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    FAQ – Raffle

    1. What is a RAFFLE?

    RAFFLE is a game in which participants obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. On 30 December 2017, at 21:00, the winning ticket numbers will be drawn using a Random Number Generator (RNG) which contains all the ticket entries. The RNG system draws the winning numbers randomly from the pool of RAFFLE ticket numbers sold. The drawn tickets are checked against a collection of prizes which are assigned to specific winning divisions, and the holder of the selected ticket wins the prize in the drawn division.

    2. When does the RAFFLE game ticket sales start?

    The third RAFFLE being conducted by Ithuba is the MINI MANIA (Mini Cooper Convertibles) RAFFLE, which ticket sales will start on 29 October 2017. The sales will close on 30 December 2017 at 20:30, and the draw will be on the same day at 21:00.

    3. How does the RAFFLE game work?

    4. What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

    The RNG is a computer system that is used to randomly choose the winning RAFFLE numbers from a pool of RAFFLE numbers sold for that particular RAFFLE game.

    5. Are the draws conductive live?

    Each draw is conducted live in the presence of an independent auditor, and in accordance with the procedures and rules to conduct such draws using the RNG. The draw procedures and the rules of conducting the RAFFLE game has been approved by the National Lotteries Commission.

    6. What are my limits when buying the RAFFLE tickets?

    As a responsible participant, the maximum entry for a participant will be R10, 000 including VAT. For this particular RAFFLE game, this would be an amount of 500 transactions per participant.
    7. Why does the ticket count exceed the amount of allocated RAFFLE tickets?

    The RAFFLE ticket count available for sale during the selling period is 1,500,000. Cancelled tickets will also be included in the overall ticket count as RAFFLE tickets are sold in sequential order until the last RAFFLE ticket is sold. So the total ticket count may exceed the ticket count of 1,500,000 because cancelled tickets are included in the overall ticket count.

    8. Can I select/choose my own combination of numbers?

    Participants do not choose their own numbers. This is because we could run the risk of having the same combination of numbers from more than one person/participant. The RAFFLE draw is conducted using the RNG. This system pulls the numbers randomly, the numbers range from 1 to the allocated number of available tickets, which in this RAFFLE game is 1,500,000.

    9. Where can I purchase a RAFFLE ticket?

    RAFFLE tickets are available at any National Lottery Retailer and on our e-commerce channel, being

    10. Can I cancel a RAFFLE ticket after purchase?

    Where a participant purchases a ticket via a National Lottery retailer, the participant can cancel the ticket if it is returned to any National Lottery terminal within 2 hours of the time when it was purchased. In the event that the terminal cannot read the ticket, the retailer may call the retailer helpline for further assistance within that time. A ticket purchased online cannot be cancelled.