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    For millions of unemployed South Africans, R4 million can really go a long way for them and their families. With this amount of money, dreams of owning and living in a decent home; accessing basic quality education for their children; building a family business to sustain the family for generations to come—are all dreams that can come true.

    This is now the reality of a 36 year-old Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) man who recently won a PowerBall PLUS jackpot in March, walking away with over R4, 5 million! When the man visited ITHUBA’s regional offices in KZN to claim his prize, he was ecstatic and in disbelief that he can finally honour his financial responsibility as the head of his family.

    “When I discovered that I was the winner, I wrote my name at the back of the ticket as soon as possible and I kept it safe in my wallet, until I could claim my prize. All I could think about was the positive impact this win will have on my family life, I can finally take care of them better.” – jackpot winner (Translated from isiZulu)

    Asked if he was planning to make extravagant changes in his life, the winner said no. “I have always been a careful spender. I intend to remain disciplined with my money, to only spend on the necessities of my family and ensuring that we remain financially stable. I do not want to tell a lot of people about my jackpot prize, I only told my best friend about it because I trust him very much and I know he will not try to exploit me”, he said.

    The winner bought his Powerball PLUS ticket for R15 at a shop in Umhlanga, KZN. “I have always had faith that one day I would win either the LOTTO or PowerBall jackpot. I have always made sure that I tick the PowerBall or LOTTO PLUS options, because through these options players get a second chance to win. That one tick on the PowerBall PLUS made all the difference for me this time because it’s through this option that I won”, said the jackpot winner.

    While there is no claim that this jackpot prize, or others like it, completely eliminate unemployment and poverty in South Africa, it is notable that an entire family has received financial relief in a big way. In addition, many South African communities continue to benefit from the National Lottery though the participation of the citizens, because for every ticket bought, a portion of the sale goes towards a worthy cause that supports and develops communities in South Africa.

    Players must be 18 years and older. All players are encouraged to play responsibly.