inombolo yesazisi, idilesi, lithunyelwa kwiNational Lottery kunye neleta ebhalwe ngumntu lowo ubanga ibhaso, intlawulo iya kwenziwa ngokubhekiselele kule mithetho kumntu ogama libonakala eleteni.

13.4 Ukuba iTikiti elingena gama, inombolo yesazisi, okanye idilesi ngasemva kwetikiti, lithunyelwe kwiNational Lottery, kwaye iNkampani ayikwazi ukwazi ukuba ngubani umntu olithumeleyo, iNkampani iyaligcina ingakhuphi ntlawulo yebhaso kude kufikelele ekuphelelweni kwalo okanye de umnini tikiti onguye afumaneke.

13.5 IFomu yokubanga iBhaso

13.5.1 Ababangi mabazalise ifomu yawo onke amabhaso angaphezulu kwe- R5 000.

13.5.2 INkampani inelungelo ngokubona kwayo ukufuna ifomu ezalisiweyo yalo naliphina ibhaso loMdlalo wePowerBall.

13.5.3 IFomu yokubanga kufuneka izaliswe kuphela ngumntu omnye onguyena oneTikiti eliphumeleleyo. Nangona kunjalo, iNkampani ngokwengqiqo yayo inakho ukungagxininisi oku kwibhaso elithile, oku kungenziwa ngokuthi kubhalwe phantsi ngokubhekisele kwimithetho nemiqathango iNkampani ezifunayo.

13.5.4 Zonke iiFomu zamabango kufuneka zizaliswe sisayinwe nguMbangi okanye uMmeli osemthethweni ogunyazisiweyo.

13.5.5 INkampani ingala ukubhatala ngenxa yeFomu engaphelelanga.

13.5.6 Ukubaumbangi akakwazi ukuzalisa iFomu yokubanga ngenxa yezomthetho, ngokwasemzimbeni, okanye ukukhubazeka, ummeli ogunyazisiweyo ngokwasemthethweni unakho ukuyisayina egameni lombangi.

13.5.7 IFomu yokubanga mayichaze igama lombangi/kunye okanye ummeli ogunyazisiweyo ngokwasemthethweni kwaye icacise iwonga lomsayini ukuba ayingombangi. iNkampani inelungelo lokufuna ubungqina besikhundla sommeli kwibango.

13.5.8 Ukuba ngaba umntu osayine iFomu yokubanga ngummeli welifa womDlali ongasekhoyo, lo mntu kufuneka angenise iFomu kunye namaxwebhu iNkampani enokuthi iwafune ukuze iqiniseke ukuba ummeli unelungelo lokufumana ibhaso elo.

13.5.9 Umntu osayina iFomu yebango kuyakuqondakala ukuba umele/okanye unelungelo elipheleleyo ngokwasemthethweni lokubanga iBhaso, ulwazi olunikezelweyo luphelele kwaye luchanekile. Kwaye uya kuyikhusela iNkampani nakweliphi ibango elibhekisele kwibango letikiti okanye ukuhanjiswa kwebhaso ngenxa yokugqwetha.

13.5.10 Kwimeko yokungangqinelani kolwazi olunikezelweyo kwiFomu yebango okanye kwiTikiti okanye nangasiphina isizathu ngengqiqo yayo iNkampani inakho ukuphanda igcine kuyo onke amabhaso alilungelo lombangi (okanye ibhatale enkundleni) kude kube lixesha apho umBangi anelise iNkampani ukuba nguye umntu ofanele ukufumana ibhaso.

14. UkuNgqinisisa ngamaTikiti awinileyo

14.1 Phambi kokuba kubhatalwe naliphina iBhaso nakweliphi iTikiti, kufuneka kungqinisiswe kulandelwa inkqubo yeNkampani.

14.2 INkampani inalo ilungelo lokubhengeza iphetshana lokungenela njengelingenagunya, kwaye ayinyanzelekanga ukuba ibhatale naliphina ibhaso ukuba iphetshana lokungenela li-

14.2.1 Belirhoxisiwe, nokuba kungqamene nenkqubo eqhelekileyo yeNkampani yokurhoxisa okanye ngenye indlela;

14.2.2 Lelifanayo (lelokukhohlisa) belifojiwe lilonke okanye inxalenye yalo, okanye aliphumeleli kuvavanyo lokhuseleko lweNkampani;

14.2.3 Likrazukile, litshintshiwe, alifundeki, aliphelelanga okanye ukuguqu-guqulwa nangayiphina imeko;

14.2.4 Alifunyanwanga yiNkampani okanye umThengisi phambi kwexesha elibekiweyo ngokoMthetho ongu- 13.1;

14.2.5 Aliveli kuluhlu lwamaphetshana okungenelela athengisiweyo yiNkampani kwiDraw ethile, egcinwe kwiCentral System yeNkampani, okanye iphetshana lokungenela aliphumeleli ukufana nerekhodi yekhompyutha nakweyiphi imeko
14.2.6 Khange lithengiswe okanye likhutshwe ngendlela egunyazisiweyo yiNkampani, umThengisi ogunyazisiweyo weNational Lottery.

14.3 INkampani inakho ukubhengeza ukuba iphetshana lokungenelela alinagunya ukuba-

14.3.1 iSerial Number yephetshana lokungenelela eliwinileyo aliveli kuluhlu lweSerial Numbers zeNkampani zamaphetshana awinileyo okanye iphetshana elineSerial Number efana nalo sele ibhatelwe kwixesha elidlulileyo; okanye

14.3.2 elinye inani kwiTikiti alibonakali okanye alikho okanye alibonakali

14.4 INkampani inelungelo lokubamba intlawulo yebhaso ide izive yanelisekile ngokuba semthethweni kwephetshana lokungenela kanjalo uMbangi nguye ngokwenene owinileyo kwaye inelungelo lokufuna ubungqina besazisi nesikhundla sokubanga.

14.5 INkampani inelungelo lokufotha uMbangi ngezizathu sokhuseleko.

15. Amabango akhatyiweyo

15.1 Phambi kokuba iBhaso libhatalwe naphambi kokuphelelwa kwephetshana lokungenela, ngokwemimiselo yomthetho ongu- 13.1, uMdlali angenza ibango elibhaliweyo kwiNkampani alingenise kwi-ofisi yeNkampani ebhalisiweyo ukuba:

15.1.1 INkampani ayilingqinisisi ibhaso kwakube kungeniswe iphetshana lokungenela
15.1.2 UMdlali ukholelwa ekubeni iphetshana lakhe lokungenelela alivavanywanga ngokufanelekileyo okanye;

15.1.3 UMdlali akakwazi ukuveza iphetshana lokungenela akholelwa ekubeni liwine iBhaso.

15.2 Ukuba ibango lebhaso lenziwe kwiNkampani ngokomthetho ongu- 15.1. INkampani iya kukhawuleza ukusombulula ibango. Ukuba iNkampani ayikwazi ukusombulula ibango, iya kunika umBangi ngokukhawuleza isaziso esibhaliweyo sicebise ngesigqibo sayo malunga nebango, aze uMdlali abe nakho akuba efumene esi saziso kwiintsuku ezingama-21 emva kokufumana isaziso acele iBhodi yeNational Lotteries iphinde isicingisise kwakhona isigqibo eso.
15.3 UMdlali kufuneka agqithisele isikhalazo kwiBhodi kwiintsuku ezingama-21 emva kokufumana isaziso esivela kwiNkampani.

15.4 Ukuba isikhalazo sigqithiselwe kwiBhodi yeNational Lotteries, iBhodi inakho ukwenza naluphina uphando efumanisa ukuba luyimfuneko ekusombululeni ingxaki.

15.5 Isigqibo seBhodi yeNational Lotteries siyabophelela kwiNkampani nakumdlali kwaye asinakuphikiswa.

16. Ukuhlawulwa kwamaBhaso

16.1 Onke amaBhaso e-PowerBall aya kubhatalwa ngokweenkqubo zeNkampani zokubhatala amabhaso.

16.2 Ukubhatalwe kwebhaso kumntu obhalwe kwiFomu yokubanga okanye ummeli wakhe ogunyazisiweyo, kuya kukhulula iNkampani, abasebenzi bayo, abameli, nabo bonke ababandakanyekayo, inkampani egunyazisiweyo ukubhatala amabhaso ePowerBall nakweyiphi imfanelo engenye yokubhatala elo bhaso.

16.3 Onke amabhaso aya kubhatalwa ngeRandi yaseMzantsi Afrika (ZAR) ngokwemali ebonisiweyo yiNkampani njengesabelo sokugqibela sebhaso lokungenela.

16.4 INkampani ayinamfanelo yokubhatala inzala nakweliphi ibhaso ngenxa yexesha elithatyathiweyo kusenziwa iziqinisekiso zokhuseleko neminye imiba enxulumene nephetshana elinikezelwe ukuba libhatalwe okanye ngexesha lophikiswano.

16.5 INkampani iya kubhatala ibango ngetshekh okanye kwiakhawunti yebhanka yalowo ubangayo ngokwenkqubo yeNkampani ukuba zonke iimfuno ngokwasemthethweni ezikhankanyiweyo kwimithetho ziphunyeziwe kwiTikiti elo.

16.6 Ukuba ibhaso libhatelwe kwiTikiti le-Multi-draw, eliseza kusebenza kwiDraw ezilandelayo, eli tikiti kufuneka ligcinwe nguMdlali ukuze abange onke amabhaso awawinileyo kwiDraws ezizayo itikiti eliza kusetyenziswa kuzo.

16.7 Amabhaso angange-R50, abhatalwa ngabo bonke abaThengisi. Abathengisi banakho ukubhatala ukuya ku-R5 000.
16.8 Amabango amaBhaso aphakathi kwe-R5 001- R50 000 abhatalwa kwi - Authorised Prize Payment Centre (iidilesi zazo ziyafumaneka nakowuphi umThengisi okanye ngokusebenzisa ’Umnxeba woncedo’) kwaye abo baBangi kufuneka bazalise iFomu yokubanga banikezele nobungqina besazisi.

16.9 AmaBhaso angaphezulu kwe- R50 000 abhatalwa kuphela kumbangi lowo ubuqu okanye ummeli ogunyazisiweyo kwi-ofisi yeNational Lottery emva
Kokuzaliswakwe Fomu nokuhlolwa kwesazisi.

16.10 Kwimeko apho iphetshana liqulathe imidlalo eyahlukeneyo ewinileyo, umdlalo ngamnye kukhetho oluludwa, ixabiso lebhaso lilonke liya kubhatalwa ngokwesicwangciso esicacisiweyo kumthetho we- 16.1.

16.11 INkampani okanye umThengisi akanalo uxanduva okanye imfanelo nakubani na obanga inzala neyantonina ngenxa yokubiwa okanye ukulahleka kwephetshana okanye ngokubhatalwa kwebhaso kwitikiti elingasayinwanga kumntu ozenze lowo onenkcukhaca ezibhalwe kwiTikiti, nokuba bekwazisiwe ngokulahleka kwetikiti bekwazisiwe kwiNkampani phambi kokubhatalwa kwebhaso. Ngaphandle kokuqala ugwebe malunga nokungentla, iNkampani iya kusebenzisa inzame zayo ukuqinisekisa ukuba abaThengisi okanye abanye abantu abanoxanduva lokubhatala amabhaso baya kuqinisekisa bahlole izazisi namanye amanyathelo okhuseleko afanelekileyo malunga nokubhatala neliphi ixabiso lebhaso.

16.12 Kwisiganeko apho iNkampani kwingqiqo yayo epheleleyo ikholelwa ekubeni umnini Tikiti elingenisiweyo ukuze libhatalwe, igama lakhe, inani lesazisi, idilesi ebhalwe ngasemva kweTikiti okanye ozalise iTikiti nozalise iFomu yokubanga ayinguye umnini tikiti okanye akanalungelo ngokwasemthethweni ukufumana ibhaso, iya kuba nelungelo lokugcina ibhaso ukuya kwiintsuku ezingama-365 emva kwedraw kude kufumaneke iziphumo zalo lonke uhlolo nemibuzo.

16.13 INkampani inakho ukwenza isicelo enkundleni yolawulo kwezobulungisa ukugqiba ngoyena ungumhlawulwa osemthethweni nakweyiphi imeko ethile Njengoko kulungiselelwe ngasentla ilungelo laye nawuphina umntu kwibhaso alinakunikezelwa.

16.14 Nakweziphi iimeko ibhaso alinakuze libhatalwe ngezinto okanye ngenkonzo endaweni yemali, itshekh okanye uthunyelo kwibhanke.

16.15 INkampani iya kwenza intlawulo kumntu ogunyazisiweyo njengommeli womntu ongaphantsi kweminyaka esemthethweni okanye okhubazekileyo..
16.16 INkampani inakho ukwenza isicelo enkundleni yolawulo kwezobulungisa ukugqiba ngoyena ungumhlawulwa osemthethweni nakweyiphi imeko ethile Njengoko kulungiselelwe ngasentla ilungelo laye nawuphina umntu kwibhaso alinakunikezelwa.

17. Umda wemfanelo/tyala

17.1 INkampani ayinakuba namfanelo okanye ibe netyala njengoko kucacisiwe kwisivumelwano nonoVenkile, okanye i-arhente engumthengisi, ngenxa yesenzo okanye ukushiyelela okungabandakanywanga kule mithetho.

17.2 Ukuba iTikiti elinesiphene lithengisiwe, liyakulambatha kwaye iNkampani iya kuba netyala lokubuyisa ixabiso leTikiti kuphela.

17.3 Ukuba iTikiti elithengiweyo, lirhoxisiwe nokuba kungokungqamene neenkqubo zokurhoxisa zeNkampani, ityala kwiNkampani (okanye unoVenkile) njengoko kunokuba njalo iya kuba kukubuyisela ixabiso leTikiti.

17.4 Namnye kubo INkampani okanye iVenkile nakweziphi iimeko ayinakuba natyala ngenxa yelahleko yalo naluphina uhlobo kuquka ngaphandle komda ilahleko ezenzekeleyo okanye ebangelwa zizenzeko, ilahleko ebangelwa nguye nawuphina uMdlali umnini Tikiti okanye nawuphina umbangi okanye nawuphina umntu ngokubangelwa kukurhoxiswa komdlalo okanye ukungathathi-nxaxheba okanye ukuthatha inkxaxheba nawuphina umntu nakowuphi uMdlalo kuquka ilahleko ngaso nasiphina isizathu sethuba lokuthatha inxaxheba kuMdlalo .
17.5 Naliphi ityala leNkampani kuMdlali elivela ngentetho malunga neDraw eyenziwe ngumsebenzi, i-arhente okanye (okanye ngokungakhathali komsebenzi, umqeshwa iarhente, okanye ikontrakta yeNkampani okanye nawuphina umntu liyakuphelela kwixabiso lephetshana lokungenela loMdlali kulo Draw.

17.6 Kwimeko apho uMdlali athe walahlekelwa okanye ukonakalelwa ngenxa yesenzo somsebenzi esingekho-mthethweni umqeshwa,i-arhente, ikontrakta yeNkampani okanye eyeVenkile okanye nawuphina omnye umntu ngenxa yomlilo, impuphuma, uqhwithela, isikhukula, uqhushululu, isidubedube, ukungasebenzi kwezixhobo, naliphi ityala leNkampani liya kuphelela kwixabiso lephetshana lokungenela loMdlali kwiDraw.

17.7 INkampani iya kuba nalo ilungelo lokuxhoma, ukurhoxisa uMdlalo kwiTheminal yeNkampani okanye iAlternate Channel ngokwengqiqo yayo nangaliphi ixesha ngenxa:

17.7.1 Yokungaphumeleli okanye umonakalo kwiCentral System okanye irekhodishe okanye nayiphina inxalenye yayo okanye;

17.7.2 Ulibaziseko, ilahleko, impazamo, ushiyelelo okanye olwenziwe yiposi okanye olunye uhanjiso okanye isystem yebhanki okanye;

17.7.3 Nayiphina enye intshukumo okanye isiganeko esinqandayo okanye esithintela ukuqinisekiswa kokuba semthethweni kwephetshana lokungenela okanye ukwala ukuthengisa iTikiti nakuwuphi na umntu ngokubhekisele kwimithetho.

18. Imbuyekezo zemali kwimeko ezithile

18.1 Kwisiganeko apho kuthe kwarhoxiswa iDraw iNkampani iya:

18.1.1 Kubuyisela uMdlali obethenge iphetshana lokungenela leDraw erhoxisiweyo kuphela okanye iphetshana lokungenela iMulti Draw erhoxisiweyo nezinye iiDraw, imali elingana nexabiso lokuthenga iphetshana lokungenela;

18.1.2 Imbuyekezo kumrhumi rhoqo oneMail Subscription yeDraw equka leyo irhoxisiweyo isahlulo semali esele ibhatelwe ngulowo urhuma rhoqo njengoko ibhatelwe kwaye ibalelwa kwiDraw erhoxisiweyo; kunye

18.1.3 Bhatala kuMdlali oneTikiti leDraw erhoxisiweyo imali ebiza kubhataleka kuMdlali ukuba ebelithengile iTikiti kunovenkile.
18.2 Nayiphina imbuyekezo nentlawulo phantsi komthetho ongu-18.1.1 no 18.1.2 ngasentla ngokulandelelanayo mayibangwe nguMdlali. Indlela yokubanga intlawulo, ukungqinisekisa ibango ngokunxulumene nomthetheo u-18.3 ngezantsi, ixesha apho ibango ekufuneka lenzeke ngalo, amabango lawo anokwenziwa ngezigqibo zeNkampani kwingqiqo yayo epheleleyo amaxesha ngamaxesha kodwa ngokuxhomekeke kwimvumelwano lweBhodi yeNational Lottery. UMdlali nakwiyiphi imeko kufuneka akhuphe iphetshana lokungenela phambi kwayo nayiphina imbuyekezo enokwenziwa. Ixesha ekuthethwa ngalo ku-18.2 angasentla iya kuba lixesha eliya kuphelelwa ngaphaya kweentsuku ezi- 90 emva komhla iDraw erhoxisiweyo ebiza kuqhubeka ngalo.

18.3 Nayiphina imbuyekezo phantsi ko- 18.1.2 ngasentla iya kwenziwa ngexesha iNkampani ngokwengqiqo yayo epheleleyo ngokunxulumene nemvumelwano yeBhodi yeNational Lottery kwaye
18.4 Namnye kubo bobabini iNkampani okanye iVenkile iya kubhatala inzala ngenxa yomthombo wemali okanye kufuneke ibhatale inzala ngenxa yomthombo wemali okanye iintlawulo phantsi komthetho, 18 ngasentla.

18.5 Ukunqanda ukuthandabuza, le paragrafu ayisebenzi malunga neDraw elibazisekileyo okanye yamiselwla elinye ixesha elizayo okanye ngenxa yayo nayiphina iDraw echazwa ngokuba yerhoxisiweyo.

19. ISigqibo seNkampani siyabophelela

19.1 Isigqibo seNkampani sokuba iphetshana lokungenela liwinile na okanye hayi nakuyo nayiphina imeko okanye impikiswano ebangelwa yintlawulo okanye ibhaso okanye ukungabhatali okanye ukunganiki bhaso siyakuba sesokugqibela sibophelele kubo bonke abadlali nakuye nawuphina umntu okanye abantu abanomdla kumcimbi okanye impikiswano.
19.2 Kwisiganeko malunga netikiti eliwinileyo, iFomu yobango okanye intlawulo okanye ukunikezelwa kwebhaso, iNkampani inakho ukuyibamba intlawulo yebhaso kwaye yenze intlawulo elinganayo enkundleni de imbambano isombululeke.

20. UmThetho

20.1 Le mithetho iya kulawulwa icaciswe kwimeko zonke ngokungqamene nemithetho yeRepublic yoMzantsi Afrika neeNkundla zaseMzantsi Afrika ziya kuba nolawulo.

21. Ezinye iilwimi

21.1 Imithetho yomdlalo wePowerBall ingafumaneka nakwezinye iilwimi ngokwenza isicelo kwiNational Lottery Private Bag X130, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 okanye utsale umnxeba ‘kumnxeba woncedo wabaDlali’ 0800 777 777 (ofele-fele) phakathi ko- 06h00 no 23h00 yonke imihla okanye udawunlowde ikopi kwiwebhusaythi Web site

22. Imimiselo yabathathi- nkxaxheba

22.1 Imimiselo yabathathi-nxaxheba ingafumaneka ngokwenza isicelo kwiNational Lottery, Private Bag X130, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 okanye ngokutsala umnxeba okanye utsale umnxeba ‘kumnxeba woncedo wabaDlali’ 0800 777 777 (ofele-fele) phakathi ko- 06h00 no 23h00 yonke imihla okanye udawunlowde ikopi kwiwebhusaythi

Afrikaans Top

1. Inleiding

1.1 Die Maatskappy is kragtens die Wet op Loterye, 1997 (Wet 57 van 1997) soos gewysig gelisensieer om die Nasionale Lotery en die verskillende Spele in Suid-Afrika te bedryf en bevorder.

1.2 Hierdie Reëls geld vir die spel PowerBall, wat deel van die Nasionale Lotery uitmaak.

2. Woordomskrywings

2.1 Wanneer onderstaande woorde en terme in hierdie Reëls gebruik word, beteken hulle, tensy uit die samehang anders blyk, die volgende:

2.1.1 "Aanspraakmaker" beteken 'n persoon wat binne die toepaslike eistydperk soos in hierdie Reëls gestipuleer word, 'n eis ten opsigte van 'n PowerBall-prys indien.

2.1.2 "Alternatiewe Kanale" beteken ander verkoopkanale as die Maatskappyterminale wat by deelnemende Nasionale Lotery-kleinhandelaars geïnstalleer is en wat Nasionale Lotery-spele aanbied, met inbegrip van posinskrywingsdienste, deelnemende betaalpunte, outomatiese tellermasjiene (OTM'e), selfone en die internet, maar nie tot dié kanale beperk nie.

2.1.3 "Betaalpunt" beteken 'n tipe betaalpunt of kasregister binne-in 'n winkel (nie 'n Maatskappyterminaal nie) wat by die betaaltoonbank van deelnemende Kleinhandelaars voorkom en wat deur die Maatskappy as 'n Nasionale Lotery-betaalpunt binne-in 'n winkel aangewys is.

2.1.4 "Bord of Spelbord" beteken 'n ruitenet met 45 nommers (1 tot 45) gekombineer met nog 'n ruitenet met 20 nommers (1 tot 20) wat geïdentifiseer word deur 'n verbandhoudende letter; dit alles vorm saam 'n enkele Spelbord op 'n goedgekeurde inskrywingsmeganisme, naamlik 'n PowerBall-inskrywingskoepon.

2.1.5 "Eisvorm, met inbegrip van 'n derdeparty-eisvorm" beteken die gedrukte vorm wat deur die Maatskappy of Goedgekeurde Prysbetaalsentrum uitgereik word, wat 'n Speler moet invul en by die Maatskappy of Goedgekeurde Prysbetaalsentrum moet indien, saam met bewys van 'n Geldige Prysinskrywing (bv. 'n Kaartjie), ten einde te kwalifiseer om pryse te mag opeis soos in hierdie Reëls gespesifiseer word.

2.1.6 "Foutiewe inskrywing" beteken 'n Inskrywing of gedrukte bewys van sodanige Inskrywing wat ten tyde van die aankoop onvolledig, beskadig, geskend of onleesbaar is en waarop daar wanneer dit gedruk word die woorde "nietig" of "voorbeeld" of "nie te koop nie" of ander soortgelyke uitdrukkings voorkom.

2.1.7 "Gekanselleerde Trekking" beteken enige PowerBall-trekking wat nie op die beplande dag plaasvind nie.

2.1.8 "Geldige Wen-inskrywing" beteken 'n Wen-inskrywing wat voldoen aan al die Maatskappy se geldigverklaringsvereistes soos in hierdie Reëls uiteengesit.

2.1.9 "Hoëvlakprys" beteken 'n prys van meer as R50 000.

2.1.10 "Hoof Nommers" beteken die vyf nommers wat tydens 'n ewekansige Trekking uit die reeks 1 tot en met 45 geselekteer is.

2.1.11 "Inskrywer" beteken die persoon wat 'n Posinskrywingsaansoekvorm wat deur die Maatskappy aanvaar word, invul.

2.1.12 "Inskrywing" beteken alle kanse of inskrywings in die PowerBall-spel wat op die Sentrale Stelsel as 'n Inskrywing geregistreer is.

2.1.13 "Inskrywingskoepon" beteken die goedgekeurde Inskrywingsmeganisme wat deur 'n Maatskappy¬terminaal gebruik word. 'n Inskrywingskoepon kan ook as 'n Betaalstrokie bekend staan.

2.1.14 "Inskrywingsmeganisme" beteken 'n vorm wat deur 'n rekenaar gelees kan word of 'n elektroniese weergawe daarvan wat goedgekeur is deur die Maatskappy, waarop die nommers waaruit 'n Speler kan kies en die aanwysings waarvolgens 'n Spel-inskrywing gedoen kan word, voorkom. 'n Inskrywingsmeganisme kan uit verskeie Borde bestaan.

2.1.15 "Kaartjie" beteken die Kaartjie wat deur 'n Maatskappyterminaal uitgereik is of 'n kwitansie wat deur enige alternatiewe kanaal uitgereik is ná 'n Inskrywing ooreenkomstig hierdie Reëls deur die Sentrale Stelsel geregistreer is en op die gemagtigde wyse deur 'n gemagtigde Kleinhandelaar verkoop is.

2.1.16 "Kleinhandelaar" beteken enige persoon, firma of maatskappy wat deur die Maatskappy gemagtig is om PowerBall-inskrywings te verkoop en/of pryse ten opsigte van Geldige Wen-inskrywings uit te betaal.

2.1.17 "Kleinhandelaarshulplyn" beteken die Nasionale Lotery-inbelsentrum vir Kleinhandelaars by 0800 GIDANI.

2.1.18 "Kleinhandelkooppunt" beteken enige gemagtigde perseel met 'n bemande verkoopmasjien waar Nasionale Lotery-kaartjies aan Spelers verkoop word.

2.1.19 "Laevlakprys" beteken 'n prys van tussen R1 en R5 000, beide bedrae ingesluit.

2.1.20 "Maatskappy" beteken Gidani (Eiendoms) Beperk, 'n privaatmaatskappy wat ingevolge die wette van die Republiek van Suid-Arika behoorlik ingelyf is, met die fisiese adres H/v Allandale en Ou Pretoria-hoofweg, Midrand.

2.1.21 "Maatskappyterminaal" beteken die toestel wat deur die Maatskappy aan deelnemende Kleinhandelaars voorsien word, wat dit moontlik maak om Inskrywings te prosesseer, Kaartjies te druk of te kanselleer, en wenkaartjies te geldig te verklaar.

2.1.22 "Middelvlakprys" beteken 'n prys van tussen R5 001 en R50 000, beide bedrae ingesluit.

2.1.23 "Minderjarige persoon" beteken 'n individu wat jonger as 18 is.

2.1.24 "Posinskrywing" beteken 'n prosedure wat 'n Speler in staat stel om vir die Nasionale Lotery-spele in te skryf, vir 'n veelvuldige aantal Trekkings.

2.1.25 "PowerBall" beteken die goedgekeurde Nasionale Lotery-spel wat 'n vyf-uit-45 plus een-uit-20 aanlyn lotery-spel is.

2.1.26 "PowerBall-nommer" beteken die nommer wat tydens 'n ewekansige Trekking uit die reeks 1 tot en met 20 geselekteer is.

2.1.27 "QuickPick" beteken die metode waarvolgens die PowerBall-nommerseleksie gedoen word deurdat die Maatskappyterminaal of die Sentrale Stelsel op ewekansige grondslag namens die Speler nommers selekteer.

2.1.28 "Reeksnommer" beteken die unieke nommer wat deur die Maatskappy se Sentrale Stelsel aan 'n Inskrywing toegeken word, wat (onderworpe aan hierdie Reëls) daarvoor voorsiening maak dat die Inskrywing as 'n Geldige Wen-inskrywing al dan nie geverifieer kan word.

2.1.29 "Seleksie" beteken een stel van vyf + een nommers wat binne een Bord op 'n PowerBall-inskrywingsmeganisme deur 'n Speler geselekteer word en wat ooreenkomstig hierdie Reëls as 'n Inskrywing opgeteken word.

2.1.30 "Sentrale Stelsel" beteken die rekenaarstelsels wat deur die Maatskappy gebruik word om die Nasionale Lotery-spele te bedryf.

2.1.31 "Speler" beteken 'n lid van die publiek van 18 jaar of ouer wat 'n PowerBall-inskrywing koop.

2.1.32 "Spelerhulplyn" beteken die Nasionale Lotery-inbelsentrum vir Spelers by 0800 777 777, tolvry.

2.1.33 "Streekkantoor" beteken 'n Nasionale Lotery-kantoor wat deur die Maatskappy as sulks aangewys is.

2.1.34 "Trekking" beteken die proses waarvan daar gebruikgemaak word om op ewekansige grondslag 'n stel Wennommers te selekteer.

2.1.35 "Trekkingsmasjien" beteken die toestel waarvan die Maatskappy gebruik maak en wat deur die Raad op Nasionale Loterye gemagtig is om op ewekansige grondslag Wennommers te selekteer.

2.1.36 "Veelvuldige Trekking" beteken verskeie agtereenvolgende Trekkings waaraan 'n Speler deelneem deur die aantal Trekkings tussen 2 en 10 te selekteer en te spesifiseer op 'n PowerBall-inskrywingsmeganisme, indien dit op daardie inskrywingsmeganisme aangebied word.

2.1.37 "Wen-nommers" beteken die nommerseleksie wat getrek, aangeteken en onmiddellik na die Trekking deur die onafhanklike ouditeure bevestig word.

2.1.38 "Wet" beteken die Wet op Loterye (Wet 57 van 1997) soos gewysig.

2.2 Waar die konteks dit vereis, in hierdie Reëls –

2.2.1 sluit 'n verwysing na die onsydige geslag die vroulike en manlike geslag in en omgekeerd;

2.2.2 sluit 'n verwysing na die enkelvoud die meervoud in en omgekeerd; en

2.2.3 sluit 'n verwysing na 'n persoon beide natuurlike persone en regspersone in, waar die konteks dit toelaat.

3. Effek van hierdie Reëls

3.1 Hierdie Reëls, uiteensettings, bepalings en voorwaardes op die Kaartjies, inskrywingsmeganismes (Inskrywingskoepons), "Hoe om te Speel"-blaadjies (elektroniese weergawes ingesluit) en sodanige ander voorwaardes wat geld, maak die kontraktuele regte en verpligtinge tussen die Maatskappy, die Kopers van Inskrywings en die Aanspraakmakers ten opsigte van die PowerBall-spel uit.

3.2 Enige persoon wat 'n Inskrywing koop of voorlê vir geldigverklaring of wat in watter hoedanigheid ook al 'n prys opeis, stem saam dat die bepalings van die Wet, enige regulasie daarkragtens, die Lisensie om die Nasionale Lotery te bedryf, en die bepalings van hierdie Reëls soos van tyd tot tyd deur die Maatskappy gewysig en deur die Raad op Nasionale Loterye goedgekeur, vir hom/haar bindend is.

3.3 Elke pryswenner word geag te erken dat indien en in dié mate dat die Maatskappy regtens verplig is om aan 'n derde party besonderhede van enige prys wat deur of namens die pryswenner opgeëis of aan hom/haar uitbetaal is, die Maatskappy die reg het om dit te doen.


3.5 Die Maatskappy mag te eniger tyd hierdie Reëls wysig, modifiseer of andersins verander. Sodanige wysigings, modifiserings of veranderings geld met ingang van die datum waarop hulle ingestel is en is van toepassing op vroeëre PowerBall-spele insoverre hulle met enige eis en prysuitbetalingsprosedures verband hou. Indien sodanige wysiging enige Inskrywing of Kaartjie wat reeds uitgereik is, ongeldig maak, mag die Speler aansoek doen om 'n terugbetaling ten opsigte van daardie Inskrywing, maar is nóg die Maatskappy nóg die Nasionale Lotery aanspreeklik vir enige ander verlies of skade wat die Speler ly.

3.6 Ingeval van teenstrydigheid tussen die "Hoe om te Speel"-blaadjies van enige goedgekeurde Inskrywingsmeganisme, 'n Kaartjie, promosiemateriaal of die bepalings en voorwaardes wat vir enige Alternatiewe Kanaal geld en hierdie Reëls, geld hierdie Reëls, in die mate van teenstrydigheid.

3.7 Indien enige bepaling van hierdie Reëls of die bepalings en voorwaardes wat op enige goedgekeurde Inskrywingsmeganisme (met inbegrip van Inskrywingskoepons), Kaartjies, "Hoe om te Speel"-blaadjies (met inbegrip van elektroniese weergawes en verbandhoudend met Alternatiewe Kanale) voorkom of daarmee in verband staan en sodanige ander voorwaardes wat ingestel word, deur 'n bevoegde hof met jurisdiksie nietig of onafdwingbaar verklaar sou word, raak sodanige verklaring slegs daardie bepaling, en maak dit nie op sigself die res van die bepalings nietig of onafdwingbaar nie.

3.8 Geen lid van die spelerpubliek of Kleinhandelaar mag enige spesiale ooreenkoms aangaan om Inskrywings of Kaartjies op enige ander speelmetodes as dié wat deur die Maatskappy in oorleg met die Raad op Nasionale Loterye bepaal en gespesifiseer word, te verkoop nie.

4. Doel van die Spel en die koop van Inskrywings

4.1 Die doel van die spel is dat 'n Speler binne een speelbeurt (een Bord) die volgende moet selekteer: Vyf nommers en die PowerBall-nommer wat met dié nommers ooreenkom en die PowerBall-nommer wat vir die spel waaraan die Speler deelneem, getrek is.

4.2 PowerBall®-inskrywings kan op die volgende plekke gekoop word:

4.2.1 by 'n gemagtigde Kleinhandelaar deur gebruik te maak van 'n PowerBall®-inskrywingskoepon wat deur of namens die Speler met die hand gemerk is, of deur van die QUICKPICK® -funksie gebruik te maak, en sodanige aankoop word deur 'n Kaartjie wat deur die Maatskappyterminaal uitgereik word, bevestig;

4.2.2 by 'n gemagtigde Posinskrywingsagent, en sodanige inskrywing word deur 'n Posinskrywingsertifikaat of soortgelyke dokument wat deur die Maatskappy uitgereik is, bevestig;

4.2.3 by 'n deelnemende betaalterminaal (kasregister), outomatiese tellermasjien of ander soortgelyke toestel ooreenkomstig die spelaanwysings wat met daardie toestel verband hou, en sodanige aankoop word deur 'n gedrukte of elektroniese kwitansie wat deur sodanige toestel uitgereik of vertoon word, bevestig; en

4.2.4 deur ooreenkomstig die spelaanwysings wat met daardie toestel verband hou van enige selfoon, internet of elektroniese toestel gebruik te maak, en sodanige aankoop word deur 'n gedrukte of elektroniese kwitansie wat deur sodanige toestel uitgereik of vertoon word, bevestig.

4.3 Bogenoemde aankope moet die bepalings en voorwaardes wat deur die Maatskappy in oorleg met die Raad op Nasionale Loterye vir elk van die inskrywingsmetodes goedgekeur is, nakom. Dié bepalings en voorwaardes is vervat in die "Hoe om te Speel"-blaadjies wat by deelnemende Kleinhandelaars verkry kan word, en ook elektronies op die betrokke webwerwe beskikbaar is.

4.4 In sommige gevalle bied Alternatiewe Kanale nie al die funksies wat by 'n Maatskappyterminaal beskikbaar is nie (bv. die kansellering van inskrywings, Veelvuldige Trekkings, of eie nommerseleksie). Deur 'n PowerBall®-inskrywing by 'n Alternatiewe Kanaal te koop, stem die Speler saam dat die toepaslike bepalings en voorwaardes vir hom/haar bindend is en dat hy/sy die bepalings en voorwaardes ten volle aanvaar.

4.5 Spelers mag ook 'n QuickPick-inskrywing koop, waar die nommers op ewekansige grondslag deur die Sentrale Stelsel gegenereer word, of 'n Veelvuldige Trekkingsinskrywing, waar dieselfde nommerseleksie in meer as een trekking gespeel word (tot 10 trekkings toe).

4.6 Die tydperk wat deur die gekose Veelvuldige Trekking gedek word begin op die eerste Trekking ná die datum waarop 'n Speler die seleksie gedoen het. Dié tydperk eindig wanneer die aantal Trekkings wat op die Kaartjie aangetoon is, gedoen is.

4.7 Spelers mag nie fakse of afskrifte van die PowerBall-inskrywingsvorms of ander materiaal wat in die Maatskappyterminaal se Inskrywingskoeponleser geplaas word en wat nie die Maatskappy se goedgekeuring wegdra nie, gebruik of probeer gebruik nie.

5. Die reg om 'n Inskrywing te koop

5.1 Daar is geen algemene reg vir enige persoon om 'n Inskrywing te koop nie. In die besonder, maar sonder beperking, mag geen Inskrywing gekoop word deur, of prysgeld uitbetaal word, aan –

5.1.1 enige persoon onder die ouderdom van 18 jaar nie, hetsy hy/sy op sy/haar eie of namens 'n ander persoon optree;

5.1.2 die Maatskappydirekteure of Lede van die Raad op Nasionale Loterye nie; en

5.1.3 sodanige ander persone of kategorie persone wat die Maatskappy en die Minister van tyd tot tyd mag beslis nie.

5.2 Indien daar nieteenstaande bostaande 'n prys aan 'n persoon in een van die groepe wat in bostaande Reël omskryf word, uitbetaal word, moet daardie persoon sodanige prys op aanvraag aan die Maatskappy terugbetaal.

5.3 Die Maatskappy of enige Kleinhandelaar mag geheel en al na eie goeddunke weier om aan enige persoon of persone Inskrywings te verkoop, sonder om redes te hoef te verstrek. Dit kan omstandighede insluit waar die Maatskappy of Kleinhandelaar van mening is dat 'n persoon of persone speel op 'n manier wat geag kan word inbreuk te maak op die redelike toegang van ander Spelers tot daardie Spel.

6. Koste om te speel en verkoopure

6.1 Elke PowerBall®-spelbord kos R3,50, BTW ingesluit.

6.2 Die koste van 'n Veelvuldige Trekking bestaan uit die totale koste van die Inskrywings wat geselekteer is, vermenigvuldig met die aantal Speltrekkings wat die Speler geselekteer het.

6.3 PowerBall-inskrywingsmeganismes word uitsluitlik vir die gerief van Spelers voorsien en het geen geldelike of pryswaarde nie; hulle kan ook nie dien as bewys van spel of van die nommers wat geselekteer is nie.

6.4 PowerBall®-inskywings kan van 06:00 tot 23:00 op alle dae waarop daar nie trekkings is nie, gekoop word, behalwe op Sondae. Op Sondae mag kaartjies van 06:00 tot 18:00 gekoop word, maar die besigheidsure van die Kleinhandelaar en die bepalings en voorwaardes van alternatiewe verkoopskanale kan dié verkoopure beperk.

6.5 Op dae waarop daar trekkings is, sluit die PowerBall-verkope omtrent 30 minute voor die Trekking, tensy die bepalings en voorwaardes van 'n Alternatiewe Kanaal 'n vroeër sluitingstyd spesifiseer. Daarna sal die verkope eers weer die volgende oggend begin.

7. Die kansellering van Inskrywings

7.1 Inskrywings mag slegs nietig verklaar of gekanselleer word indien –

7.1.1 dit 'n Kaartjie is wat onderworpe aan Reël 7.2 by 'n Maatskappyterminaal gekoop is; en

7.1.2 dit ingevolge die bepalings en voorwaardes wat vir 'n Alternatiewe Kanaal geld, moontlik is om 'n Inskrywing wat by daardie kanaal gekoop is, te kanselleer.

7.2 Kaartjies wat by 'n Maatskappyterminaal gekoop is mag gekanselleer word as hulle nie minder as drie minute en nie meer as 2 ure van die tyd waarop die Kaartjie gekoop is by die Kleinhandelkooppunt wat die Kaartjie uitgereik het getoon word, óf voor die sluitingstyd van die Kleinhandelkooppunt waar die betrokke terminaal wat die Kaartjie uitgereik het geleë is, óf op die tyd waarop verkope op die betrokke dag sluit, óf op die tyd waarop die Trekking plaasvind, watter een ook al die vroegste is.

7.3 Die kansellering van Inskrywings wat deur Alternatiewe Kanale verkoop word, ressorteer onder die bepalings en voorwaardes wat vir Alternatiewe Kanale geld. Spelers moet in ag neem dat dié kanale moontlik nie kansellerings toelaat nie en moet dus seker maak dat hulle die bevestigingsprosesse van dié kanale met omsigtigheid nakom.

7.4 Waar 'n Inskrywing gekanselleer word, is die Speler geregtig daarop dat die Kleinhandelaar 'n bedrag gelykstaande aan die kleinhandelsprys aan hom/haar moet terugbetaal.

7.5 'n Veelvuldige Trekkings-kaartjie kan slegs in ooreenstemming met bostaande gekanselleer word, en in elk geval voordat die eerste Trekking ten opsigte waarvan die Kaartjie uitgereik is, plaasgevind het.

8. Verantwoordelikheid vir Inskrywings

8.1 Dit is die uitsluitlike verantwoordelikheid van die Speler om ten tyde van die aankoop seker te maak dat die besonderhede op die Inskrywing of uitgereikte kaartjie ooreenstem met dit wat hy/sy geselekteer en gespesifiseer het. Sonder om die wye omvang van hierdie bepaling in te kort, sluit besonderhede onder andere die Nommerseleksie(s), die aantal Bord(e), die Trekkingsdatum(s) en die aantal Trekking(s) in.

8.2 Die aanvaarding van die Inskrywing of die neem van die Kaartjie kom daarop neer dat die Speler die inskrywing vir die Trekking(s) wat daarop geïdentifiseer is, aanvaar en dat die Speler erken dat die nommers wat daarop vertoon word of gedruk is die Speler se seleksie is (hetsy dit met die hand gemerk of 'n QuickPick-seleksie is) en dat alle ander besonderhede wat vertoon word of gedruk is, korrek is. Geen Inskrywingsmeganisme (of voltooide Inskrywingskoepon) is dan geldig of kan dan vir enige doeleindes as bewys dien nie.

8.3 Die toonder van 'n Kaartjie wat ooreenkomstig die bepalings van hierdie Reëls uitgereik is, is vir die doeleindes van hierdie Reëls die eienaar van daardie Kaartjie tot tyd en wyl die naam, identiteitsnommer en adresgedeeltes van die Kaartjie voltooi is.

8.4 Sodra die naam, identiteitsnommer en adresgedeeltes van die Kaartjie voltooi is, onderworpe aan die bepalings van hierdie Reëls, is die persoon wie se naam, identiteitsnommer en adres op die Kaartjie verskyn vir die doeleindes van hierdie Reëls die uitsluitlike eienaar van daardie Inskrywing.

8.5 Die veilige bewaring en bewaking van enige Inskrywing of Kaartjie, met inbegrip van elektroniese weergawes daarvan, is die uitsluitlike verantwoordelikheid van die Speler.

8.6 Nóg die Maatskappy nóg enige Kleinhandelaar is verantwoordelik vir –

8.6.1 die verlies, diefstal, beskadiging of vernietiging van enige Inskrywing of Kaartjie; of

8.6.2 enige foute of weglatings ten opsigte van enige data wat op enige Inskrywing of Kaartjie aangeteken is; of

8.6.3 enige verlies van watter aard ook al wat deur enige persoon gely of aangegaan word as gevolg van die feit dat enige sodanige gebeurtenis of toestand 'n uitwerking op enige Inskrywing of Kaartjie het.

9. Aanlyn speltrekkings

9.1 Die PowerBall-trekking vind op Dinsdae en Vrydae aande plaas of op sodanige ander dae wat die Maatskappy met die goedkeuring van die Raad op Nasionale Loterye mag spesifiseer.

9.2 Die Maatskappy mag, met die goedkeuring van die Raad op Nasionale Loterye, enige PowerBall-trekking kanselleer, om welke rede ook al.

9.3 Elke Trekking kan aan 'n Trekkingsnommer uitgeken word.

9.4 Met elke trekking word daar uit 'n trekkingsmasjien met vyf-en-veertig balle wat van 1 tot en met 45 genommer is, vyf balle getrek, en uit 'n aparte trekkingsmasjien met twintig balle wat van 1 tot en met 20 genommer is, een bal.

9.5 'n Wen-nommer in 'n Trekking word geag getrek te gewees het wanneer 'n genommerde bal in die vertoondeel van die trekkingsmasjien lê.

9.6 'n Trekking word as afgehandel beskou wanneer vyf genommerde balle (en nie minder as vyf nie) en een genommerde bal getrek word, in ooreenstemming met hierdie Reël. Die eerste vyf (5) nommers wat uit die 45 getrek word, is die Hoof Nommers. Die eerste nommer wat uit die 20 getrek word, is die PowerBall-nommer.

9.7 Elke Trekking word onder toesig van aangestelde onafhanklike ouditeure gedoen en is vir alle doeleindes finaal sodra die Amptelike Uitslagblad deur 'n Trekkingsbeampte van die Maatskappyen 'n toesighoudende Onafhanklike Ouditeur mede-onderteken is.

9.8 Indien daar tydens 'n Trekking enige wanfunksionering voorkom –

9.8.1 is enige genommerde bal wat voor die wanfunksionering ooreenkomstig Reëls 9.4 en 9.5 as getrek beskou word, 'n geldige en behoorlik getrekte nommer; en

9.8.2 word enige genommerde bal wat ná die wanfunksionering ooreenkomstig Reëls 9.4 en 9.5 getrek word, as nie-getrek beskou, en geld dit nie as 'n geldige en behoorlik getrekte nommer nie; en

9.8.3 word die res van die Trekking gedoen en die oorblywende aantal balle wat nodig is, getrek.

9.9 Die toesighoudende Onafhanklike Ouditeure wat tydens die Trekking teenwoordig is se besluit aangaande óf daar 'n wanfunksie was en wanneer dit gebeur het asook die gevolglike geldigheid of ongeldigheid van enige nommers wat getrek is, is finaal en bindend.

9.10 Vir die doeleindes van hierdie Reël beteken "wanfunksie" dat die trekkingsmasjien of enige deel daarvan onklaar geraak het (of verwys dit na enige gebeurtenis wat die trekkingsmasjien of enige deel daarvan onklaar laat raak het) sodat die masjien nie kon funksioneer soos dit ontwerp is om te funksioneer nie, en wat na die mening van die Onafhanklike Ouditeur veroorsaak het dat die Trekking nie behoorlik gedoen kon word nie.

9.11 Ingeval die Trekking nie op die geadverteerde datum of op die vasgestelde tyd kan plaasvind nie, sal dit so gou daarna as wat prakties moontlik is, plaasvind.

9.12 Alle Trekkings sal, sover dit uitvoerbaar is, lewendig op televisie gedoen en uitgesaai word, en sal opgeneem word op media wat deur die Maatskappy gehou sal word. As die Maatskappy versuim om die Trekking uit te saai of die uitsending op te neem, of om die opname te hou, of as die tegniese, elektroniese of meganiese toerusting wat gebruik word om die televisie-uitsending mee op te neem gedeeltelik of geheel al onklaar sou raak, maak dit nie die Trekking ongeldig nie.

9.13 Die Maatskappy is nie verplig om enige uitbetaling te doen ten opsigte van 'n nommer wat tydens 'n Trekking verkeerdelik aangekondig is nie. In so 'n geval moet die Onafhanklike Ouditeure die korrekte nommer/s bevestig.

10. Bekendmaking van trekkingsuitslae

10.1 Die Maatskappy sal so gou moontlik ná elke Trekking die uitslae van elke Trekking bekend maak. As die Maatskappy enigsins sou versuim om die uitslae bekend te maak, beteken dit nie dat 'n Speler 'n eis om vergoeding kan instel nie.

10.2 Die uitslae sal die datum van die Trekking, die wennommers, die bedrag wat ten opsigte van elke korrekte inskrywing in elke pryskategorie betaalbaar is en sodanige ander inligting wat die Maatskappy van tyd tot tyd mag bepaal, insluit.

10.3 Die verspreiding en bekendmaking van Wennommers per telefoon, in die media en by Kleinhandelverkooppunte is slegs vir inligtingsdoeleindes en die Maatskappy sal geen prys op grond van inligting uit enige ander bron as die amptelike Trekkingsuitslae wat in die Maatskappy se Sentrale Stelsel opgeneem is, uitbetaal nie.

10.4 Die Maatskappy word nie gebind deur –

10.4.1 enige fout in 'n publikasie, hetsy tipografies, 'n drukfout of iets anders, waarop 'n Speler 'n Inskrywing evalueer of 'n prys-eis baseer nie; of

10.4.2 enige bekendmaking of aankondiging van die aantal wenners of die prysbedrae as sodanige bekendmaking geskied voordat die betaalbare bedrag ooreenkomstig die Raad op Nasionale Loterye se geldigverklaringsprosesse gefinaliseer is nie.

10.5 Daar sal geen gronde wees vir 'n Speler om vergoeding te eis as iets soos in Reëls 10.4.1 en 10.4.2 bedoel word sou gebeur nie.

11. Wen-seleksies

11.1 Onderworpe aan die bepalings van die Reëls is 'n Speler wat ten opsigte van enige seleksie "MATCH ONE + ONE" of meer nommers het wat met die wennommers ooreenstem, geregtig op 'n prys in die hoogste kategorie waarmee daardie nommers verband hou.

11.2 Prys-afdeling Agt beteken dat een van die Speler se vyf gekose Hoof Nommers met die Powerball-nommer ooreenstem. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH ONE OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS" of "MATCH ONE + ONE".

11.3 Prys-afdeling Sewe beteken dat twee van die vyf gekose Hoof Nommers met die Powerball-nommer ooreenstem. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH TWO FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS" of "MATCH TWO +ONE".

11.4 Prys-afdeling Ses beteken dat die Speler drie van die vyf gekose Hoof Nommers reg het. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH THREE OF FORTY-FIVE" of "MATCH THREE".

11.5 Prys-afdeling Vyf beteken dat drie van die vyf gekose Hoof Nommers met die Powerball-nommer ooreenstem. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH THREE OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS" of "MATCH THREE +ONE".

11.6 Prys-afdeling Vier beteken dat die Speler vier van die vyf gekose Hoof Nommers reg het. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH FOUR OF FORTY-FIVE" of "MATCH FOUR".

11.7 Prys-afdeling Drie beteken dat vier van die vyf gekose Hoof Nommers met die Powerball-nommer ooreenstem. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH FOUR OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS" of "MATCH FOUR +ONE".

11.8 Prys-afdeling Twee beteken dat die Speler al vyf die gekose Hoof Nommers reg het. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH FIVE OF FORTY-FIVE" of "MATCH FIVE".

11.9 Prys-afdeling Een beteken dat al vyf die Speler se gekose Hoof Nommers met die Powerball-nommer ooreenstem. Die gepaste pryskategorie staan bekend as "MATCH FIVE OF FORTY-FIVE AND ONE OF TWENTY NUMBERS" of "MATCH FIVE +ONE".

12. Prystoekennings en situasies waar daar geen wenners is nie

12.1 Die prysgeld wat vir elk van die pryskategorieë toegeken is, word gelykop onder die aantal wenners in daardie kategorie verdeel.

12.2 Indien daar in enige van die volgende pryskategorieë geen wenner is nie, naamlik MATCH FIVE, MATCH FOUR + ONE, MATCH FOUR, MATCH THREE + ONE, MATCH THREE, MATCH TWO + ONE en MATCH ONE + ONE, word die prysgeld vir daardie spesifieke kategorie na die volgende kategorie oorgedra.

12.3 As daar in enige Trekking geen seleksies is wat vir 'n prys in die MATCH FIVE + ONE-kategorie kwalifiseer nie, word die prysgeld vir dié kategorie by die MATCH FIVE + ONE-prysgeld vir die volgende Trekking getel.

12.4 Waar daar geen wenner in die MATCH FIVE + ONE-kategorie is nie, word die hele prysgeldpoel vir die MATCH FIVE + ONE-kategorie oorgedra totdat daar wel 'n wenner is.

12.5 Waar 'n Trekking of Trekkings om watter rede ook al gekanselleer is, word die prysgeld vir die MATCH FIVE + ONE-kategorie van die Trekking vóór die kansellasie by die MATCH FIVE + ONE-prysfonds vir die volgende Trekking gevoeg.

13. Prys-eise

13.1 Prys-eistydperk

13.1.1 Pryse moet uiters om 23:00 op die 365ste dag ná die wen-trekkingsdatum ten opsigte van die spesifieke Spel opgeëis word. Enige prys wat nie binne dié tydperk opgeëis word nie, word prysgegee.

13.1.2 As 'n prys per pos opgeëis word, moet die Kaartjie (met die naam, identiteitsnommer en adresgedeeltes voltooi) die Maatskappy binne voormelde tydperk by die volgende adres bereik:

Gidani House
Privaatsak X130
Halfway House

13.2 Hoe om 'n prys op te eis

13.2.1 Spelers wat van mening is dat hulle 'n prys in 'n Trekking mag opeis, moet hulle prys deur die Maatskappy se Sentrale Stelsel as 'n Wen-inskrywing laat bevestig en geldig laat verklaar (kyk Reël 14 hieronder) deur: 'n eis by die Nasionale Lotery-kantoor in te dien; of 'n eis ten opsigte van 'n prys ter waarde van R50 000 in te stuur, geheel en al op die Aanspraakmaker se eie risiko, deur die Wen-kaartjie tesame met 'n gewaarmerkte afskrif van die Aanspraakmaker se identiteitsdokument en fisiese adres te pos aan die adres in Reël 13.1.2; of die Kaartjie by enige Nasionale Lotery-kleinhandelkooppunt aan te bied.

13.2.2 Die aflewering van enige Wen-inskrywing is die verantwoordelikheid van die Speler en moet op sy/haar koste geskied.

13.2.3 Die Aanspraakmaker mag slegs vir die hoogste prysafdeling waarvoor 'n wen-seleksie kwalifiseer 'n prys opeis, en nie vir enige laer pryskategorie of enige andersins onopgeëiste prys in daardie spesifieke Trekking of prysgeldpoel nie.

13.2.4 Die Maatskappy erken slegs die persoon deur wie die Inskrywing ingelewer word as die uitsluitlike eienaar daarvan, en is nie gebonde, behalwe as 'n bevoegde hof met jurisdiksie dit gelas, om kennis te neem of toe te sien na die uitvoering van enige trust, hetsy uitdruklik, geïmpliseer of veronderstel, waaraan sodanige Inskrywing onderworpe mag wees nie.

13.2.5 Nieteenstaande enige ander bepaling wat in hierdie Reëls vervat is, mag die Maatskappy van enige Speler wat 'n prys opeis verwag om 'n Beëdigde Verklaring af te lê alvorens sodanige prys uitbetaal word, te dien effekte dat die Speler die eienaar van die Inskrywing is en wettiglik geregtig is om die prys wat daaruit voortvloei te ontvang.

13.3 Pos-eise (kyk ook Reël

13.3.1 'n Bewys dat die nodige dokumente gepos is, word nie as bewys van eienaarskap of van die aflewering van 'n Inskrywing of 'n kaartjie aanvaar nie.

13.3.2 Die Speler aanvaar alle risiko's, verliese, vertragings, foute of nalatigheid wat as gevolg van die betrokke posdiens mag gebeur, en die Maatskappy is onder geen verpligting om enige betalings per geregistreerde, aangetekende of sekuriteitspos te stuur nie.

13.3.3 'n Kaartjie wat per pos ingedien word moet die naam en adres van die Aanspraakmaker agterop hê. Indien 'n Kaartjie wat nie 'n naam, identiteitsnommer en adres ophet nie tesame met 'n meegaande dekbrief deur 'n persoon wat 'n prys opeis aan die Nasionale Lotery gepos word, word 'n uitbetaling aan die persoon wie se naam op die dekbrief verskyn, gedoen, onderworpe aan die bepalings wat in hierdie Reëls vervat is.

13.3.4 Indien 'n Kaartjie waarop daar geen naam, identiteitsnommer of adres agterop verskyn nie, aan die Nasionale Lotery gestuur word en die Maatskappy nie die identiteit van die persoon wat die Kaartjie ingestuur het kan vasstel nie, moet die Maatskappy die uitbetaling van enige prysgeld terughou totdat die eistydperk ten opsigte van die ingediende Kaartjie verstryk of totdat daar vasgestel kan word wie die wettige eienaar van die Kaartjie is.

13.4 Prys-eisvorm

13.4.1 Aanspraakmakers moet vir alle pryse van meer as R5 000 'n Eisvorm voltooi.

13.4.2 Die Maatskappy behou die reg voor om na goeddunke te vereis dat daar vir enige prys-eis in die PowerBall-spel 'n Eisvorm voltooi moet word.

13.4.3 'n Eisvorm moet op die naam van slegs een eienaar van 'n geldige Wen-inskrywing voltooi word. Die Maatskappy mag egter by uitsondering en geheel en al na goeddunke ten opsigte van 'n spesifieke prys-eis van dié vereiste afstand doen, welke afstanddoening skriftelik moet geskied, en onderworpe aan sodanige bepalings en voorwaardes wat die Maatskappy mag stel.

13.4.4 Alle Eisvorms moet deur die Aanspraakmaker of 'n wettiglik gemagtigde verteenwoordiger voltooi en onderteken word.

13.4.5 Die Maatskappy mag weier om enige Eisvorm wat nie volledig ingevul is nie, vir betaling te prosesseer.

13.4.6 Indien 'n Aanspraakmaker weens regsredes of weens fisiese of ander ongeskiktheid nie by magte is om 'n Eisvorm te voltooi nie, moet 'n wettiglik gemagtigde verteenwoordiger van die Aanspraakmaker die Eisvorm namens hom/haar invul en onderteken.

13.4.7 Die Eisvorm moet die naam van die Aanspraakmaker en/of die gemagtigde verteenwoordiger meld, en moet die status van die ondertekenaar omskryf indien hy/sy nie die Aanspraakmaker is nie. Die Maatskappy behou die reg voor om die gemagtigde verteenwoordiger te versoek om bewys van sy/haar regsbevoegdheid te lewer.

13.4.8 Indien die persoon wat die Eisvorm onderteken 'n persoonlike verteenwoordiger van die boedel van 'n afgestorwe Speler is, moet daardie persoon saam met die Eisvorm ook sodanige dokumentasie indien wat die Maatskappy na goeddunke voldoende ag om behoorlik vas te stel of sodanige verteenwoordiger die reg het om die betrokke prys te ontvang.

13.4.9 'n Persoon wat 'n Eisvorm onderteken word geag voor te gegee het dat hy/sy wettiglik die reg het om die Prys op te eis en dat die inligting wat daarin vervat is akkuraat en volledig is, en hy/sy vrywaar die Maatskappy teen enige eise ten opsigte van die Inskrywing of die aflewering van die prys wat uit die wanvoorstelling mag voortspruit.

13.4.10 Die Maatskappy mag waar daar enige teenstrydigheid in die inligting wat op die Eisvorm en/of die Inskrywing verstrek is, of om enige ander rede, geheel en al na goeddunke ondersoek instel en alle prysgelde wat aan die Aanspraakmaker verskuldig mag wees terughou (of 'n geregtelike inbetaling doen) tot tyd en wyl die Aanspraakmaker die Maatskappy kan oortuig dat hy/sy inderdaad die persoon is aan wie die prysgeld uitbetaal moet word.

14. Geldigverklaring van 'n Wen-inskrywing

14.1 Alvorens daar ten opsigte van enige Inskrywing 'n prys uitbetaal mag word, moet die eis volgens die Maatskappy se geldigverklaringsprosedures geldig verklaar word.

14.2 Die Maatskappy het die reg om 'n Inskrywing ongeldig te verklaar en is dienooreenkomstig nie verplig om enige prys uit te betaal indien die Inskrywing –

14.2.1 gekanselleer is nie, hetsy in ooreenstemming met die Maatskappy se normale kansellasieprosedure of andersins;

14.2.2 nagemaak of in die geheel of gedeeltelik vervals is nie, of nie die Maatskappy se sekuriteitstoetse slaag nie;

14.2.3 beskadig, verander, onleesbaar of onvolledig is of daar op enige wyse daarmee gepeuter is nie;

14.2.4 nog nie teen die spertyd soos in Reël 13.1 deur die Maatskappy of Kleinhandelaar vasgestel, ontvang is nie;

14.2.5 nie op die Maatskappy se lys van Inskrywings wat ten opsigte van die betrokke Trekking verkoop is en wat op die Maatskappy se Sentrale Stelsel gehou word, verskyn nie, of as die Inskrywingsdata nie in elke opsig met die rekenaarrekords van daardie Inskrywing ooreenstem nie; of

14.2.6 nie op gemagtigde wyse deur die Maatskappy, 'n gemagtigde Nasionale Lotery-kleinhandelaar of 'n gemagtigde Alternatiewe Kanaal uitgereik of verkoop is nie.

14.3 Verder mag die Maatskappy 'n Inskrywing ongeldig verklaar indien –

14.3.1 die Reeksnommer van 'n oënskynlike Wen-inskrywing nie op die Maatskappy se lys Reeksnommers ten opsigte van Wen-inskrywings verskyn nie, of 'n Geldige Wen-inskrywing met dieselfde Reeksnommer reeds vantevore uitbetaal is; of

14.3.2 enige nommer op die Kaartjie nie heeltemal volledig is of nie heeltemal leesbaar is nie.

14.4 Die Maatskappy behou die reg voor om uitbetaling ten opsigte van enige prys terug te hou totdat hy geheel en al oortuig is dat die betrokke Inskrywing geldig is en dat die Aanspraakmaker 'n bona fide wenner is, en behou die reg voor om van die Aanspraakmaker te verwag om bewys van identiteit te lewer en om sy/haar bevoegdheid om die prys op te eis, te bewys.

14.5 Die Maatskappy behou die reg voor om vir sekuriteitsdoeleindes van enige Aanspraakmaker 'n foto te neem.

15. Betwiste eise

15.1 'n Speler mag voordat 'n prys uitbetaal word en voordat die betrokke Inskrywing ingevolge Reël 13.1 verval, 'n skriftelike eis by die Maatskappy indien deur dit by die Maatskappy se geregistreerde kantoor af te gee indien –

15.1.1 die Maatskappy nie by die aanbieding van die Inskrywing 'n prys bevestig nie; of

15.1.2 die Speler van mening is dat sy/haar Inskrywing verkeerd geëvalueer is; of

15.1.3 die Speler nie die Inskrywing ten opsigte waarvan hy/sy aanvoer dat 'n prys aan hom/haar uitbetaal moet word, kan toon nie.

15.2 As die prys-eis ooreenkomstig Reël 15.1 by die Maatskappy ingedien word, sal die Maatskappy onmiddellik probeer om die eis af te handel. As die Maatskappy nie in staat is om die eis af te handel nie, sal hy stiptelik vir die Aanspraakmaker 'n skriftelike kennisgewing stuur om hom/haar in te lig wat die Maatskappy aangaande die eis besluit het asook dat die Speler binne 21 dae na ontvangs van die kennisgewing mag versoek dat die Raad op Nasionale Loterye die besluit moet hersien.

15.3 Die Speler moet die saak binne 21 dae na ontvangs van die kennisgewing van die Maatskappy na die Raad op Nasionale Loterye verwys.

15.4 Indien 'n saak aldus verwys word, mag die Raad op Nasionale Loterye sodanige ondersoeke loods as wat hy nodig ag om die sake wat betwis word op te los.

15.5 Die besluit van die Raad op Nasionale Loterye is finaal, en is bindend vir die Speler en die Maatskappy.

16. Prys-uitbetalings

16.1 Alle PowerBall-pryse sal in ooreenstemming met die Maatskappy se Prys-uitbetalingsprosedures uitbetaal word.

16.2 Die uitbetaling van die prys aan die persoon wat op die Eisvorm as die Aanspraakmaker of sy/haar behoorlik gemagtigde verteenwoordiger aangegee word, onthef die Maatskappy, sy beamptes, werknemers, verteenwoordigers, kontrakteurs en enige ander persoon, firma of maatskappy wat deur die Maatskappy gemagtig is om PowerBall-pryse uit te betaal geheel en al en effektief van enige verdere aanspreeklikheid ten opsigte van die uitbetaling van daardie prys.

16.3 All pryse word in Suid-Afrikaanse Rand (ZAR) uitbetaal ooreenkomstig die bedrag wat deur die Maatskappy geadverteer is as die finale uitbetaling wat ten opsigte van daardie Wen-inskrywing betaalbaar is.

16.4 Die Maatskappy is nie aanspreeklik vir die betaling van rente op enige prysgeld ten opsigte van enige tydperk waartydens sekuriteits of ander relevant kontrolemaatreëls of navrae in verband met enige Inskrywing wat deur 'n Aanspraakmaker vir betaling aangebied is, onderweg is, of ten opsigte van enige tydperk waartydens 'n dispuut rakende die geldigheid van 'n Inskrywing of 'n Eis nog nie afgehandel is nie.

16.5 Die Maatskappy sal 'n Aanspraakmaker per tjek of per elektroniese geldoordrag ("EFT") betaal, ooreenkomstig die Maatskappy se prosedures, met dien verstande dat al die vereistes ten opsigte van die geldigheidsverklaring van die Kaartjie waarna daar in hierdie Reëls verwys word, nagekom is.

16.6 Indien daar ten opsigte van 'n Veelvuldige Trekkingskaartjie wat nog vir toekomstige Trekkings geldig is, prysgeld uitbetaal word, moet die Speler dié Kaartjie hou, ten einde al die potensiële pryse wat hy/sy in enige van die toekomstige Trekkings waarvoor die Kaartjie in aanmerking geneem word mag wen, te kan opeis.

16.7 Kontantpryse van tot R50 moet deur alle Kleinhandelaars uitbetaal word. Kleinhandelaars mag na goeddunke tot R5 000 in kontant uitbetaal.

16.8 Prys-eise van R5 001 tot R50 000 kan slegs deur 'n Gemagtigde Prysbetaalsentrum uitbetaal word (adresse kan by enige Kleinhandelaar of via die Spelerhulplyn bekom word) en Aanspraakmakers moet Prys-eisvorms voltooi en bewys van identiteit lewer.

16.9 Pryse van meer as R50 000 kan slegs aan die Aanspraakmaker persoonlik of 'n behoorlik gemagtigde verteenwoordiger uitbetaal word, by 'n Nasionale Lotery-kantoor, en slegs nadat die Aanspraakmaker 'n Eisvorm voltooi en bewys van identeit gelewer het.

16.10 Vir geval 'n enkele Inskrywing veelvuldige wenspele – elk uit 'n afsonderlike seleksie – bevat, word die totale prysbedrag uitbetaal ooreenkomstig die prysuitbetaalreëling wat in Reël 16.1 gespesifiseer word.

16.11 Nóg die Maatskappy nóg enige Kleinhandelaar is verantwoordelik of aanspreeklik ten opsigte van enige persoon wat aanspraak maak op 'n belang van watter aard ook al in 'n verlore of gestole Inskrywing as gevolg van 'n prysuitbetaling aan die toonder van 'n Kaartjie wat nie onderteken is nie of aan 'n persoon wat voorgee dat hy/sy die persoon is wie se naam, identiteitsnommer of adres op die Kaartjie staan, hetsy die Maatskappy voordat die prys uitbetaal is in kennis gestel is dat die kaartjie verlore geraak het of gesteel is al dan nie. Die Maatskappy moet sonder inkorting van bostaande sy uiterste bes doen om seker te maak dat enige Kleinhandelaars of ander persone wat vir die uitbetaling van pryse verantwoordelik is sodanige identiteitskontrole uitoefen en ander sekuriteitsmaatreëls nakom wat die Maatskappy na goeddunke van tyd tot tyd ten opsigte van die uitbetaling van enige spesifieke prysbedrag redelik en gepas mag ag.

16.12 Vir geval die Maatskappy geheel en al na goeddunke van mening is dat die toonder van 'n Kaartjie wat vir betaling aangebied word of 'n persoon wie se naam, identiteitsnommer of adres agterop die Kaartjie ingeskryf is of wat 'n Eisvorm voltooi het, nie die wettige eienaar daarvan is nie of nie wettiglik daarop geregtig is nie, het die Maatskappy die reg om enige prysgeld vir 'n tydperk van uiters 365 dae ná die betrokke Trekking terug te hou, hangende die uitslag van alle paslike kontrolemaatreëls en navrae.

16.13 Die Maatskappy is nie aanspreeklik vir die uitbetaling van enige prys ten opsigte van 'n Inskrywing wat hy weet of vermoed herverkoop of op enige ander manier van handeldrywing oorgedra is nie.

16.14 Die Maatskappy mag by 'n bevoegde hof met jurisdiksie aansoek doen om in enige spesifieke geval vas te stel wie wettiglik die prysgeld moet ontvang.

16.15 Buiten vir bostaande bepalings, is die reg wat enige persoon op 'n prys het, nie oordraagbaar nie.

16.16 Onder geen omstandighede mag enige prys met goedere of dienste in plek van die kontant, tjek of elektroniese oordrag betaal word nie.

16.17 Die Maatskappy sal aan die behoorlik gemagtigde verteenwoordiger van iemand wat regtens onbevoeg of andersins ongeskik is, 'n uitbetaling doen. Die Maatskappy mag by 'n bevoegde hof met jurisdiksie aansoek doen om in enige spesifieke geval vas te stel wie wettiglik die prysgeld moet ontvang; en, buiten soos hierbo uiteengesit is, is die reg van enige persoon op 'n prys wat getrek is, nie oordraagbaar nie.

17. Beperking van aanspreeklikheid

17.1 Behalwe soos in die skriftelike ooreenkoms tussen die Maatskappy en 'n Kleinhandelaar of verkoopagent gespesifiseer is, is die Maatskappy nie aanspreeklik vir die doen of late van 'n Kleinhandelaar of agent wat nie in hierdie Reëls gedek word nie.

17.2 As iemand 'n foutiewe Kaartjie koop, is dit van nul en gener waarde en is die Maatskappy se enigste aanspreeklikheid die terugbetaling van die koopsom.

17.3 As iemand 'n Kaartjie koop wat gekanselleer word, hetsy ooreenkomstig die Maatskappy se normale kansellasieprosedures of andersins, is die enigste aanspreeklikheid van die Maatskappy (of die Kleinhandelaar, na gelang van die geval) die terugbetaling van die koopsom.

17.4 Nóg die Maatskappy nóg enige Kleinhandelaar is onder enige omstandighede aanspreeklik vir enige verlies (van watter aard ook al en met inbegrip van maar sonder inkorting van) wat deur enige Speler, enige toonder of eienaar van 'n Kaartjie, enige Aanspraakmaker of enige ander persoon voortvloeiend uit die onttrekking van enige Spel of van die deelname of nie-deelname van enige persoon aan enige Spel, met inbegrip van die verlies van die geleentheid om aan sodanige Spel deel te neem, om welke rede ook al, gely of aangegaan is nie. In die besonder, maar sonder om die wye omvang van die voorgaande in te kort, is nóg die Maatskappy nóg enige Kleinhandelaar in geval van force majeure teenoor enige persoon aanspreeklik.

17.5 Enige aanspreeklikheid van die Maatskappy teenoor 'n Speler wat voortspruit uit enige verklaring rakende 'n Trekking wat deur enige werknemer, dienaar, agent of kontrakteur van die Maatskappy of enige ander persoon gemaak is (of enige nalatigheid waaraan enige van voormelde persone hom/haar mag skuldig gemaak het), is beperk tot die koste van die Speler se Inskrywing ten opsigte van daardie Trekking.

17.6 Waar 'n Speler enige verlies of skade ly as gevolg van 'n onregmatige handeling van 'n werknemer, dienaar, agent of kontrakteur van die Maatskappy of enige Kleinhandelaar of ander party of as gevolg van enige brand, vloed, storm, oproer, burgerlike onlus, uitsluiting, staking of defektiewe toerusting, is die aanspreeklikheid van die Maatskappy teenoor die Speler beperk tot die koste van die Speler se Inskrywing ten opsigte van daardie Trekking.

17.7 Die Maatskappy het die reg om die speel van enige Spel vanaf enige Maatskappyterminaal of Alternatiewe Kanaal geheel en al na goeddunke te eniger tyd op te skort of te onttrek en/of op te skort weens:

17.7.1 die onklaar raak van of skade aan of vernietiging van die Sentrale Stelsel of rekords of enige deel van die Sentrale Stelsel of rekords; of

17.7.2 vertragings, verliese, foute of pligsversuim aan die kant van die posdiens of enige ander afleweringdiens of die bankstelsel; of

17.7.3 enige ander handeling of gebeurtenis wat die bevestiging van 'n geldige Inskrywing of die uitreiking van 'n geldige Kaartjie voorkom of verhinder, of die weiering om ooreenkomstig hierdie Reëls aan enige persoon 'n Inskrywing te verkoop.

18. Terugbetalings onder sekere omstandighede

18.1 Waar 'n Trekking gekanselleer word, moet die Maatskappy –

18.1.1 aan 'n Speler wat óf 'n Inskrywing ten opsigte van slegs die Gekanselleerde Trekking of 'n Veelvuldige Trekkings-inskrywing vir die Gekanselleerde Trekking en ander Trekkings gekoop het, 'n bedrag gelykstaande aan daardie deel van die koopsom vir die Inskrywing wat ten opsigte van die Gekanselleerde Trekking betaal is en daaraan toegeskryf kan word, terugbetaal;

18.1.2 Inskrywers met geldige Posinskrywings vir Trekkings wat die Gekanselleerde Trekking insluit, daardie gedeelte van die bedrag wat voorheen deur die Inskrywer vir daardie inskrywing betaal is (dit wast vir die Gekanselleerde Trekking betaal is en daaraan toegeskryf kan word), terugbetaal; en

18.1.3 aan 'n Speler met 'n Kaartjie vir die Gekanselleerde Trekking die bedrag wat na behore deur die Speler betaal moes word, indien die Speler daardie Kaartjie by 'n Kleinhandelaar gekoop het, betaal.

18.2 Enige terugbetaling en uitbetaling kragtens onderskeidelik 18.1.1 en 18.1.2 hierbo moet deur die Speler geëis word. Die Maatskappy moet geheel en al na goeddunke en van tyd tot tyd bepaal hoe eise ingestel, betalings gedoen en eise geldig verklaar moet word en, onderworpe aan 18.3 hieronder, maar ook onderworpe aan die voorafgaande toestemming van die Raad op Nasionale Loterye, binne watter tydperk sodanige eise ingestel moet word. Daar sal in elk geval van die Speler verwag word om die Inskrywing te toon alvorens enige terugbetaling of uitbetaling gedoen sal word. Die tydperk waarna daar in 18.2 hierbo verwys word is 'n tydperk wat nie vroeër as 90 dae ná die datum waarop die Gekanselleerde Trekking sou plaasvind, verstryk nie.

18.3 Enige terugbetaling kragtens 18.1.2 hierbo moet geskied met behulp van sodanige middele en binne sodanige tydperk as wat die Maatskappy geheel en al na goeddunke en van tyd tot tyd, maar onderworpe aan die voorafgaande toestemming van die Raad op Nasionale Loterye, mag bepaal.

18.4 Nóg die Maatskappy nóg enige Kleinhandelaar is onder enige omstandighede aanspreeklik vir die betaling van rente ten opsigte van fondse of van uitbetalings wat kragtens hierdie Reël 18 gedoen is nie.

18.5 Om twyfel te voorkom geld hierdie paragraaf nie ten opsigte van enige Trekking wat vertraag of uitgestel is, of ten opsigte van enige Trekking wat as 'n gekanselleerde trekking gedefinieer is nie.

19. Die besluit van die Maatskappy is bindend

19.1 Die Maatskappy se besluit rakende óf 'n Inskrywing 'n Wen-inskrywing is, of rakende enige ander saak of dispuut voortspruitend uit die uitbetaling of toekenning of nie-uitbetaling of nie-toekenning van pryse is finaal en bindend vir alle Spelers en enige ander persoon of persone wat enigsins 'n belang by die saak of die dispuut het. Indien 'n Wen-inskrywing, 'n Eisvorm of die uitbetaling of toekenning van enige prys betwis word, mag die Maatskappy die uitbetaling van die prysgeld terughou en/of 'n gelykwaardige geregtelike inbetaling doen tot tyd en wyl die geskil besleg is.

20. Die Reg

20.1 Hierdie Reëls word in alle opsigte ooreenkomstig die wette van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika gereël en uitgelê en die Suid-Afrikaanse Howe het jurisdiksie.

21. Ander tale

21.1 Die PowerBall-spelreëls kan op versoek in ander tale by die Nasionale Lotery, Privaatsak X130, Halfway House, Midrand 1685 verkry word, of deur van 06:00 tot 23:00 daagliks die Spelerhulplyn by 0800 777 777 (tolvry) te skakel of deur 'n afskrif hiervan op die webwerf te gaan aflaai (

22. Praktykkode vir deelnemers

22.1 Die Praktykkode vir Deelnemers kan op versoek by die Nasionale Lotery, Privaatsak X130, Halfway House, Midrand 1685 verkry word, of deur van 06:00 tot 23:00 daagliks die Spelerhulplyn by 0800 777 777 (tolvry) te skakel of deur ‘n afskrif hiervan op die webwerf te gaan aflaai (

isiZulu Top

1. Isingeniso

1.1 Le Nkampani inelayisensi elingaphansi kwe-Lotteries Act, 1997 (No 57 of 1997) njengoba kuchitshiyelwe lokwenza kanye nokuphromotha i-National Lottery and Constituent Games eNingizimu Afrika.

1.2 Le Mithetho isetshenziswa kumdlalo we-PowerBall, oyingxenye ye-National Lottery.

2. Izincazelo

2.1 Lawa magama kanye namatemu, njengoba esetshenziswe kule Mithetho, azoba nale ncazelo elandelayo, ngaphandle kokuthi indikimba ichaze okunye:

2.1.1 UMthetho usho umthetho obizwa i-Lotteries Act (No. 57 of 1997) njengoba kuchitshiyelwe.

2.1.2 Ama-Alternate Channels kusho amashaneli entengiso anikezela ngemidlalo ye-National Lottery ngaphandle kwaleyo mishini yeNkampani efakelwe kubahwebi ababambe iqhaza ku-National Lottery, okubalwa kubo imisebenzi ye-mail subscription, imishini okukhokhwa kuyo ebambe iqhaza, imishini yokukhipha imali (ama-ATM), omakhalekhukhwini kanye ne-inthanethi, kodwa kube kungapheleli kulokhu osekubaliwe lapha ngenhla.

2.1.3 IBhodi noma iBhodi Yomdlalo (Game Board) kusho isikwele sezinombolo esinezinombolo ezingama-45 (1 kuya kuma-45) esihlangene nesinye isikwele sezinombolo esinezinombolo ezingama-20 (1 kuya kuma-20) ebonakala ngeletha ehambisana naso, konke okwenza i-Game Board eyodwa ekule yonto yokungenela eyamukelwe, isib. iThikithi Lokungenela le-PowerBall.

2.1.4 Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo Okukhanseliwe kusho noma yikuphi Ukudonswa kwe-PowerBall okungenzekanga ngalolo suku obelubekiwe.

2.1.5 Uhlelo Olumaphakathi (Central System) kusho izinhlelo zamakhompyutha ezisetshenziselwa imidlalo ye-National Lottery.

2.1.6 Ifomu Yesibizo, okubalwa nefomu yesibizo yomuntu wesithathu, kusho ifomu eliphrintiwe elikhishwe yiNkampani noma yisiKhungo Esamukelwe Sokukhokhelwa Kwemiklomelo (Approved Prize Payment Centre), okumele ukuba ligcwaliswe nguMdlali bese elithumela kuNkampani noma kuSikhungo Esamukelwe Sokukhokhelwa Kwemiklomelo, elizobe lihambisana Nobufakazi Bethikithi Eliwinile, (isib. a iThikithi) ukuze afaneleke ukuba afake isibizo somklomelo njengoba kucacisiwe kule Mithetho.

2.1.7 Umbizimklomelo (Claimant) kushiwo lowo othumela isibizo sokuthola umklomelo we-PowerBall singakapheli leso sikhathi okumele ukuba sithunyelwe ngaso njengoba kucacisiwe kule Mithetho.

2.1.8 INkampani kushiwo i-Gidani (Proprietary) Limited, okuyinkampani ezimele okuyinkampani esemthethweni ngaphansi kwemigomo yemithetho yaseNingizimu Afrika enaleli kheli: Cnr Allandale & Old Pretoria Rd, Midrand.

2.1.9 IThikithi Lokungenela Elimoshekile kusho iThikithi Lokungenela noma ubufakazi obuphrintiwe baleli Thikithi Lokungenela, okungenzeka ukuthi ngesikhathi ulithenga ulithola lingaphelele, limoshekile, lonakele noma umbhalo walo ungabonakali kahle futhi uma liphrintiwe kuvele amagama athi “lingubuze”, “liyisampula” noma “akumele lithengiswe” noma amanye amagama afana nalawa.

2.1.10 Ukudonsa kusho inqubo yokudonsa Izinombolo Eziwinayo ibe ingekho indlela elandelwayo.

2.1.11 Umshini Wokudonsa kusho umshini osetshenziswa yiNkampani futhi ogunyazwe yiBhodi le-National Lotteries wokudonsa Izinombolo Eziwinayo ngaphandle kokulandela indlela ethile.

2.1.12 IThikithi Lokungenela kusho wonke amathuba noma ukungenela uMdlalo we-PowerBall, okubhaliswe Ohlelweni Ezimaphakathi njengokokungenela.

2.1.13 Amakhuphoni Okungenela kusho Indlela Yokungenela eyamukeliwe ukuba isetshenziswe Emshinini WeNkampani. IKhuphoni Lokungenela lisho futhi Isiliphi Sokudlala.

2.1.14 Indlela Yokungenela kusho ifomu elifundeka kukhompyutha noma isihumusho salo sekhompyutha evunywe yiNkampani enezinombolo lezo uMdlali angakhetha kuzo kanye nemiyalelo yokungenela uMdlalo. Indlela Yokungenela ingaba namaBhodi amaningi.

2.1.15 UMklomelo Ophezulu – Omkhulu (High – Tier Prize) kusho umklomelo ongaphezu kwama-R50 000.

2.1.16 Umshini Wokukhokha (cash register)kusho noma yiluphi uhlobo lomshini wokukhokha noma umshini wemali okuleso sitolo (hhayi uMshini weNkampani) obekwe edeskhini lokukhokha kulezo zitolo zabaHwebi ababambe iqhaza futhi osetshenziswa njengomshini weNkampani we-National Lottery.

2.1.17 I-PowerBall kusho uMdlalo owemukelwe we-National Lottery, okuyizinombolo ezinhlanu kwezingama-45 kanye neyodwa kwezingu-20 umdlalo we-inthanethi we-lottery.

2.1.18 UMklomelo Wezinga Eliphansi (Low – Tier Prize) kusho umklomelo ophakathi kwe-R1 kuya kuma-R5 000.

2.1.19 I-Mail Subscription kusho inqubo lapho uMdlali ekwazi ukubhalisela Imidlalo ye-National Lottery ukuze akwazi ukuthi izinombolo zakhe zidonswe isikhathi esiningi.

2.1.20 Izinombolo Eziqavile kusho izinombolo ezinhlanu ezikhethwa ngendlela engahlelekile ngesikhathi Kudonswa ezinombolweni ezisuka kweyo-1 kuya kuma-45.

2.1.21 Umklomelo Wezinga Eliphezulu Ngokuphakathi (Mid - Tier Prize) kusho imali engumklomelo ophakathi kwama-R5 001 nama-R50 000.

2.1.22 Umuntu oseyingane kusho noma yimuphi umuntu oneminyaka yobudala engaphansi kweyi-18.

2.1.23 Ukudonswa Kaningi kusho Ukudonswa kaningi kwezinombolo okulandelanayo lapho uMdlali ebambe iqhaza ngokukhetha izinombolo nangokucacisa inani Lokudonswa eliphakathi koku-2 ne-10 eThikithini Lokungenela le-PowerBall uma kuvumeleka ukuba enze kanjalo kulelo thikithi lokungenela.

2.1.24 UMdlali kusho ilungu lomphakathi elineminyaka yobudala eyi-18 nangaphezulu elithenga iThikithi Lokungenela i-PowerBall.

2.1.25 ‘Ucingo Losizo’ lwabaDlali kusho Isikhungo Sokushaywa Kwezingcingo se-National Lottery saBadlali esishayelwa mahhala kule nombolo engakhokhelwa 0800 777 777.

2.1.26 I-QuickPick kusho indlela yokukhetha izinombolo ze-PowerBall okwenza ukuba umshini weNkampani noma uHlelo Lwamaphakathi likwazi ukukhetha izinombolo ngendlela engahlelekile egameni loMdlali.

2.1.27 IHhovisi LesiFunda kusho iHhovisi le-National Lottery elisetshenziselwa lokhu yiNkampani.

2.1.28 UMhwebi kusho noma yimuphi umuntu, ifemu noma inkampani egunyazwe yiNkampani ukuba ithengise Amathikithi Okungenela ePowerBall kanye/noma ukukhokhela imali yomklomelo yamaThikithi Okungenela Asemthethweni.

2.1.29 ‘Ucingo Losizo’ lwabaHwebi kusho Isikhungo Sezingcingo se- National Lottery sabaHwebi esishayelwa kule nombolo: 0800 GIDANI.

2.1.30 Indawo Yomhwebi kusho amagceke agunyaziwe anomshini wokuthengisa lapho kuthengiselwa khona abaDlali amathikithi e-National Lottery.

2.1.31 Ukukhethwa kwezinombolo kusho isethi elilodwa lezinombolo ezinhlanu + yodwa ezikhethwe nguMdlali eBhodini eyodwa leThikithi Lokungenela le-PowerBall futhi eliqoshwe njengeThikithi Lokungenela elihambisana nale Mithetho.

2.1.32 Isiriyali Nombolo kusho inombolo ehlukile efakwe eThikithini Lokungenela nguHlelo Emaphakathi LweNkampani, ehambisana nale Mithetho, esiza ukuqinisekiswa kwalelo Thikithi Lokungenela njengeThikithi Lokungenela eliwinayo elisemthethweni noma ngokunye.

2.1.33 UMngeneli kusho umuntu ogcwalisa iFomu Lokufaka Isicelo se-Mail Subscription, ovunywa yiNkampani.

2.1.34 Inombolo ye-PowerBall kusho inombolo ekhethwe ngokungahlelekile ngesikhathi Kudonswa kuzinombolo ezisukela kweyo-1 kuya kweyama- 20.

2.1.35 UMshini weNkampani kusho uMshini iNkampani ewunika labo baHwebi ababambe iqhaza, okufakwa kuwo amaThikithi Okungenela, iphrinte Amathikithi adlaliwe, iwakhansele, uphinde uqinisekise amaThikithi awinayo.

2.1.36 IThikithi kusho iThikithi elikhishwe nguMshini weNkampani noma iresidi lethikithi elithengiwe ekhishwa yi-Alternate Channel, emva kokubhaliswa kweThikithi Lokungenela oHlelweni Olumaphakathi ngokuhambisana nale Mithetho futhi elithengiswa nguMhwebi ogunyaziwe ngendlela egunyaziwe.

2.1.37 IThikithi Lokungenela Eliwinayo kusho iThikithi Lokungenela Eliwinayo, elihlangabezana nazo zonke izidingo zokuqinisekiswa zeNkampani njengoba zibekiwe kule Mithetho.

2.1.38 Izinombolo Eziwinayo kusho ukukhethwa kwezinombolo ezidonsiwe, zaqoshwa zase ziqinisekiswa manjalo okulandela Ukudonswa ngabaCwaningizimali Abazimele.

2.2 Lapho kunesidingo kule Mithetho mayelana nale ndikimba –

2.2.1 lapho kuqondiswe ngobulili nje kushiwo ubulili besifazane noma besilisa kanye nangokuququka (vice versa);

2.2.2 lapho kuqondiswe ebunyeni kuzofaka nobuningi kanye nangokuguquka (vice versa); futhi

2.2.3 lapho kuqondiswe kumuntu kuzofaka abantu nje kanye nabantu abayinhlangano, ngokuvunywa yindikimba.

3. Umthelela wale Mithetho

3.1 Le Mithetho, izincazelo, imigomo nemibandela okubhalwe kulawa Mathikithi, izindlela zokungenela (Amakhuphoni Okungenela), amapheshana okuthi Kudlalwa Kanjani (okufaka phakathi izihumusho zekhompyutha) nezinye izimo ezifana nalezi njengoba zisungulwa, zinamalungelo nezibophezelo zenkontileka phakathi kweNkampani, abathengi bamaThikithi Okungenela kanye nababizimiklomelo mayelama noMdlalo we-PowerBall.

3.2 Noma yimuphi umuntu othenga noma othumela iThikithi Lokungenela ukuba liqinisekiswe noma ukubiza umklomelo, uyazivuma izibophezelo zoMthetho, noma yiziphi izimiselo ezingaphansi kwawo, iLayisensi lokuhambisa i-National Lottery, kanye nangale mibandela yale Mithetho njengoba ishicilelwa ngezikhathi ezithile yiNkampani bese ivunywa yiBhodi labe-National Lotteries.

3.3 Lowo nalowo muntu odle umhlanganiso kufanelekile ukuba avume ukuthi uma iNkampani ibophezelekile ngokusemthethweni ukuba ifake umuntu wesithathu mayelana nemininingwane yanoma yisiphi isibizo somklomelo esifakwe yilowo odle umhlanganiso noma esifakwe ngomunye egameni lakhe, noma esikhokhelwe lowo odle umhlanganiso, iNkampani izobe inelungelo lokwenze njalo.


3.5 INkampani ingachibiyela, iguqule noma yenze ngokunye le Mithetho noma yingasiphi isikhathi. Lokhu kuchibiyela, kulungiswa noma izinguquko zizoqala ukusebenza ngaleso sikhathi kufakwa ezinhlelweni futhi kuzobe sekusebenza mayelana neMidlalo ye-PowerBall njengoba kuzobe kuhambisana nezinqubo zezibizo zemiklomelo noma ukukhokhelwa kwemiklomelo. Uma lokhu kuchitshiyelwa kudala ukuba noma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela eselivele likhishiwe ukuba lingabi yilelo elisemthethweni, uMdlali angafaka isicelo sokubuyiselwa imali yakhe ayikhokhele lelo Thikithi Lokungenela kodwa iNkampani noma i-National Lottery ngeke ithwale icala lanoma yikuphi okunye ukulahlekelwa noma ukumoshakalelwa koMdlali.

3.6 Uma kukhona ukungahambisani phakathi kwemiyalelo ye- “Idlalwa Kanjani” yanoma yiyiphi Indlela Yokungenela, iThikithi, izinto zokuphromotha noma imigomo nemibandela yanoma yiyiphi i-Alternate Channel efanele kanye nale Mithetho, kuzoba yile Mithetho ezoba namandla.

3.7 Kuleso simo lapho noma yiziphi izimiselo zale Mithetho noma imigomo nemibandela ebhalwe noma ehambisana nanoma yiziphi Izindlela Zokungenela (okubalwa Amakhuphoni Okungenela), Amathikithi, amapheshana athi Idlalwa Kanjani (okubalwa izihumusho zekhompyutha kanye nama-Alternate Channels ahambisana nalokhu) kanye neminye imibandela efana nale esungulwayo, kunqunywa yinkantolo yamalungelo amandla omthetho ukuthi kube ngokungekho noma ngokungeke kwaphoqelelwa, lesi sinqumo sizoba nomthelela kuphela kuleso simiso esisele futhi ngeke, sona ngokwaso senze kube ngezingekho noma ngezingeke zaphoqelelwa ezinye izimiselo zale Mithetho.

3.8 Alikho ilunga lomphakathi elidlalayo noma uMhwebi ozongena kunoma yisiphi isivumelwano esikhethekile mayelana nokuthengisa amaThikithi Okungenela ngaphandle kwalezo zindlela zokudlala ezinqunywe zacaciswa yiNkampani ngokuhambisana neBhodi le-National Lotteries.

4. Inhloso yoMdlalo Nokuthengwa kwamaThikithi Okungenela

4.1 Injongo yomdlalo wukuthi uMdlali kumele akhethe, emdlalweni owodwa (iBhodi elilodwa), izinombolo ezinhlanu kanye nenombolo ye-PowerBall ezihambelana nalezo zinombolo kanye nenombolo ye-PowerBall edonswe kulowo mdlalo lapho uMdlali ebambe khona iqhaza.

4.2 AmaThikithi Okungenela i-PowerBall angathengwa –

4.2.1 kuMhwebi ogunyaziwe ngokusebenzisa Ikhuphoni Lokungenela le-PowerBall elifakwe izimpawu ngesandla noma ngokusebenzisa i-QuickPick egameni loMdlali kanti lokhu kuthenga kuzoqinisekiswa ngeThikithi elikhishwa nguMshini weNkampani,

4.2.2 kuyi-ejenti ye-Mail Subscription kanti lokhu kuzoqinisekiswa ngesitifikethi se-Mail Subscription noma ibhukwana elifana naso elikhishwe yiNkampani,

4.2.3 kumshini wemali, kumshini wokukhipha imali (ATM) noma omunye umshini ofana nale ngokulandela imiyalelo yokudlala ehambelana nalowo mshini kanti lokhu kuthenga kuzoqinisekiswa ngeresidi ephrintiwe noma ekukhompyutha ekhishwa noma ekhonjiswa kulowo mshini, kanye

4.2.4 noma yimuphi umakhalekhukhwini, i-inthanethi noma ucingo ngokulandela imiyalelo yokudlala ehambelana nale mishini kanti lokhu kuthenga kuzoqinisekiswa ngeresidi engaphrinteka noma ekukhompyutha ekhishwa noma ekhonjiswa kulowo mshini.

4.3 Lokhu kuthenga okungenhla kuzokwenziwa ngokuhambisana nemigomo nemibandela evunywe yiNkampani ngokuhambisana neBhodi le-National Lotteries mayelana nendlela yokungenela ngayinye. Le migomo nemibandela iqukethwe kumapheshana abizwa ngokuthi “Idlalwa Kanjani” atholakala kubaHwebi abahambisana nalokhu futhi ayatholakala kukhompyutha kumawebhusayithi ahambisana nalokhu.

4.4 Kwezinye izikhathi, ama-Alternate Channels awanakho lokhu konke (isib., njengokukhansela amathikithi okungenela, Ukudonswa Kaningi, ukuzikhethela izinombolo ngesandla) asekwa nguMshini weNkampani. Ngokuthenga iThikithi Lokungenela i-PowerBall e-Alternate Channel, abaDlali bayavuma ukuzibophezela ngemigomo nemibandela yakhona futhi lokhu bakwemukela ngokuphelele.

4.5 AbaDlali bangawathenga amaThikithi Okungenela e-QuickPick anezinombolo ezikhethwe wuHlelo Lwamaphakathi noma iThikithi Lokungenela Elidonswa Kaningi lapho izinombolo ezikhethiwe zidlalwa kaningi ngaphezu kokudonswa kanye (kuze kufike ekudonsweni ka-10).

4.6 Isikhathi salokho Kudonswa Kaningi siqala ngesikhathi kwenziwa Ukudonswa Kokuqala okulandela usuku uMdlali akhethe ngalo izinombolo. Lesi sikhathi siphela lapho inani Lokudonswa elibhalwe eThikithini Lokudonswa Kaningi sekufinyelelwe kulo.

4.7 AbaDlali akumele ukuba basebenzise noma bafune ukusebenzisa Amakhuphoni Okungenela i-PowerBall athunyelwe ngefeksi noma enziwe amakhophi, noma ezinye izinto ezifakwa eMshini weNkampani wokufunda Ikhuphoni Lokungenela ezingavunyiwe yiNkampani.

5. Ilungelo lokuthenga iThikithi Lokungenela

5.1 Alikho ilungelo jikelele lomuntu ukuba athenge iThikithi Lokungenela. Ikakhulukazi, kube kungagcini lapha, alikho iThikithi Lokungenela elithengwe ngendlela elandelayo noma umklomelo okhokhelwe ngale ndlela elandelayo -

5.1.1 ngumuntu oneminyaka yobudala eyi-18 ebe ezithengela yena noma ethengela omunye umuntu,

5.1.2 ngabaQondisi beNkampani noma amaLungu eBhodi le-National Lotteries, futhi

5.1.3 kanye nabantu abafana nalaba noma abakulo mkhakha njengoba iNkampani inganquma ngezikhathi ezithile.

5.2 Uma kwenzeka, umklomelo ukhokhelwa umuntu ngokuya ngeqembu elilodwa elishiwo kulo Mthetho ongaphezulu lapha, lo mklomelo uzobuyiselwa yilowo muntu eNkampanini ngokuphoqeleka.

5.3 INkampani noma yimuphi uMhwebi, ngokubona kwakhe, angakwenqaba ukuthengisela umuntu noma abantu amaThikithi Okungenela ngaphandle kokuthi anikeze izizathu. Lokhu kungafaka phakathi lezo zimo, ngokubona kwakhe, lapho umuntu noma abantu bedlala ngendlela lapho iNkampani noma uMhwebi ebona sengathi iphazamisa abanye abaDlali ukuba bafinyelele kahle kulowo Mdlalo.

6. Izindleko zokudlala kanye namahora entengiso

6.1 IBhodi LoMdlalo we-PowerBall libiza ama-R3.50 sekufake i-VAT.

6.2 Inani leThikithi Lokungenela Ukudonswa Kaningi kuzoba yisamba sezindleko zamaThikithi Okungenela akhethiwe okuzophindwaphindwa ngenani Lokudonswa Kwezinombolo zoMdlalo uMdlali azikhethile.

6.3 Izindlela Zokungenela i-PowerBall zinikezelwa ukuba zisize abaDlali futhi azithengiswa, futhi azisibona ubufakazi bomdlalo noma bezinombolo ezikhethiwe.

6.4 Amathikithi Okungenela uMdlalo we-PowerBall ayathengiswa phakathi kwehora lesi-06:00 nelesi-23h00 ngezinsuku okungadonswa ngazo ngaphandle kwaMasonto. NgaMasonto, amathikithi angathengwa phakathi kwehora lesi-06h00 nelesi-18h00. Amahora okuhweba kwabaHwebi kanye nemigomo nemibandela yamashaneli entengiso adedelanayo angaba nomkhawulo kumahora entengiso.

6.5 Ngezinsuku zokudonsa izinombolo, intengiso yeMidlalo ye-PowerBall ivalwa cishe sekusele imizuzu engama-30 ngaphambi Kokudonsa ngaphandle uma imigomo nemibandela ye-Alternate Channel icacisa ngesikhathi ngaphambi kwalokho. Izintengiso zizobe seziqala futhi ngosuku olulandelayo.

7. Ukukhansela amaThikithi Okungenela

7.1 AmaThikithi Okungenela kungaba angekho noma akhanselwe –

7.1.1 ngokuya ngoMthetho 7.2, uma kuyiThikithi elithengwe eMshinini weNkampani, futhi

7.1.2 uma imigomo nemibandela yama-Alternate Channels ikuvuma ukukhanselwa kwamaThikithi Okungenela athengwe kuleyo shaneli.

7.2 Lawo Mathikithi athengwe eMshinini weNkampani angakhanselwa, uma ethunyelwa kuleyo Ndawo YomHwebi ewakhiphayo ngemuva kwemizuzu emithathu emva kwesikhathi elithengwe ngalo kodwa engakapheli amahora ama-2 lithengiwe noma ngaphambi kokuvalwa kweNdawo YoMhwebi lapho kukhona khona umshini wokukhipha amathikithi noma ngaphambi kokuvalwa kwentengiso yamathikithi, sekuzoba yilokho okuza kuqala.

7.3 Ukukhanselwa kwamaThikithi Okungenela athengiswa e-Alternate Channels kwenziwa ngokulandela imigomo nemibandela yama-Alternate Channels. Abadlali kumele bazi ukuthi ukukhansela ngeke kuvunywe kulawa mashaneli ngakho kumele ukuba baqinisekise ukuthi balandela izinqubo zokuqinisekisa ngokucophelela kulawa mashaneli.

7.4 Ngesikhathi kukhanselwa iThikithi Lokungenela, uMdlali uzoba nelungelo lokubuyiselwa imali yakhe nguMhwebi elingana naleyo athenge ngayo iThikithi Lokungenela.

7.5 IThikithi Lokudonsa Kaningi lona lingakhanselwa kuphela ngokuhambisana nalokho osekushiwo lapha ngenhla futhi, lokhu kuzokwenziwa ngaphambi Kokudonswa kokuqala ngokuhambisana nokukhishwa kweThikithi.

8. Ukuthwala icala lamaThikithi Okungenela

8.1 Kungumsebenzi woMdlali ukuhlola ngesikhathi ethenga ithikithi ukuthi imininingwane eseThikithini Lokungenela noma Ethikithini elikhishiwe iyahambisana yini nalezo zinombolo ezikhethiwe nokucacisiwe. Ngaphandle kokubeka umkhawulo jikelele mayelana nalo mbandela, imininingwane ifaka phakathi kwezinye izinto, Izinombolo Ezikhethiwe, inani lamaBhodi, usuku Lokudonsa kanye nenani Lokudonsa.

8.2 Ukwamukelwa kweThikithi Lokungenela noma ukuthatha iThikithi kuzobe kusho ukuthi uyakwemukela ukungenela ukudonsa okubekwelapho kanti futhi kuzobe kusho ukuthi uMdlali uyavuma ukuthi izinombolo ezikhonjisiwe khona noma eziphrintwe lapho yilezo ezikhethwe nguMdlali (ngokukhetha ngokufaka izimpawu ngesandla noma noma ngokukhetha nge-Quick Pick) kanye nokuthi yonke imininingwane ekhonjiswe noma ephrintwe lapho yiyo ngempela. Ayikho Indlela Yokungenela (noma Ikhuphoni Eligcwalisiwe) ezoba nesiqinisekiso noma ubufakazi banoma yiyiphi inhloso.

8.3 Ngaphambi kokuba isikhala lapho ugcwalisa khona igama, inombolo kamazisi noma ikheli sigcwaliswa, umnikazi weThikithi elikhishiwe mayelana nalezi zimiso ngaphansi kwale Mithetho, kuzoba nguye umnikazi walelo thikithi ngokuya ngale Mithetho.

8.4 Emva kokugcwaliswa kwesikhala esiseThikithini lapho kugcwaliswa khona igama, inombolo kamazisi kanye nekheli, okuhambisana nalezi zimiso zalo Mthetho, lowo muntu igama lakhe, inombolo kamazisi, noma ikheli okubhalwe kulelo Thikithi kuzoba nguye vo umnikazi weThikithi Lokungenela ngokuhambisana nale Mithetho.

8.5 Kuzobe kusemahlombe akhe yedwa uMdlali mayelana nokugcina iThikithi Lokungenela lakhe liphephile okubalwa nesihumusho salo sekhompyutha.

8.6 INkampani noma yimuphi uMhwebi ngeke abekwe icala mayelana nalokhu okulandelayo –

8.6.1 ukulahleka, ukwebiwa, ukucuywa noma ukonakaliswa kwanoma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela, noma

8.6.2 mayelana nanoma yimaphi amaphutha noma lokho okushiywe ngaphandle mayelana nanoma yimiphi imininingwane eqoshiwe kunoma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela, noma

8.6.3 mayelana nanoma yiyiphi inhlobo yokulahlekelwa kwanoma yimuphi umuntu ngenxa yanoma yisiphi isigameko esifana nalesi noma isimo esinomthelela kunoma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela.

9. Ukudonswa kwemidlalo nge-inthanethi

9.1 Ukudonswa kwe-PowerBall kuzokwenziwa ngoLwesibili nangoLwesihlanu ebusuku noma ezinye izinsuku uma kungenzeka kucaciswe yiNkampani ngemvume yeBhodi ye-National Lotteries.

9.2 INkampani ingakhansela noma yikuphi ukudonswa kwe-PowerBall noma yingasiphi isizathu, ngemvume yeBhodi le-National Lotteries .

9.3 Ukudonswa ngakunye kuzokhonjiswa ngenombolo Yokudonsa.

9.4 Kulokho Kudonswa ngakunye, kuzodonswa amabhola amahlanu ngomshini oqukethe amabhola angamashumi amane nanhlanu anezinombolo ezisuka kweyo-1 kuya kweyama-45 bese kudonswa ibhola elilodwa ngomunye umshini oseceleni wokudonsa izinombolo oqukethe amabhola angamashumi amabili anezinombolo kusukela kweyo-1 kuya kweyama-20.

9.5 Inombolo ewinayo uma Kudonswa yibhola elibhalwe leyo nombolo elifike lihlale lapho okuyindawo yombukiso eyingxenye yomshini wokudonsa.

9.6 Ukudonsa kusuke sekuphothuliwe uma amabhola anezinombolo amahlanu (futhi angekho ngaphansi kwamahlanu) edonswa bese kudonswa nebhola elilodwa elibhaliwe ngokuhambisana nalo Mthetho. Izinombolo ezinhlanu (5) ezidonswe kulezo ezingama-45, Ziyizinombolo Eziqavile. Inombolo ekhethwe kulezo ezingama-20, iyiNombolo ye-PowerBall .

9.7 Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo ngakunye kuzobe kuqashwe ngabaCwaningizimali Abazimele abaqokiwe futhi kuzoba yilokho okungokwamanqamu mayelana nazo zonke izinhloso ngesikhathi kusayinwa Ikhasi Lemiphumela Elisemthethweni (i-Official Result Sheet) yisiKhulu Sokudonswa Kwezinombolo seNkampani bese liphinde lisayinwa uMcwaningizimali Ozimele oqaphile .

9.8 Uma kwenzeka kuba khona okungahambi kahle ngesikhathi kwenziwa Ukudonswa kwezinombolo:

9.8.1 noma yiyiphi inombolo edonswe ngokuhambisana noMthetho 9.4 noMthetho 9.5 ngaphambi kokuphazamiseka kwenqubo izobe isemthethweni futhi kungedonswe ngokufanele; kanti

9.8.2 noma yiyiphi inombolo edonswe emva kokungahambi kahle kwezinto izobe ingadonswanga ngokuhambisana noMthetho 9.4 futhi ngeke kube yileyo esemthethweni nedonswe ngokufanele; kanti

9.8.3 ukudonswa kwezinombolo okusele kuzokwenziwa bese kuthi inani lamabhola asele okusamele ukuba adonswe azodonswa.

9.9 Isinqumo sabaCwaningizimali Abazimele abaqaphile abakhona lapho kudonswa ngesikhathi kuba khona ukuphazamiseka okudale ukungabi semthethweni noma ukuba semthethweni kwanoma yiziphi izinombolo ezidonsiwe kuzoba yileso samanqamu nesiyisibophezelo.

9.10 Mayelana nalo Mthetho, “ukuphazamiseka” kusho ukwehluleka komshini wokudonsa izinombolo noma yinoma yiyiphi ingxenye yawo (noma yikuphi okwenzekayo okudala ukwehluleka komshini wokudonsa noma yinoma yiyiphi ingxenye yawo) ukusebenza ngendlela okufanele ukuba usebenze ngayo ngendlela owakhiwe ngayo okwenza ukuthi Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo kungahambi kahle, ngokubona komCwaningizimali Ozimele.

9.11 Uma kwenzeka ukuthi Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo kungenziwa ngalolo suku olubekiwe noma ngaleso sikhathi okwaziwa ukuthi kwenziwa Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo ngaso, kuzokwenziwa ngokushesha uma sekulungelwe ukuba kungenziwa.

9.12 Konke ukudonswa, uma kulungelwe ukuba kwenziwe, kuzokwenziwa kusakazwe bukhoma kumabonakude bese kuqoshwa emithonjeni ezogcinwa yiNkampani. Uma iNkampani yehluleka ukusakaza noma ukuqopha Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo, noma ukukufaka kuthephu, noma kwenzeka ukuphazamiseka okuncane noma okukhulu ezintweni zobuthekhnikhali, zekhompyutha, noma zemishini okusetshenziselwa ukuqopha noma ukusakaza Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo, Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo ngeke kuthathwe njengokungekho emthethweni.

9.13 INkampani ngeke ibe nesibophezelo sokwenza noma yiyiphi inkokhelo ngenxa yokumenyezelwa kwezinombolo okungezona lezo ezidonsiwe. Uma kwenzeka lokhu, abaCwaningizimali Abazimele bazoziqinisekisa izinombolo okuyizo.

10. Ukushicilelwa kwemiphumela yezinombolo ezidonsiwe

10.1 INkampani izoshicilela imiphumela Yezinombolo Ezidonsiwe ngokushesha uma seyikulungele lokho ngemuva Kokudonswa Kwezinombolo ngakunye. Uma iNkampani yehluleka ukushicilela imiphumela lokho akusho ukuthi kuzobe sekudala ukuba uMdlali aphiwe isinxephezelo.

10.2 Imiphumela izofaka usuku Lokudonswa Kwezinombolo, izinombolo eziwinile, inani lenkokhelo lalelo nalelo thikithi lokungenela kumkhakha womklomelo ngamunye kanye nolunye ulwazi iNkampani enganquma ukulufaka ngezikhathi ezithile.

10.3 Ukusatshalaliswa kanye nokushicilelwa kweziNombolo Eziwinile ngocingo, kwabemithombo yezindaba kanye naseziNdaweni zabaHwebi kuzobe kwenziwa ngenhloso yokudlulisa ezokwazisa nje kuphela, futhi iNkampani ngeke iwukhokhele umklomelo ozobe uncike olwazini olutholakale kunoma yimuphi umthombo ngaphandle kwemiphumela Yokudonswa Kwezinombolo ngokusemthethweni okuqoshwe Ohlelweni Olumaphakathi LweNkampani.

10.4 INkampani ngeke ithwale icala:

10.4.1 uma kuba khona noma yiliphi iphutha elenzeka oshicilelweni, noma ngabe lelo phutha yiphutha lokuphrinta noma elinye nje, oluzobe lusetshenziswa nguMdlali ukuhlola iThikithi Lokungenela noma efaka isibizo somklomelo ngokuya ngalelo phutha; noma

10.4.2 noma yikuphi ukushicilelwa noma ukumenyezelwa kwezinombolo zabadle umhlanganiso noma inani lemali yomklomelo, uma ngabe lolu shicilelo lwenziwe ngaphambi kokuba kuphothulwe izinqubo zokuqinisekisa amanani okukhokhela imiklomelo yiBhodi le-National Lotteries.

10.5 Ukwenzeka kweMithetho 10.4.1 no 10.4.2 ngeke idale ukuba uMdlali athole isinxephezelo.

11. Izinombolo Eziwinile

11.1 mayelana nezimiso zeMithetho, uMdlali kumele, mayelana nanoma yiziphi Izinombolo Ezikhethiwe, enze “QONDANISA EYODWA + EYODWA” noma ezinye izinombolo, ezihambelana nezinombolo eziwinile, uzothola umklomelo kumkhakha ophezulu lapho lezo zinombolo zihambisana.

11.2 UMkhakha Womklomelo wesishiyagalombili kanye nomkhakha womklomelo omncane kunawo wonke usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle inombolo eyodwa kuziNombolo Ezisemqoka ezinhlanu neyodwa ye-PowerBall ezikhethiwe. Lo mkhakha wemiklomelo ubizwa i-QONDANISA EYODWA KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU KANYE NEYODWA KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMABILI (“QONDANISA EYODWA + EYODWA”).

11.3 UMkhakha Womklomelo Wesikhombisa usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle izinombolo ezimbili zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka kanye nenombolo ye-PowerBall. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZIMBILI KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU KANYE NENOMBOLO EYODWA KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMABILI (“QONDANISA EZIMBILI + EYODWA”).

11.3 UMkhakha Womklomelo Wesithupha usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle izinombolo ezintathu zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZINTATHU KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU (“QONDANISA EZINTATHU”)

11.4 UMkhakha WomklomeloWesihlanu usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle izinombolo ezintathu zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka kanye nenombolo ye-PowerBall. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZINTATHU KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU KANYE NENOMBOLO EYODWA KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMABILI (“QONDANISA EZINTATHU+ EYODWA.

11.5 UMkhakha Womklomelo Wesine usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle izinombolo ezine zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZINE KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU (“QONDANISA EZINE”).

11.6 UMkhakha Womklomelo usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle izinombolo ezine zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka kanye nenombolo ye-PowerBall. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZINE KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU KANYE NENOMBOLO EYODWA KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMABILI (“QONDANISA EZINE + EYODWA”).

11.7 UMkhakha Womklomelo Wesibili usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle zonke izinombolo ezinhlanu zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZINHLANU KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU

11.8 UMkhakha Womklomelo Wokuqala usho ukuthi uMdlali uqondanise kahle zonke izinombolo ezinhlanu zezinombolo ezikhethiwe ezinhlanu Zezinombolo Ezisemqoka kanye nenombolo ye-PowerBall. Umkhakha wokuwina ofanele ubizwa QONDANISA IZINOMBOLO EZINHLANU KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMANE NANHLANU KANYE NEYODWA KWEZINGAMASHUMI AMABILI ("QONDANISA EZINHLANU + EYODWA)

12. Ukwabiwa kwemiklomelo kanye nezimo lapho kungekho odle umhlanganiso

12.1 Imali yomklomelo eyabelwe umkhakha womklomelo ngamunye izohlukaniswa ngokulingana ngenani Lezinombolo Eziwinile kulowo mkhakha.

12.2 Uma kwenzeka ukuthi ngesikhathi Kudonswa Izinombolo, abe ngekho odle umhlanganiso kunoma yimiphi kule mikhakha yemiklomelo elandelayo, QONDANISA EZINHLANU, QONDANISA EZINE + EYODWA, QONDANISA EZINE, QONDANISA EZINTATHU + EYODWA, QONDANISA EZINTATHU, QONDANISA EZIMBILI + EYODWA kanye QONDANISA EYODWA + EYODWA, imali yomklomelo kumkhakha othile uzodluliselwa kumkhakha olandelayo.

12.3 Uma kwenzeka ukuthi ngesikhathi Kudonswa Izinombolo, zingabi bikho Izinombolo Ezikhethiwe ezilungele ukuthola umklomelo kumkhakha QONDANISA EZINHLANU + EYODWA imali yomklomelo kulo mkhakha izohlanganiswa nemali yomklomelo we-QONDANISA + EYODWA Ekudonsweni Kwezinombolo ezilandelayo.

12.4 Uma kungekho zinombolo eziwinile ku-QONDANISA EZINHLANU + EYODWA Okuyizinombolo Ezikhethiwe, wonke umthombo womklomelo womkhakha QONDANISA EZINHLANU + EYODWA uzolokhu udluliselwa phambili kuze kube khona owinayo.

12.5 Uma kukhanselwe Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo noma Kukhanselwa Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo ngenxa yanoma yisiphi isizathu, imali yomklomelo yomkhakha QONDANISA EZINHLANU + EYODWA, izodluliselwa phambili ukusuka Ekudonsweni Kwezinombolo okwandulela loko Kudonswa Kwezinombolo Okukhanselwe, izohlanganiswa nemali yomklomelo Wokudonswa Kwezinombolo okulandelayo i-Qondanisa Ezinhlanu + eyodwa.

13. Izibizo Zemiklomelo

13.1 Isikhathi sokubiza umklomelo

13.1.1 imiklomelo kumele ibizwe lingakashayi Ihora le-23h00 ngosuku lwama-365 emva kosuku LOKUDONSWA Kwezinombolo Eziwinile zoMdlalo othile. Uma kwenzeka ukuthi kungabizwa noma yimuphi umklomelo singakapheli lesi sikhathi, umklomelo uzobe usucwila emanzini.

13.1.2 Uma umklomelo ubizwa ngeposi, iNkampani kumele ukuba ithole iThikithi elibhalwe igama, inombolo kamazisi kanye nekheli kuleso sigaba sethikithi lapho kumele kugcwaliswe khona, bese lithunyelwa kuleli kheli elilandelayo singakapheli isikhathi salokho:

Gidani House
Private Bag X130
Halfway House

13.2 Usifaka kanjani isibizo somklomelo

13.2.1 Labo baDlali abakholwa wukuthi bawinile ngesikhathi Kudonswa Izinombolo kumele baqinisekise ukuwina kwabo (bheka uMthetho 14 lapha ngezansi) Ohlelweni Olumaphakathi LweNkampani njengalabo abaneThikithi Lokungenela eliwinile ngokuba benze lokhu: Bafake isibizo somklomelo eHhovisi le-National Lottery, noma Bathumele isibizo semali yomklomelo yama-R50 000, okuzobe kusengcupheni yombizimklomelo, ngokuposa iThikithi eliwinile kanye nekhophi yencwadi kamazisi yombizimklomelo eqinisekisiwe kanye nekheli ahlala kulo kulelo kheli elinikeziwe kuMthetho 13.1.2, noma Aye neThikithi kunoma yiyiphi iNdawo yomHwebi we-National Lottery.

13.2.2 Ukuthunyelwa kwanoma yimuphi umklomelo weThikithi Lokungenela eliwinile kusemahlombe oMdlali futhi kuzokhokhelwa nguMdlali.

13.2.3 Umbizimklomelo unalo ilungelo lokubiza kuphela umklomelo osezingeni eliphezulu awulungele ngezinombolo eziwinile, hhayi nanoma yimuphi umkhakha womklomelo ophansi noma umklomelo ongabizwanga Ekudonsweni Kwezinombolo okuthile noma kumthombo wemiklomelo.

13.2.4 Inkampani izokwazi lowo muntu kuphela okunguye umnikazi oyeka iThikithi Lokungenela ngaphandle uma kuba nesimo lapho iNkantolo yamalungelo amandla omthetho iyalela okungumnikazi, ngeke ibophezeleke ukwenza isaziso noma ukuqinisekisa ukudluliswa kwanoma yiyiphi i-trust eshiwo, eqondwe nganoma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela okungenzeka lincike kulokhu.

13.2.5 Nokho noma yisiphi isimiselo esiqukethwe kule Mithetho, iNkampani kungadingeka ukuthi noma yimuphi UMdlali ofaka isibizo somklomelo agcwalise Incwadi Efungelwe ngaphambi kokukhokhelwa lo mklomelo, ukukhombisa ukuthi nguye uMdlali ongumnikazi weThikithi Lokungenela futhi unelungelo ngokusemthethweni ukuthola umklomelo walo.

13.3 Izibizo zemiklomelo ezithunyelwa ngeposi (Bheka uMthetho

13.3.1 Ubufakazi bokuposa ngeke bemukelwe njengobufakazi bobunikazi noma bokudiliva iThikithi Lokungenela.

13.3.2 UMdlali uzokwamukela bonke ubungozi, ukulahlekelwa, ukubambezeleka, amaphutha, noma ukushiywa kokunye ngaphandle okungenzeka eposini futhi iNkampani ngeke ibophezeleke ukuba ithumele imali ngeposi elibhalisiwe, eliqoshiwe noma eliphephile.

13.3.3 IThikithi elithunyelwe ngeposi kumele libe negama kanye nekheli lalowo ofaka isibizo somklomelo ngemuva. Uma iThikithi elingenagama, izinombolo zikamazisi kanye nekheli, lithunyelwa ngeposi ku-National Lottery lihamba nencwadi ebhalwe yilowo muntu ofaka isibizo somklomelo, inkokhelo izokwenziwa ngokuhambisana nezimiso zale Mithetho, kuzokhokhelwa lowo muntu igama lakhe elivela kuleyo ncwadi okwenziwa ngayo isibizo somklomelo.

13.3.4 Uma iThikithi lithunyelwa ku-National Lottery lingenagama, inombolo kamazisi noma ikheli ngemuva, okuzokwenza ukuba iNkampani ingakwazi ukubona ukuthi ngubani umnikazi weThikithi, Inkampani izoyibamba inkokhelo yanoma yimuphi umklomelo kuze kuphela leso sikhathi esibekiwe sokubizwa kwemiklomelo esihambisana nalelo Thikithi elithunyelwe noma izolibamba ize ikwazi ukuthola umnikazi weThikithi.

13.4 Ifomu Yokufaka Isibizo Somklomelo

13.4.1 Ababizimiklomelo kumele bagcwalise iFomu Lesibizo mayelana nayo yonke imiklomelo yemali engaphezu kwama-R5 000.

13.4.2 INkampani iyaligodla ilungelo, ngokubona kwayo, ukuze idinge ukuba kugcwaliswe iFomu Lokufaka Isibizo mayelana nanoma yisiphi isibizo somklomelo soMdlalo we-PowerBall.

13.4.3 IFomu Lesibizo kumele ukuba ligcwaliswe igama lomnikazi oyedwa kuphela weThikithi Lokungenela eliwinile. Noma kunjalo, iNkampani kungenzeka kwezinye izikhathi isiphanyeke lesi sidingo mayelana nesibizo somklomelo othile, lokhu kuphanyeka kumele ukuba kubhalwe phansi futhi kuhambisane nemigomo nemibandela enjengalena, njengoba kuzodingwa yiNkampani.

13.4.4 Wonke amaFomu kumele agcwaliswe asayinwe ngumbizimklomelo noma umphathiswa wakhe osemthethweni.

13.4.5 INkampani inalo ilungelo lokwenqaba ukukhokha uma noma yiyiphi iFomu Yesibizo ingagcwalisiwe ngokugcwele.

13.4.6 Uma umbizimklomelo engakwazi ukugcwalisa iFomu Lesibizo ngenxa yezizathu zomthetho, zesimo somzimba, noma zokunye ukukhubazeka, umphathiswa wombizimklomelo ogunyazwe ngokusemthethweni uzogcwalisa bese esayina iFomu Lesibizo egameni lakhe.

13.4.7 IFomu Lesibizo kumele libe negama lombizimklomelo kanye/noma lomphathiswa ogunyaziwe futhi lichaze mayelana nesiginisha, uma kungeyona leyo yombizimklomelo. INkampani inalo ilungelo lokucela ubufakazi besimo sezomthetho somphathiswa ogunyazwe ukuba afake isibizo somklomelo.

13.4.8 Uma lowo muntu osayina iFomu Lesibizo engumphathiswa wamafa oMdlali oseshonile, lowo muntu kumele ukuba athumele iFomu Lesibizo lihambe nalezo zincwadi ezikhombisa lokho njengoba iNkampani ingabona kwenele ngokuya ngayo ilungelo lalo mphathiswa ukuba athole lowo mklomelo.

13.4.9 Lowo muntu osayina iFomu Lesibizo uzobe ezethulile ukuthi nguye onelungelo elisemthethweni lokubiza Umklomelo, ulwazi oluqukethwe lapho kuzobe kuyilo futhi kuwulwazi olugcwele, futhi uzokhulula iNkampani ekuyithweseni icala mayelana nanoma yiziphi izibizo ezimayelana neThikithi Lokungenela noma ukuthunyelwa komklomelo okungadalwa yinoma yikuphi ukungaqondisisani.

13.4.10 Uma kwenzeka ukuthi kukhona okungafani kolwazi oluthunyelwe eFomini Lesibizo kanye/noma eThikithini Lokungenela noma mayelana noma yisiphi esinye isizathu njengokubona kwayo, iNkampani ingenza uphenyo futhi igodle yonke imiklomelo okumele ukuba ithunyelwe kumbizimklomelo (noma yenze leyo nkokhelo enkantolo) kuze kube yileso sikhathi umbizimklomelo enelisa iNkampani ngokuthi nguye qobo umuntu okumele ukuba akhokhelwe umklomelo.

14. Ukuqinisekiswa kweThikithi Lokungenela

14.1 Ngaphambi kokukhokhelwa komklomelo ngeThikithi Lokungenela, kumele ukuba liqinisekiswe ngokuya ngezinqubo zokuqinisekisa zeNkampani.

14.2 INkampani inalo ilungelo lokumemezela ukuthi iThikithi Lokungenela alikho emthethweni, futhi ngenxa yalokhu ngeke ibophezeleke ukuba ikhokhele umklomelo, uma iThikithi Lokungenela -

14.2.1 likhanseliwe, ngokuya ngenqubo okuyiyo yeNkampani yokukhansela noma likhanselwe ngokunye;

14.2.2 liyithikithi mbumbulu, kunengxenye yalo efojiwe noma lifojwe lonke noma lehluleka ukuphumelela ukuhlolweni kwezokuphepha okwenziwa yiNkampani;

14.2.3 licuyiwe, lishitshiwe, lingafundeki, lingaphelele noma liphazanyisiwe ngandlela thizeni;

14.2.4 uma lingafinyelelanga kuyiNkampani noma uMhwebi kwaze kwadlula isikhathi esibekiwe kuMthetho 13.1;

14.2.5 uma lingaveli ohlwini lweNkampani lwamaThikithi Okungenela athengisiwe ukuze adonswe, ligcinwe Ohlwini Olumaphakathi lweNkampani, noma imininingwane yeThikithi Lokungenela lingaqondani ngakho konke mayelana nokuqoshwe kukhompyutha okumayelana nalelo Thikithi Lokungenela; noma

14.2.6 lingakhishwanga noma lingathengiswanga ngendlela egunyazwe yiNkampani, uMhwebi ogunyaziwe we-National Lottery noma yi-Alternate Channel egunyaziwe.

14.3 INkampani inalo futhi ilungelo lokumemezela ukuthi lelo Thikithi Lokungenela alikho emthethweni uma –

14.3.1 Isiriyali nombolo yeThikithi Lokungenela eliwinile ingaveli ohlwini lweNkampani lwamaSiriyali Nombolo amaThikithi Okungenela awinile noma kuyiThikithi Lokungenela Elisemthethweni Eliwinile elinaleyo Siriyali Nombolo eselakhokhelwa phambilini; noma

14.3.2 Linanoma yiyiphi inombolo kulelo Thikithi engekho nhlobo noma engafundeki sampela.

14.4 INkampani inalo ilungelo lokugodla inkokhelo yanoma yimuphi umklomelo ize yeneliseke ngokugcwele ukuthi noma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela Lisemthethweni kanye nokuthi lowo mbizimklomelo nguye ngempela odle umhlanganiso, futhi inalo ilungelo lokufuna ubufakazi bukamazisi kanye nesikhundla akuso esenza ukuba kube nguye ofaka isibizo somklomelo.

14.5 INkampani inalo ilungelo lokuthatha umbizimklomelo isithombe ngezizathu zokuphepha.

15. Izibizo ezingavunywanga

15.1 Ngaphambi kokukhokhelwa komklomelo nangaphambi kokuphelelwa yisikhathi kwalelo Thikithi Lokungenela ngokuya ngoMthetho 13.1, uMdlali angafaka isibizo esibhalwe phansi kuyiNkampani ngokusithumela ehhovisi elibhalisiwe leNkampani uma:

15.1.1 iNkampani ingaqinisekisi umklomelo ngesikhathi kulethwa iThikithi Lokungenela kuyo;

15.1.2 uMdlali ekholelwa wukuthi iThikithi Lokungenela lakhe alihlolwanga kahle; noma

15.1.3 uMdlali engakwazi ukuveza iThikithi Lokungenela lowo Mdlali afaka isibizo somklomelo ngalo.

15.2 Uma isibizo somklomelo sithunyelwa kuyiNkampani ngokuhambisana noMthetho 15.1, iNkampani izozama ngokushesha ukuxazulula udaba lwesibizo, izothumelela umbizimklomelo isaziso ngokushesha mayelana nesinqumo seNkampani esimayelana nesibizo, nokuthi uMdlali angakwazi ukucela iBhodi le-National Lotteries ukuba libuyekeze isinqumo zingakapheli zinsuku ezingama-21 ethole isaziso.

15.3 Ukudluliselwa kodaba loMdlali kuyiBhodi ye-National Lotteries kumele kwenziwe zingakapheli izinsuku ezingama-21 emva kokuthola isaziso seNkampani.

15.4 Uma ukudluliselwa kwenziwa ngale ndlela, iBhodi le-National Lotteries lingakwazi ukwenza noma yiluphi uphenyo iBhodi elibona ukuthi kumele lwenziwe ukuze kuxazululwe udaba olubangwayo.

15.5 Isinqumo seBhodi le-National Lotteries siyisibophezelo kuMdlali neNkampani.

16. Ukukhokhelwa Komklomelo

16.1 Yonke imiklomelo ye-PowerBall izokhokhelwa ngokuhambisana Nezinqubo zeNkampani Zokukhokhelwa Kwemiklomelo.

16.2 Ukukhokhelwa komklomelo kumuntu obhalwe kuFomu Lesibizo noma umphathiswa wakhe ogunyaziwe kuzokhulula ngokugcwele iNkampani, izikhulu zayo, abasebenzi, abaphathiswa, amankontileka kanye nanoma yimuphi umuntu, ifemu, inkampani egunyazwe yiNkampani ukukhokhela imiklomelo ye-PowerBall ekuthwalisweni icala lokukhokhela lowo mklomelo.

16.3 Yonke imiklomelo izokhokhwa ngerandi laseNingizimu Afrika (ZAR) elinenani elikhangiswe yiNkampani njengamadividendi esizokhokhelwa lowo mklomelo wethikithi lokungenela eliwinile.

16.4 INkampani ingeke ithweswe icala lokukhokhela inzalo kunoma yimuphi umklomelo mayelana nanoma yisiphi isikhathi ngesikhathi kuqhubeka isikhathi sokuhlola noma sokuphenya mayelana nanoma yiliphi iThikithi Lokungenela elethuliwe ngumbizimklomelo ukuze likhokhelwe, noma nganoma ngasiphi isikhathi lapho bekuxazululwa ngaso umbango mayelana nokuqinisekisa iThikithi Lokungenela noma isibizo esingakaxazululwa.

16.5 iNkampani izokhokhela umbizimklomelo ngesheke noma iyikhokhele Ngohlelo Lokudlulisela Imali ngokuhambisana nezinqubo zeNkampani uma zonke izidingo zokuqinisekiswa kweThikithi ezibaluliwe kule mithetho sekuhlangatshezwane nazo.

16.6 Uma kukhokhelwa iThikithi Lokudonswa Kaningi, ukudonswa kwalo kungakaphothulwa, leli Thikithi kumele ukuba ligcinwe nguMdlali ukuze akwazi ukufaka zonke izibizo zemiklomelo ezingabakhona kunoma yikuphi okunye Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo esikhathini esizayo kwaleli Thikithi.

16.7 Imiklomelo yemali efika kuma-R50, iyakhokhelwa yibo bonke abaHwebi. AbaHwebi bayayikhokhela imali engama-R5 000 ngokuya ngokubona kwabo.

16.8 Imiklomelo ephakathi kwama-R5 001-R50 000 ikhokhelwa kuphela Esikhungwini Esikhokhela Imiklomelo Esigunyaziwe (amakheli ayatholakala kunoma yimuphi umHwebi noma ngokushayela "Ucingo Losizo" lwabaDlali) kanti laba babizimiklomelo kumele ukuba bagcwalise iFomu Lesibizo Somklomelo bese benikezela nangobufakazi bomazisi.

16.9 Imiklomelo engaphezu kwama-R50 000 ingakhokhelwa kuphela ngokuyinika umbizimklomelo esandleni noma umphathiswa wakhe ogunyaziwe eHhovisi le-National Lottery emva kokugcwalisa iFomu Lokubiza Umklomelo kanye nokuhlolwa kukamazisi.

16.10 Uma kwenzeka ukuthi iThikithi Lokungenela elilodwa liqukethe imidlalo eminingi ewinile, Ngezinombolo Ezikhethiwe ngakunye, isamba senani lemiklomelo sizokhokhelwa ngokuhambisana nohlelo lokukhokhelwa kwemiklomelo olucaciswe kuMthetho 16.1.

16.11 Ayikho iNkampani noma yimuphi umHwebi ozothweswa icala lokukhokhela umuntu ofaka isibizo somklomelo inzalo yanoma eyangaluphi uhlobo lokulahlekelwa noma lokwebelwa iThikithi Lokungenela ngenxa yokukhokhelwa umnikazi umklomelo weThikithi elingasayinwanga noma ukukhokhelwa komuntu ozenza lowo muntu okuyigama lakhe, inombolo kamazisi noma ikheli elibhalwe eThikithini, kungakhathaleki ukuthi ukulahleka noma ukwebiwa kweThikithi Lokungenela kwabikelwa iNkampani ngaphambi kokukhokhelwa komklomelo. Ngaphandle kokuthweswa icala kulokhu osekushiwo ngenhla, iNkampani izozama ngakho konke okusemandleni ukuqinisekisa ukuthi noma yimuphi umHwebi noma yibaphi abantu okuyibo abakhokhela imiklomelo benze ukuhlola mayelana nomazisi kanye nokunye ukuphepha njengoba iNkampani ngokuya ngokubona kwayo ngezikhathi ezithile kufanele ukuba kwenziwe lokhu mayelana nanoma yikuphi ukukhokhelwa kwenani lemali yomklomelo othile.
16.12 Uma kwenzeka ukuthi iNkampani, ngokubona kwayo, ikholelwa wukuthi umnikazi weThikithi olilethe ukuba likhokhelwe noma lowo muntu igama lakhe, inombolo kamazisi noma ikheli elifakwe ngemuva kwethikithi noma lowo ogcwalise iFomu Lesibizo akusiye umnikazi wangempela noma akanalo ilungelo ngokusemthethweni lokukhokhelwa lo mklomelo, izoba nalo igunya lokugodla inkokhelo yanoma yimuphi umklomelo isikhathi esingangezinsuku ezingama-365 emva kwalokho kudoswa kwezinombolo, okuzobe kuncike kumphumela wakho konke ukuhlola nokuphenya ngemibuzo okufanele.

16.13 INkampani ingeke ithweswe icala ngokungawukhokheli noma yimuphi umklomelo weThikithi Lokungenela, eyaziyo ukuthi noma esola ukuthi liphinde lathengiswa noma lidluliselwe ngendlela yokuhweba ngalo.

16.14 INkampani ingeke isifake isicelo enkantolo yamalungelo amandla ezomthetho ukunquma ukuthi lowo okudinga ukuba akhokhelwe umklomelo nguye yini umnikazi osemthethweni kunoma yisiphi isimo esithile.

16.15 Ngaphandle kwalokho osekushiwo lapha ngenhla, ilungelo lokuthola umklomelo lanoma yimuphi umuntu ngeke lidluliselwe komunye.

16.16 Asikho isimo lapho noma yimuphi umklomelo ukhokhelwe ngempahla noma ngamasevisi esikhundleni sokunikwa imali, isheke, noma imali idluliselwe ku-akhawunti yakhe.

16.17 INkampani izokhokhela umphathiswa ogunyaziwe walowo muntu ongaphansi komthetho noma onokunye ukukhubazeka. INkampani ingasifaka isicelo enkantolo yamalungelo amandla omthetho ukuze ithole umuntu okumele ukuba akhokhelwe ngokusemthethweni kunoma yisiphi isimo esithile; futhi ngaphandle kwalokho osekushiwo ngaphezulu, ilungelo lanoma yimuphi umuntu lokuthola umklomelo angeke lidluliselwe komumye umuntu.

17. Umkhawulo wokuthwala icala

17.1 Ngaphandle kwalokho osekucacisiwe esivumelwaneni esibhalwe phansi esiphakathi kweNkampani nomHwebi i-ejenti yentengiso, iNkampani ngeke ilithwale icala lanoma yisiphi isenzo noma ukushiyeka ngaphandle okwenziwe ngumHwebi noma i-ejenti, okungekho kule Mithetho.

17.2 Uma kuthengwe iThikithi Elonakele, kuzobe kungelingekho futhi iNkampani izothwala icala lokubuyisela imali lelo thikithi elithengwe ngayo kuphela.

17.3 Uma kuthengwe iThikithi, elikhanselwe noma ngabe likhanselwe ngokuvamile ngokulandela izinqubo zokukhansela zeNkampani noma lokhu kwenziwe ngokunye, icala iNkampani (noma umHwebi) ezolithwala kuzoba ukubuyisela imali iThikithi elithengwe ngayo kuphela.

17.4 Alikho icala elizothwalwa yiNkampani noma ngumHwebi mayelana nanoma yiziphi izimo lapho kube nanoma yiluphi uhlobo lokulahlekelwa, okubalwa kodwa kube kungagcini lapho, ukulahleka okungekho ngqo noma okudalwe ngumphumela othile okwenzeke kunoma yimuphi uMdlali, noma yimuphi umnikazi weThikithi, noma yimuphi umbizimklomelo noma yimuphi omunye umuntu okudalwe ngukuhoxiswa kwanoma yimuphi uMdlalo noma okudalwe ukubamba iqhaza noma ukungabambi iqhaza kwanoma yimuphi umuntu kunoma yimuphi uMdlalo, okubalwa ukulahleka, ngenxa yanoma yisiphi isizathu, kwethuba lokubamba iqhaza eMdlalweni ofana nalo. Ikakhulukazi, kodwa ngaphandle kokuthwala icala mayelana nokuvama ukwenzeka kwalokhu osekushiwo, iNkampani noma yimuphi umHwebi angeke athwale icala mayelana nanoma yimuphi umuntu uma kwenzeka isigameko sendluzula.

17.5 INkampani izothwala noma yiliphi icala mayelana noMdlali elidalwe yinoma yisiphi isitatimende mayelana Nokudonswa Kwezinombolo okwenziwe (noma yibuphi ubudedengu obenziwe) ngumsebenzi, isisebenzi, i-ejenti noma usonkontileka weNkampani noma yimuphi omunye umuntu, ngokukhokhela kuphela izindleko zeThikithi Lokungenela loMdlali kulokho Kudonswa Kwezinombolo.

17.6 Uma kwenzeka uMdlali elahlekelwa noma onakalelwa ngenxa kwanoma yisiphi isenzo esingekho emthethweni somsebenzi, sesisebenzi, se-ejenti noma sikasonkontileka weNkampani noma wanoma yimuphi umHwebi noma omunye umuntu noma ngenxa yanoma yimuphi umlilo, izikhukhula, isivunguvungu, isichotho, izibhelu, ukuphazamiseka komaphakathi, ukukhiyelwa ngaphandle, isiteleka noma ukwehluleka kokusebenza kwezinto zokusebenza, noma yiliphi icala elizothweswa iNkampani kulowo Mdlali kuzoba kuphela ukukhokhela iThikithi Lokungenela loMdlali kulokho Kudonswa Kwezinombolo
17.7 INkampani inelungelo lokumisa okwesikhashana noma ukuhoxisa kanye/noma ukumisa okwesikhashana ukudlalwa kwanoma yimuphi uMdlalo kunoma yimuphi Umshini weNkampani noma i-Alternate Channel ngokubona kwayo noma yingasiphi isikhathi ngenxa yalokhu:

17.7.1 Ukuhluleka ukusebenza, noma ukonakala noma ukulimala koHlelo Olumaphakathi noma amarekhodi, noma ingxenye yawo, noma;

17.7.2 Ukubambezeleka, ukulahlekelwa, iphutha, noma ukushiywa ngaphandle kokunye noma okwenziwe yimisebenzi yeposi noma ukudilivwa kweminye imisebenzi noma kohlelo lwezamabhange, noma;

17.7.3 Noma yisiphi esinye isenzo noma isigameko, okuvimbela noma okuphazamisa ukuqinisekiswa kweThikithi Lokungenela elisemthethweni, ukukhishwa kweThikithi elisemthethweni, noma isenzo sokwenqaba ukuthengisela noma yimuphi umuntu iThikithi Lokungenela ngokuhambisana nale Mithetho.

18. Ukubuyiselwa imali kwezinye izimo ezithile

18.1 Uma Kukhanselwe Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo iNkampani:

18.1.1 Izobuyisela uMdlali othenge iThikithi Lokungenela Lokudonswa Okukhanselwe kuphela noma iThikithi Lokudonswa Kaningi Lokungenela Okukhanselwe kanye nokunye Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo, inani elilingana naleyo ngxenye yeThikithi Lokungenela elithengiwe Lokudonswa Okukhanselwe;

18.1.2 Izobuyisela ama-Subscribers ane-Mail Subscription esemthethweni Yokudonswa Kwezinombolo okubalwa Nokudonswa Okukhanselwe ingxenye yenani ekhokhwe yi-Subscriber mayelana naleyo Subscription ekhokhelwe Yokudonswa Kwezinombolo Okukhanselwe; futhi

18.1.3 uMdlali oneThikithi Lokudonswa Kwezinombolo Okukhanselwe uzokhokhelwa inani ebelizokhokhelwa uMdlali ngokufanele uma uMdlali ubethenge iThikithi kumHwebi.

18.2 Noma yikuphi ukubuyiselwa imali noma ukukhokhelwa ngaphansi komthetho 18.1.1 no 18.1.2 ngaphezulu ngokulandelana kumele uMdlali kube nguye ofaka isibizo. Izindlela zokufaka izibizo, zokukhokhokhelwa, zokuqinisekisa izibizo ngokuncike ku- 18.3 lapha ngezansi, isikhathi sokufaka lezi zibizo sizonqunywa yiNkampani ngokubona kwayo ngezikhathi ezithile kodwa ngokuncike esivumelwaneni esenziwe ngaphambili seBhodi le-National Lotteries. Umdlali kungenzeka ukuba kudingeke ukuba aveze iThikithi Lokungenela ngaphambi kokubuyiselwa imali noma ngaphambi kokukhokhelwa. Isikhathi okuqondiswe kuso ku-18.2 lapha ngenhla kuzoba yilesi sikhathi esiphela zingakapheli izinsuku ezingama-90 emva kosuku Lokukhanselwa Kokudonswa Kwezinombolo.

18.3 Noma yikuphi ukubuyiselwa imali ngaphansi kuka-18.1.2 ngenhla kuzokwenziwa singakapheli leso sikhathi, njengoba iNkampani ngokubona kwayo izonquma ngezikhathi ezithile kodwa okuzobe kuncike kusivumelwane sangaphambili seBhodi le-National Lotteries.

18.4 INkampani noma yimuphi umHwebi ngeke ngaphansi kwanoma ngasiphi isimo akhokhe inzalo mayelana nemali noma nokukhokhelwa ngaphansi kwalo Mthetho 18.

18.5 Mayelana nokugwema ukungabaza, le ndima ngeke isebenze mayelana nanoma yikuphi Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo, okubambezelekile noma okuhlehlisiwe, noma mayelana nanoma yikuphi Ukudonswa Kwezinombolo, okuchazwa njengokukhanselwe.

19. Isinqumo seNkampani siyabophezela

19.1 Isinqumo seNkampani noma ngabe iThikithi Lokungenela liyawina noma aliwini noma mayelana nanoma yiluphi udaba noma umbango odalwa yinkokhelo noma ukwabelwa noma ukungakhokhelwa noma ukungabelwa kwemiklomelo kuzoba yileso samanqamu nesibophezelayo kubo bonke abadlali nakomunye umuntu noma abantu ababandakanyekayo odabeni noma kumbango. Mayelana nombango omayelana neThikithi Lokungenela eliwinile, ifomu Yesibizo, noma inkokhelo noma ukwabelwa, iNkampani ingayigodla inkokhelo noma ukwabela noma yimuphi umklomelo kanye/noma yenze inkokhelo enkantolo elinganayo kuze kuxazululeke umbango.

20. Umthetho

20.1 Le Mithetho kumele ukuba yongamelwe futhi ihunyushwe ngakho konke ngokuhambisana nemithetho yaseNingizimu Afrika futhi izinkantolo zaseNingizimu Afrika yizo ezizoba namalungelo amandla ezomthetho.

21. Ezinye izilimi

21.1 Imithetho Yomdlalo we-PowerBall ingatholakala nangezinye izilimi uma ufaka isicelo salokho kuyi-National Lottery, Private Bag X130, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 noma ushayele ‘Inombolo Yosizo’ yabaDlali kule nombolo: 0800 777 777 (Engakhokhelwa) phakathi kwehora lesi-06h00 nele- 23h00 zonke izinsuku noma wethule ikhophi kule webhusayithi:

22. Indlela Yokuziphatha Kwababambe Iqhaza

22.1 Indlela Youziphatha Kwababambe iqhaza ingatholakala ngokufaka isicelo ku- National Lottery, Private Bag X130, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685 noma ushayele ‘Inombolo Yosizo’ yabaDlali kule nombolo: 0800 777 777 (Engakhokhelwa) phakathi kwehora lesi-06h00 nele- 23h00 zonke izinsuku noma wethule ikhophi kule webhusayithi:

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