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    A modest R30 Quick Pick ticket to open doors to tranquillity for one of Gauteng moms and day-care centre principal.

    Johannesburg, Gauteng, April, 2018 – The thought of winning the jackpot alone is enough to give anyone goosebumps — to think that all your dreams could simply come true in a flash. The actual winning though, is a momentous event that fills the winner with many positive emotions all at once. The latest Powerball jackpot winner experienced this first hand when she realised that she was the single winner of a whopping R36 million earlier in April.
    “I could not believe what my son was telling me. He is the one that checked the numbers on TV and he literally fell on his knees, screaming: ‘We won!’” – Jackpot winner (Translated from SeSotho)

    Even though the winner has been a loyal LOTTO player for some time now, she says that ever since she heard about the Quick Pick playing method on the radio, it has been her preferred playing method; and it is through this method that she has won the jackpot. She joins approximately 60 other winners who have struck it lucky with the Quick Pick selection in 2018 so far.

    The winner is a day-care principal and also owns a small business within her community in Gauteng. In addition to that, she has been involved in numerous community uplifting projects for many years. Besides taking in the magnitude of her R36 million win, our winner is simply looking at this amazing prize as an opportunity to continue to further help those in need.
    “Having worked on community projects that have been sustained by donations for many years, I know how good it feels to be on the receiving end. Now that I am a jackpot winner, I want to be on the giving side, and help those in need.”

    During the financial advice session, which ITHUBA offers to all jackpot game winners free of charge, the winner said that she seeks nothing more than to have a comfortable home in tranquil surroundings. Besides continuing with her personal empowerment initiatives, she plans to relax, entertain friends and family and enjoy the peace of mind that we all seek through financial stability. In the end, she said that she was happy that she decided to spend a bit of her money to take a chance on this life-changing game.

    “I would like to encourage South Africans to really keep playing PowerBall and the LOTTO because I have seen it with my own eyes that winning is possible. I only spent R30 on my ticket and in turn won millions.”, she said in a voice filled with gratitude.
    We congratulate the new winner and wish all players the best of luck as they to continue to Phanda, Pusha, Play. Players must be 18 years and older. Play responsibly.