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    Love still wins the day for PowerBall R4million jackpot millionaire #IheartPowerBall


    Johannesburg, Thursday February 8 – He thought he had won R450 000 but it was actually R4, 535 023.90! The latest PowerBall jackpot millionaire unveiled says he played in November 2017 but was too busy with work to check if he had won!

    It was only after going to his local National Lottery retailer to play the recently advertised record-breaking LOTTO R110 million guaranteed jackpot that he decided to check the old PowerBall ticket safely tucked in his wallet. The helpful cashier told him he was in possession of a winning ticket and because the amount was over R50 000 and advised him to contact the National Lottery regional office to establish the amount and claim.

    On February 2nd 2018, after three months he finally showed up to claim his millions! The man from Mpumalanga arrived at the Ithuba National Lottery offices with his wife of 25 years. “We haven’t had the time to talk about how we are going to spend the money,” says the latest PowerBall millionaire as he looks lovingly at his wife by his side. It is easy to tell from the fondness in the expressions exchanged between the couple that they are still deeply committed to their marriage vows.  Unexpectedly he turns to face his wife, his voice heavy with emotion and says: “I am blessed to have a wife who loves me.” His wife responds to his compliments by affectionately squeezing his hand. When we met, 25 years ago, our love was spontaneous– We shared the same personal values the love for God and 25 years later, she is still with me,” confesses the PowerBall jackpot millionaire.

    The latest PowerBall millionaire wife shared the secrets to their long marriage.  All relationships, including theirs, encounter challenges and it is easy to walk out. However the same problem that one tries to escape from will crop up again in your next relationship. She advises: “We are not ‘making it work’: when we go through challenging times we go back to the values we were taught and share, we go back to God.” She lovingly admits she is excited that her husband won the PowerBall and explains – “for once he will be able to put himself first.”

    As an occasional player, the PowerBall jackpot millionaire plans to invest the money and use the interest as surety to grow their agricultural business. Asked whether he would donate to charity he answers: “Charity begins at home, and I have loyal staff who have been working for us and they deserve a bonus.” His wife agrees that business has been tough so part of the PowerBall winnings will go a long way in rewarding and motivating their staff pool.

    How to check if you are a winner, and how to claim your winnings

    If you bought a ticket, make sure you check to see if you are a winner. ITHUBA has made it easy for our players to check if they won. These include the National Lottery website for the latest results across all our games; a player hotline 0800 484 822 (toll free – calls from landline only) and we have ticket checker machines at select retail stores. You have 365 days to claim and you will need your ID book/card, winning ticket, bank statement and proof of residence. You can also check from the retailer where you bought your ticket. 

    About ITHUBA Winner Services

    Because we understand that winning the lottery is both a very exciting and potentially overwhelming experience. It is with this in mind that Ithuba established the Winner Services department, which offers a number of complimentary services to people with winnings above R50 000. The aim is to equip our winners with tools to best invest their winnings and to cope with this sudden life-changing event. Winner Services include:

    About ITHUBA

    ITHUBA Holdings Proprietary “(RF), is the official operator of the National Lottery in South Africa from 1 June 2015. Ithuba will reinvigorate the National Lottery through optimising the consumer experience, restoring faith and trust in the National Lottery, and showcasing its positive social contribution to our society. Ithuba, proudly rooted in South Africa, is intent on contributing positively and actively to socio-economic development through the ethical and efficient operation of the National Lottery, and setting the benchmark for Lottery operations in SA and beyond.