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    Winning LOTTO PLUS Jackpot a R27 million family affair!


    Johannesburg – Thursday 2 November 2017 – They made a decision as a family to appoint the young man from KwaZulu Natal to use his name on the ticket, and go claim R27 million on their behalf.

    “We are a big and very close-knit family,” says the young man. “For years we have played the LOTTO as a family unit by each giving our parents money and numbers for them to play,” he explains. “It is only natural that we are all winners and we all share the R27 million LOTTO PLUS jackpot.”

    The well-groomed and soft spoken KwaZulu Natal gentleman explains that there is nothing extraordinary about having the winnings deposited into his bank account, and then later transferring each members share. “We played together as a family and we won as a family,” he explains. “We plan to continue living a humble life.”

    After playing their combined R400, his parents called them over one evening to tell them they checked their LOTTO PLUS ticket and they have won R27, 789, 331, 50 from draw 1756 on 25 October.

    He says they prayed together as a family because for them winning was a blessing from God. He later that week made contact with the National Lottery toll-free helpline to find out how to claim. This careful spender says individually he plans on continuing to work, completing his post graduate, paying off his debt and investing the rest. His biggest joy is that his children will be able to attend the best schools in South Africa and now they can start saving towards their tertiary education.

    “Growing up I attended my local school not because of choice but because that was all my parents could afford, but for my kids they will have a choice of the best schooling facilities on offer,” he says excitedly.

    “I know my sister is already looking at enrolling her kids into a private school, this is what the LOTTO PLUS jackpot has made possible.”

    As a family, they are planning their first holiday together and looking at an international vacation spot. “My passport is about to expire and I have never used it! My parents sent me a message this morning saying they are looking forward to being able to spoil their grandchildren, this is what LOTTO PLUS has done for us!”