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    Newly enhanced LOTTO game sees three jackpots in one draw show

    EXCITING times are here for LOTTO players across South Africa with three jackpots up for grabs every Wednesday and Saturday evening – giving players more chances at becoming instant millionaires.

    Keeping in line with our promise to reinvigorate the lottery, ITHUBA, is bringing changes to the first game that was launched under the National Lottery portfolio of games back in 2000. ITHUBA is introducing LOTTO PLUS 2, which will add to the already existing LOTTO, and LOTTO PLUS games from 30 July 2017.  LOTTO PLUS will now be re-branded as LOTTO PLUS 1.

    These recent enhancements of the LOTTO game by the National Lottery Operator – Ithuba – will result in more chances at winning the jackpot for players and most importantly more funds towards good causes among other benefits. The introduction of LOTTO PLUS 2 means players will now have a third chance of winning the jackpot and all other prizes at every LOTTO draw.

    The amount of money distributed by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund is always directly linked to the volume of ticket sales, and with over R2.6 billion transferred to the NLDTF for good causes since June 2015, the introduction of LOTTO PLUS 2 will surely lead to more funds being raised towards the good causes.

    The LOTTO PLUS 2 will be priced at R2.50 including VAT at 14%, the same price as the second opportunity game, LOTTO PLUS 1. The LOTTO PLUS 2 is set to be a game changer in the industry. LOTTO Product Manager, Asad Gafoor, said the changes were made with the player in mind, and growing the millionaire winners’ pool. “LOTTO is the oldest game in the National Lottery game catalogue and very popular. Being the longest standing game, there is a need to keep the game fresh and enjoyable. This way we can give back more to the players,” Asad Gafoor said.

    LOTTO players will for the first time ever have six jackpots to try for in just one week.

    “LOTTO PLUS 2 is an addition to the current LOTTO, and LOTTO PLUS games and each draw will now carry a jackpot for all three games. We are not only bringing bigger jackpots, but we have also added an extra prize division which will increase the overall odds of winning,” said Asad Gafoor.

    The LOTTO game is available on multiple channels including traditional retailers, the National Lottery web site, USSD, Banks, and handheld devices such as Flash, Kazang, Blue Label and A2 Pay, making the games easily accessible. 

    To be launched on the 30th of July 2017.