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SportStake - Frequently Asked Questions

What is SportStake?

SportStake is the name of the first Sports Pool Game to be launched by the National Lottery. Players will be able to test their ability to correctly predict soccer match outcomes on predetermined Fixtures by forecasting home wins, draws and away wins.
How will the new Game work?
  • SportStake Fixture lists (the soccer Fixtures which players will bet on during the week) will be released every Monday.
  • Players will have to predict the outcomes of 12 predetermined Fixtures drawn from local, English and other football Leagues - at a cost of R1 per wager combination.
  • A Player can select a minimum of one and a maximum of three outcomes per Fixture. For each additional outcome placed on one specific Fixture, the player will pay an additional R1.00.
  • A valid wager must consist of a minimum of twelve selections (one per Fixture).
  • The maximum wager per play coupon is R1,000.00.    
Where do I get the week's Fixtures and Results?
  • The SportStake Fixture lists and results will be available at all National Lottery outlets from a Monday. It will also be possible to obtain these through the media such as newspapers and TV.
  • Players could also obtain these details from the National Lottery website ( or from Gidani or call centre on 0800 777 777.
Where and when can I buy Tickets for the SportStake Game?
Tickets can be purchased at any existing Lottery outlet on:
  • Monday to Friday from 06h00 - 23h00.
  • Saturday from 06:00 until 30 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the first Fixture for any of the Games on the weekend Fixture list.
Will there be a QuickPick or Multi-Draw option when playing SportStake?
No. These features will not be available with SportStake.
Can Players buy the SportStake Tickets through subscription?
No. The Subscription Service is not available for the SportStake Game.
How many Prize Divisions in SportStake and how many Games do I have to correctly predict the outcome of in order to win a prize?
Prize Division Correct Predictions
1 12
2 11
3 10
What happens if a Fixture is abandoned or cancelled?
  • Every prediction for that Fixture event would then be considered a correct prediction. If a Fixture starts before the close of sales as indicated in the Rules, every prediction for that Fixture will be considered a correct prediction.
  • Fixture Results will display a 'C' for cancelled fixture, 'E' for Early Fixture or 'F' for both. Every wager with one of these letters is a winning wager.
How will the Prize Divisions work?
The allocated Prize Fund for the SportStake Game will be 50% of Total net sales. The Prize Divisions will be as follows:
Prize Division Prize Division Pool Percentages
Division 1 (Jackpot) 35%
Division 2 20%
Division 3 45%
What happens to the Jackpot prize if it is not won? Does a rollover of the Jackpot prize occur?
  • Yes. When there are no winners in Division One, the Jackpot prize will roll over to the next Fixture list Division One prize pool.
  • Division One Jackpots can roll over a maximum of nine Fixture lists.
  • If the tenth Fixture list Jackpot amount is not won, it will be split equally amongst the Divisions that produced winners.
How much will a Ticket cost?
A minimum price of R1 per wager will be set across the 12-Fixture list with multiple wagers costing a further R1 per combination. The maximum wager size per coupon will be set at R1,000.
What are the odds of winning a prize with SportStake?
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