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    FAQ Eaziwin

    What is EAZiWIN?

    EAZiWIN is an electronic game that replaces scratch cards through the use of modern technology
    It is an instant play and instant win game. There is no need to wait for a draw, PLAY and WIN.

    EAZiWIN is a combination of locally designed games with South African Heritage as well as internationally inspired game features. This game offers players a chance to win as the games run daily and they are instant.

    How much do the games cost?

    Morabaraba- R5
    Fafi Fortune- R5
    Poppa Feela- R3
    4 Siya Wina- R5
    Balloon Bonanza- R5
    Calabash Cash- R5
    Tic Tac Toe-R3
    Golden Vault-R5
    Christmas Cash-R5
    Lucky Ching Ching-R5

    What are the odds of winning a prize?

    Morabaraba- 55%
    Fafi- 4.21
    Poppa Feela- 4.45
    4 Siya Wina- 55%
    Balloon Bonanza- 53.05%
    Calabash Cash- 53.03%
    Tic Tac Toe- 52%
    Golden Vault- 54%
    Christmas Cash- 52.9%
    Lucky Ching Ching- 53%

    For more information please visit our website And email us on

    Can a player make more than one bet on a game?

    You can play as many times on as many games as you like, with a wide variety to choose from. Check the participating stores for more information.

    Can do I cancel a ticket?

    No, because you can win instantly there will be no reversal, cancellation or refunding. Please call 0800 484 822 for assistance and further information.

    How long do I wait to claim my prize?

    You win instantly… Therefore if you do win you can claim immediately. You can ask the store assistant for help any questions. For more information please visit our website Email us on or call us on 0800 484 822 (Customer Care Line)

    How do I win?

    You win by matching the numbers in the correct format which will be directed on all the game bet slips.

    Are the games available online?

    All the EAZiWIN games are available at selected participating retailers nationwide.
    Visit your nearest participating retailer to win instantly.
    For more information, please call us on 0800 484 822

    Can someone play on my behalf?

    You need to be 18 years or older in order to play any of the games in the National Lottery portfolio.
    Players that are 18 years and older with a physical disability may get someone who is 18 years and older to play on their behalf.

    What are the cut off times for playing?

    The games run the same times as the operating times of all the participating stores. This is likely to be from 08:00-18:30pm

    How and where do I claim my prize?

    Prizes up to R2000 can be claimed at any retailers.
    Prizes between R2000 and R50000 needs to be claimed at your post office
    Prizes above R50000 needs to be claimed at an Ithuba regional office

    Where can I get the play card?

    All play cards are available for purchase at all the nearest participating stores.
    For more information please visit our website Email us on or call us on 0800 484 822 (Customer Care)