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  • Draw: 20-Jun-2018

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  • Draw: 19-Jun-2018

    ITHUBA ups the stakes: goes high-tech for its new draw shows & a total of R30 million in guaranteed jackpots up for grabs!

    IT’S OUT with the old and in with the new for the TV draws of the National Lottery operator, ITHUBA. After 17 years of much the same format, ITHUBA felt the time was right for the South African Lottery to upgrade its television shows which attract millions of viewers each week. Since 1999, changes to the draw shows have been merely cosmetic, so this move is part of ITHUBA’s bid to modernise the lottery industry.

    Starting from 8 September, it’s good bye to the dated ball machines and hello to a world of leading digital random number technology which displays the winning numbers with catchy CGI animation and dynamic graphics. The new draw shows will be introduced by the existing presenters and will feature a rich variety of constantly changing new content, from videos of lottery winners to items featuring the good causes the lottery money is funding.

    ITHUBA’s CEO, Mrs Charmaine Mabuza shared her thoughts about the new shows, “Without change, there is no room for improvement. When ITHUBA entered the industry, many believed we had set ourselves an impossible task when we promised to reinvigorate the lottery. Through our market research, South Africans told us they yearned for newness and excitement, so ITHUBA has geared its business to deliver to our players what they asked for. At ITHUBA we are focusing all our energies, not on fighting the old but on building the new. The days when draw shows were about spinning a wheel or pressing a button are behind us”.

    This coming weekend two of the National Lottery games have guaranteed jackpots totalling R30 million. On Friday players have a chance to win the PowerBall Plus R20 million guaranteed jackpot. A day later, on Saturday, players can try their luck on LOTTO Plus 2 that has a R10 million guaranteed jackpot.

    The new PowerBall show will air on Friday the 8 September on e.TV at 21h00 and a day later at 20h56, the new LOTTO show will air on SABC 2.

    View behind the scenes video below: