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    Draw Show FAQs

    What are the changes to the show?

    In the new shows the winning numbers are drawn using industry leading technology called a random number generator, which is currently being used for our PICK 3 and Raffle Draws, instead of the traditional ball machines. The winning numbers are displayed using animation and graphics.

    The numbers are no longer drawn live on the show. Instead they are generated immediately after 20.30 when sales close, approximately 30 minutes before the show is broadcast.

    The shows contain a rich variety of constantly changing new content, from videos of lottery winners to items featuring the good causes the lottery money is funding.

    Why are the TV Draw Shows being changed?

    The TV show format has not undergone any significant change, other than cosmetically, for the last 18 years since the launch of the first national lottery in South Africa. This is an overhaul of what is becoming an outdated way of broadcasting television draw shows. Internationally, licence operators are way ahead in terms of using random number generator technology to draw the winning numbers.

    After 18 years of much the same format, Ithuba felt that now was the right time for the South African lottery to upgrade its television draw shows. The refreshed shows are part of a programme of other technological advances being implemented across the lottery – from the design of a new lottery app and an e-commerce website right through to its programme of innovative new game launches.

    When will the changes be effective?

    The new Powerball show airs on Friday 8th September, with the new Lotto show following the day after, Saturday September 9th . The shows will then continue as current, with Powerball being aired at 21.00 on eTV every Tuesday and Friday and Lotto at 20.56 on SABC2 every Wednesday and Saturday.

    How do the changes affect me as a player?

    These changes do not impact at all on players’ ability to get the winning numbers. It is an exciting development for our players because the shows will be also be more entertaining, informative and educational.

    Players have access to lottery news as it comes fresh off the shelf, new product launches and winner information. The Show will now include Tips and ‘Did you know’ features for certain games. It is a whole new programme all by itself!

    The winning results will continue to be communicated in all current other channels – the lottery website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the media.

    The changes seem to have happened quickly with little warning. Why the apparent urgency?

    The new draws have been planned for a long time, as part of Ithuba’s programme of innovation. Undertaking a revamp of this nature is time consuming and labour intensive. The state-of-the-art technology employed in this new production requires that all the necessarily checks and balances are done rigorously before the launch. We wanted to make sure the required standards have been upheld and that nothing was left to chance and hence has been approved by the NLC.

    How can the player be assured that this computerised system is not rigged?

    The Ithuba random number generator is certified as random by a world leading draw verification standards company (GLI) and is the same system that is being used by many other lotteries worldwide.

    The winning numbers are not drawn until sales close at 20.30 so it is impossible for anyone to be aware of, and take advantage of, the winning numbers.

    There is no human intervention at all with this system – the winning numbers are automatically generated at the Ithuba Data Centre, are converted to a data-encrypted file before being securely transferred to the draw show operations at Red Pepper in Linden where the files are decrypted in the presence of the Auditors.

    The entire process is audited by independent auditors, Mazars, as is currently the case, and has also been approved by The National Lottery Commission.

    Ithuba lottery players are not new to the random number generator system as this is the technology presently deployed to draw the winning numbers for the Pick 3 and Raffle games.

    These changes look more like they are all about saving costs. What exactly are the ticket holders getting back from Ithuba?

    The change to the draw shows is just one of many upgrades that Ithuba has made, and will be making, across the lottery. This is huge investment that we believe our players deserve. We operate in an environment where technology is key – key to providing a world-class service and bringing value-add to our players. Millions of South Africans can now enjoy advances in this area too like the rest of other lottery players in various other parts of the developed world.

    What about the presenters? Will you still be using them?

    The current presenters will continue to be used, for a time. They will open and provide a voice over for each show.