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How to play SportStake


The SportStake game involves the correct prediction of the outcomes of several football matches. In particular, Players will have to predict the outcomes (1, X, 2) of 12 predetermined matches drawn from South African, English and other identified professional soccer fixtures.

Definitions of fixture result predictions (1,X,2)

  1. (1) A Home Win: When the Team mentioned first on the fixture list wins a specified fixture.
  2. (X) A Draw: A result when two teams finish with the same score in the specified fixture.
  3. (2) An Away Win: When the Team mentioned last on the fixture list wins a specified fixture.

How to Play the SportStake game

Valid Wager

  1. A listing of 12 fixtures will be published for each fixture list. Teams included in each of the fixtures are listed in the order of Home Team versus Visiting Team. As such, the team mentioned first will always be the Home Team. Provided that where a fixture is played at a neutral venue for whatever reason, the Home Team will be the team mentioned first on the published fixture list.
  2. For each fixture, a player must select a Home Win, a Draw; or an Away Win.
  3. A Player can select a minimum of one and a maximum of three boards per coupon.
  4. A valid wager must consist of a minimum of twelve selections (i.e., one selection per fixture).

Multiple Wager

  1. A valid multiple wager must consist of more than one outcome prediction for one or more of the specified fixtures.
  2. The minimum price for a wager is R1.00 per board including VAT.

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